The Grand Master Revealed

Since you people keep asking me what the next ODE will be, here’s what I decided to work on:

You can clearly see the rot on the disc, this requires my full and immediate attention!


40 thoughts on “The Grand Master Revealed

  1. April’s fool? 😛
    By the way, just received my GDEmu today. Now my money is ready for the PC Engine solution!

  2. I never actually owned or used a laserdisc player back in the day. I always remember them being expensive.

  3. Would be nice an ODE for Pioneer laseractive Mega LD and LD Rom2 packs! People are asking U$ 500 for some games, since it’s integrated with a Sega CD do both in the same board…

  4. April Fools? Either way while I do not own a Laser Disk Player I am always excited to see work on such projects move forward! ODE Everything!

  5. While likely April fools, there is actually use for such a thing. The Dexter laser disk replacement replaces the entire LDP for Laser Disc Arcade games, but it would have been kinda cool to bbe able to leave the original Ld im the arcade and just emu the OD instead.

  6. I know this is an April Fool’s joke but this would actually be an awesome project for those looking to preserve rare content that was laserdisc only!

  7. I have a Dreamcast GD Emu and with my tax refund I’m looking to get a Saturn and a sd card chip from gdemu. Just have a few questions. First, when it comes to the Saturn and playing usa and imported games from Japan do you need a mod chip if you have a gdemu installed? I saw that region mod on the installation instructions which makes me think the sdcard chip helps me play all regions. Dumb question but just pricing it all out. Would I be fine buying any region Saturn or should I aim for a USA saturn if I live in the united states? I will be hooking this up to both a PVM and a framemeister over RGB. It looks like I have to buy a 1mb and 4mb ram card for the different saturn games. Are the ram cards region free? Just asking since it looks like the ones from japan are a bit cheaper. I know I will have to open up the saturn to find out the version and if it is a 20 pin or 21 pin saturn. Does anyone know of a better link or link with zoomed in pictures. I was able to tell the first version and fourth version fairly easily but for the life of me I am having a hard time seeing the difference between a version 2 and 3 in the pictures.

    • 1) For Saturn you need a Rhea or a Phoebe, you’ll know once you open your console.
      2) No need for modchips of any kind, my devices can patch the images on-the-fly to the region you choose
      3) USA or JP region console will work the same
      4) You can buy 4-in-1 Action Replay cart has 4MB of RAM (but do note there are a couple (?) of games that need the 1MB extension and, due to bugs, will not work with 4MB properly)
      5) The main difference between Type-2 and Type-3 is how the flat cable is laid out so look out for that

      • Does GDEMU and Phoebe always require soldering something? Or are those optional steps/features?

        Can’t wait for next batch! Going to pick up both GDEMU and Phoebe!

      • None of the devices I offer now require soldering, provided you identify your console correctly. You can however solder the 50/60 wire or change Phoebe configuration on your own if you so wish.

      • Ah ha, thank you for that.

        Looks like I have a Type-3 Saturn, but I’m not sure what you mean by “NOTE: Type-3 can have a so-called trap board which needs to be removed along with the drive for ODE to work.”

        What is a trap board? What does it look like?

      • Oh, that board on the right separating the ribbon into two? I do not have that, phew!

        Thanks again for the info.

  8. When I first looked at that (without thinking), I thought it was a Wii, which would have made for an even better April Fool’s joke haha.

  9. I regist a paypal for purchasing the RHEA..but seems hard to purchase it …is it possible for you to work with someone in China or put it on China web site users are waiting for this,hope we can get it oneday,thanks!

  10. I never knew anyone who owned one of these. Heck my parents didn’t get a CD player til 1993.

  11. Now that’s a project to get excited about. PC-Engine can wait… (please don’t let it wait)

    • i think it’s a second great chance for those who always fails to get the opportunity here.

      • If somebody used it personally and then decided to sell I think it’s okay, but if they bought just to profit it’s pretty messed up. Esepcially seeing how some people have been trying a really long time to get one for personal enjoyment.

    • It’s difficult in the sense that there are too many models with different internals – I’d have to emulate the drive pretty low-level to be compatible with all of them.

  12. Ended up getting my saturn. Opened it up and it is the first revision which will need a Rhea. When do you think you will have another preorder for the Rhea units? No rush. Can’t wait to try it out. I love my GDEmu.

  13. Hello !

    Will you work on RHEA fw ? The automatic frequence switching isn’t working anymore on your last fw …

  14. So making devices for newer consoles like ps1, ps2, gamecube etc..
    would not be easy or instead the way is choose a specific model.

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