I Got You Babe

The big change is here, though it is going through some teething problems of its own so not all is rosy yet.

I have some GDEMUs and Rheas for sale and will open orders this Saturday (probably later this time to give USA west coast people a fighting chance for once). These batches are small but hopefully should come more frequently now. I no longer assemble the PCBs myself and I have very little control over the lead times, but I do test them before shipping. The most important stuff:

  • The one device per person per batch limit is still in effect and will be more strictly observed
  • Payment requests will come from a different entity (clanet dot pl domain)
  • Prices remain the same, for now anyway
  • I am still the person to contact if you can’t get your device to work as it should

I’ll see if I can manage both Rhea and GDEMU orders at the same time, expect issues. I might change the whole ordering system in near future if all this works out.

Quick update: I forgot to mention, more Phoebes and GDEMUs will come soon (few weeks at most).

Update 2: I gave it some thought and decided it’d be too much chaos taking GDEMU and Rhea orders at the same time so Rhea got moved to Sunday. GDEMU orders are open now but probably not for long considering the spike in hourly page views…

52 thoughts on “I Got You Babe

  1. Awesome!
    Will this give you more time to work on the TG-CD ode? (Speaking of, have you made any progress?)

  2. I already have mine but I will advice a friend to try to buy.

    Do you have any news about PCE development?

  3. Hello, I can book one now. What do you advise for my sega saturn mk-80000a

  4. I need one of each. Been trying for many months now, maybe this times a winner! Last time I set an alarm and still everything was sold out before I even got to look.

  5. Is there a usual time on Saturday? Morning or exactly at 11:59AM….just want to be ready trigger waiting.

  6. One device per person per batch …can I still buy a rhea and gdemu? At the same time?

    • Yes, this limitation is mostly to prevent “hogging” the queue until such time that I can leave the orders open for a few days.

  7. Gonna try for one but to be honest, the way you produce these makes absolutely no sense. I get that you’re limited by what you can produce yourself but really, at least have the option to be put on a wait list or produce these in bigger volume. Every time you make them, you seem to feign ignorance at what the issue could be when A) you don’t give potential buyers a set time your products will go on sale, B) you never specify how many units will be for sale. I mean, really, the demand is out there, it could even just make more sense to take orders for a set amount of time and then complete those orders (no new units until old orders are completed), but as-is, your system doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?

    • “it could even just make more sense to take orders for a set amount of time and then complete those orders (no new units until old orders are completed)” – but that’s exactly how it works? And you apparently don’t like that system?
      I’ll be honest too, everyone is a shrewd businessman these days, there’s no shortage of good advice, except somehow noone else is making these popular devices en masse. I wonder why.

      • I’d rather wait and buy your product then purchase the alternative from that questionable seller.

      • I know that always will be someone that complain but I think you are in the right patch. Even more now that you got help. Let this people buy something from badassconsoles (GC HDMI) that take money in advance (4 months ago) and shipped nothing until now…

      • Hey dummy it’s called a “preorder”. That means you are ordering something before it is ready. If you have any problem with your preorder you can cancel it at any time for a full refund.

        Nothing wrong with Badassconsoles or gdemu, both are reputable sellers.

      • Any time? I lost 2 months only to him reply a single message… But here is no space to talk about other seller. My point is that I agree with Gdemu selling method.

  8. great ^^ i need one gdemu and one rhea too ^^
    for saturday ok! what time please? ^^
    thank you very much!

  9. This saturday I am waiting and “F5” your orde page for buy one. Thanks for the information.

  10. Hi,

    Can I have an IBAN option to make the payment, please, as I don’t use paypal and I’m not accustomed to it?

      • Ok, I will try to create my very first Paypal account. I read somewhere we will have to verify our account with a PIN, but some sellers don’t mind if the account is verified or not. Does this matter for you? I just want to pay you the easiest way for me please. Thanks again.

  11. I understand if you don’t want to release a time…..but it would help if its Saturday like 12:01AM Saturday or Saturday Morning 8:00AM-11:00AM. Got no problem waiting for it, but of course it would make my job a bit easier. Again, thanks i understand its just you answering and filling all these request is not easy.

    Please dont take this as a critique, as I am grateful to even have a means to emulate Saturn.

    I thank you for your work Sir!

  12. @GDEMU,

    Does it matter that the drive in my Saturn doesn’t match any listed? Pretty sure I have type-3, but doesn’t match your listed drive.

  13. I’m ready for the Rhea! Got money put aside for you Mr. GDEMU! Question how accurate is Google’s currency converter in converting 130 Euros to USD?

  14. Finally I was able to order one! I thought you would make a new post and not an update. Will be patiently waiting for my GDEMU :).

  15. I just entered my information but there was no checkout option. Will I receive an email later for payment?

  16. Wow, Finally got to order one (I think). Fingers crossed. Happy Now.

  17. How can I know if my form has been properly submitted if I’ve not received any confirmation email?

    Thank you!

  18. Order placed 10min ago. Please let me know if you have any problems. Thank you!

  19. Order placed but did not get a confirmation so ordered again. Not trying to get two units honest.

    • You were the one that trash talked the other seller. It isn’t right to insult someone and then say no one can respond to your bs. But yes he does get a lot of emails so sometimes you have to email him more than once.

  20. I think I may have accidentally submitted the form twice. I only want one unit, not trying to cause any problems.

  21. Wasn’t the sale supposed to be Saturday instead of Friday? I missed it 😭

  22. Is there a time window for the Rhea sale on Poland time? I put Warsaw on my phone so I can adjust for US west coast time accordingly.

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