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I got this a few days ago and didn’t realize it at first, until someone pointed it out to me, that it’s a numbered item. Huh, apparently a limited edition sort of thing:

I wonder what “mobile” means here, exactly. Hopefully not the Switch πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m guessing Sega is going to release their Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for iOS/Android soon. Interesting business move. How did you get one of these? They look really cool!

  2. Maybe something related to cassette possibility to make your own custom compilation of music … but for games! A Mario Maker like but with the Sega universe? Sega Ages maker?

  3. On-screen controls suck, I hope they don’t mean iPhone/Android 😦

    • Pretty sure this is fake… it’s only been reported by a few fan based dudes that I see no reason for sega to single out…

  4. Hi. I’m full testing a Phoebe and its wonderful!
    Just a question. Is it possible to play audio cd on a Saturn with Rhea / Phoebe?

    • I mean audio cd from an image, obviously!
      In my tests, Phoebe says “Drive Open” when I select an audio cd image.

      • Sure, why not. In fact if you rip it properly then Rhea can play a CD+G in all its glory πŸ™‚
        It should only say drive open for a monent when you switch the images.

  5. Hi gdemu! I made it! It really works, thanks!
    But I figure it out: Audio CD needs MDS+MDF image. CCD format. It says “Drive Empty” (not drive open as I said before). CCD works pefectly for mixed mode images (games), but not Audio CDs. Somewhat weird! I Did’t tested cdi format anyway.
    I will try CD+G next!

    • Huh, I’ve never tested pure Audio CDs in CCD format. Thanks for letting me know, it’s probably an image parser issue – I’ll look into it.

  6. After some hard testing, some audio discs work on CCD, but not others. They only differ on track number. Ripping proccess is the same.

    btw, Can you privide a link for a valid Rock Paintings CD+G image?
    I tried all different formats (mds, ccd, cdi), but no one seems to works for me with Phoebe.
    I know my images shoul be fine, because I burned one on a CD-R and it plays with graphics on my DVD player. It plays only music on Saturn. Do I need to press anything else than Play button?!?


    • It won’t work with a Phoebe, I disabled it. The additional processing could be interfering with typical ODE operation and so was not worth the trouble. CD+G works on Rhea though.

  7. I understand gdemu. It would be great if you find a way to add this feature also to Phoebe without causing any trouble to its operation. Or instead you could provide in update section a beta firmware with that feature enabled just for testing purpose, please? I would appreciate it.
    I’m a Phoebe and GDEmu owner and I honor you work. I just want to say: Thank you.

    • There is an INI option but currently it doesn’t do much on Phoebe – I hope to have it functional with the rewrite I’m working on right now.

  8. I hope my tests will help you improving your devices.
    On both, Phoebe and GDEmu, everything works as expected, and they meet completely any user expectations. The only interesting details I would like to see consider on a new review will be:
    GDEmu: 1- Utupia boot disc freezes on changing to a non-selfboot disc; 2- Official Bleem discs support
    Phoebe: GD+G fix (The most interesting to me, as it is a feature by the console itself)
    And that’s all =)

  9. Bonjour,

    quand est ce que vos rΓ©servations de sd rhea seront ouverte? merci

    When your sd rhea ordering will be opened? thank you

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