Wishes and Truth

GDEMUs will be available for ordering this weekend, probably Saturday. I have a few devices ready right now and more will come in about 3 weeks – so you might have to wait a bit because it’ll be one list for all of them.

There’s a new batch of PCBs so there will be more devices of every kind in few weeks, but keep in mind assembly and testing takes time and I can’t do everything at the same time.

The new PCE prototype board is ready but the last two weeks it was too hot to do anything, so I played a bit with Marty instead. I had a 386 system a long time ago and coding for FMT is just so much fun. Even if this ends up completly personal project I will make ODE for it. And more 🙂

Anyway, the temperatures outside dropped considerably so I should be able to work on PCE soon. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have to fix any more silly errors – this PCB already has one more capacitor and a wire that was not in the project, and one driver chip had to be replaced completly. But I have a good feeling about this one.

EDIT: Orders are open closed.

112 thoughts on “Wishes and Truth

  1. Hi,
    Until now I still haven’t received any confirmation e-mail concerning GDEMU.
    I was one of the firsts to order last Saturday.
    Pleas confirm that my order was taken into account.
    Thanks for your answer.
    MUNCEANU Bogdan

  2. Hello gdemu can you let me know when my device will be ready ?and when will i be getting a paypal money request ? thanks alot

  3. Just commenting so I get updates when you post.

    Really interested in the FM Towns Marty ODE.

  4. I would like to buy an RHEA for my Saturn sega. How much? And how do I pay?

  5. Hello,

    I’m just curious when the GDemu will come available to order again. I’m very interested in this product. Thank you.

  6. gdemu, you have not answer me about bleem! have you project to find an issue for it ?
    There are more than 100 games with bleem! and probably others will come. If you could do it it will be an amazing update for your already excellent board 🙂

  7. Hi

    When will the next batch of orders open for the GDemu? I would like to order one asap 🙂


  8. Bonjour,

    Je suis dans le même cas que “Sohail” n’hésitez pas à me communiquer votre prochaine prise de commande pour le GDemu.
    Si par chance il vous reste un GDemu je suis preneur dans le cas contraire peut-on déjà passer commande pour la prochaine session ?

    Dans l’attente de vous lire,
    D’avance merci .

  9. Hello,
    I have receveid my order and i’m happy.
    Thanks for your product and continue.

    I hope you will re produce the RHEA

    Best regards

  10. Hey. Can I make a suggestion? Next time don’t edit your post, but rather make a new post saying the shop is open. That way it notifies people who follow your WordPress.

    I missed it because I was expecting a notification from following you.

    I’ll get it next time, though.


  11. Hi There,
    I’ve been checking my paypal and email regularly and I haven’t received a payment request for my GDEmu and I was hoping you could confirm I haven’t missed it please.


  12. Hi I received a confirmation mail on august 28 but have yet to receive payment invoice.
    I saw that 2 comments above me someone has already received his package.
    On the mail you said that it will be ready in 2-3 weeks, but I guessed you were sending them all in one go. Did I somehow miss the payment invoice? Sorry for your trouble thanks and have a nice day

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