Wishes and Truth

GDEMUs will be available for ordering this weekend, probably Saturday. I have a few devices ready right now and more will come in about 3 weeks – so you might have to wait a bit because it’ll be one list for all of them.

There’s a new batch of PCBs so there will be more devices of every kind in few weeks, but keep in mind assembly and testing takes time and I can’t do everything at the same time.

The new PCE prototype board is ready but the last two weeks it was too hot to do anything, so I played a bit with Marty instead. I had a 386 system a long time ago and coding for FMT is just so much fun. Even if this ends up completly personal project I will make ODE for it. And more πŸ™‚

Anyway, the temperatures outside dropped considerably so I should be able to work on PCE soon. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have to fix any more silly errors – this PCB already has one more capacitor and a wire that was not in the project, and one driver chip had to be replaced completly. But I have a good feeling about this one.

EDIT: Orders are open closed.

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  1. Sweet! The PCE board sounds like it will be awesome. Any news on whether or not Pheobe or Rheas will appear again soojn?

  2. Awesome! As soon as the pce preorders go up, I’ll be the first in line. πŸ˜€

  3. Keeping finger crossed! I’m waiting for pce ode since the first announcement! Hope to be fast enough to buy one!!

  4. Can’t wait for either gdemu or PCE( hope to be awake for those and fast enough) , was lucky enough to get a Rhea last time and I absolutely love it . Great work on all !!

  5. Hoping to get lucky and get a GDEMU! Unfortunately, I work on Saturday so I may miss it. Also would love to get a phoebe!

    • I know you are in early development but I have the same question. Do you think it will possible? Marty is like the Fm Towns and even the first models of FM Towns II (gray ones). The laser pickup and probably all the logic the same…

    • Not as-is, but it shouldn’t be hard to make full FMT ODE once I have Marty working. In theory a universal device is possible but perhaps would be too complicated and thus expensive.

  6. Sounds great!
    I have FM Marty too, just because some games have incredible soundtrack on this machine (Sega games have an incredible soundtrack!). Tough the I wonder if you considered the optical drive and the FDD in a one shot device for this machine πŸ˜‰

  7. Me too, I can’t wait to order a Pheobe and maybe the PC-Engine board, will it replace the existing CD-Rom drive? or just act as a system 3.0 rom? If you are looking at replacing the cd-rom which units will it support? The original CD-Rom or Duo or Duo r variants?


  8. Classic we got a heads-up this time around regarding the day. This is very helpful. Gonna have to sacrifice Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite for this DC mod if I’ll be so lucky to get on the waiting list. Worth it! I don’t say that lightly I breathe Mahvel baby.

  9. Couple of questions:

    How many GDEMU units do you release at a time?

    Can’t you just do one big pre-order with the understanding that “you’ll get yours when your number comes up, it could be a while”?

    • No, because after a month people loose patience and spam me with emails, and I have better things to do than politely reply to each and every one of them. Then after that people change their minds and don’t pay at all when asked. Which casuses massive delays for everyone else as I wait for those payments that never come.

      • I can understand people e-mailing you if they’ve already paid and haven’t received their order, but when they haven’t even paid yet is just not on. Anyway I don’t think that it’s a bad idea waiting for your order to be prepared because if you’re on a stretched budget like me then it gives you more time to get some more money together so that by the time it comes to paying you won’t feel so squeezed. Hoping I can get a GDEMU because my DC’s laser has given-up on me

      • It’s not on, really? It was just my imagination?
        You haven’t paid either and you’re already offering ‘useful’, if unsolicited, advice. Now imagine a group of entitled people like you.

      • Sorry I meant that it’s not on for them to be impatient when they haven’t even paid yet.

  10. I’m locked & loaded for a Rhea or Phoebe, as I have both versions of Saturn. May my aim be true

  11. Do you have found any issue for bleem! with gdemu ?
    You had talked about that since few days ago in another new.

  12. Please God, let this be the weekend I finally am able to order a GDEmu or a Phoebe..

    • I think I got the order form filled out and submitted. I guess it helps to read directions.

  13. I subscribed and didn’t hear anything.
    How do you even know if’t available for order??
    Was it available today??

  14. What are the probability to a such device on a psone slim model and a gamecube or ps2 (specific model)?
    The games for that systems can be very expensive this days and not talkung of the fading lasers.

  15. Dude this is not cool, I was up at midnight from the day before (eastern time) and watching ran refreshing the page every 30 mins till 7am. Then I had to go to bed. I slept for only 5 hours I wake up and find that orders opened and closed. No warning of what time. So impossible for people to grab one.

  16. It seems the only people who get one set some sort of script to be altered if the blog changes. I have no idea how to do that. In my opinion only the tech savvy get one.

    • I agree. There has GOT to be a better way. This is HORRIBLE business practice. We deserve to at least know the time (and time ZONE). I can’t expend any more energy on this. Just release the schematics to the public or hire some people.

  17. Wow, thought I’d stop over to get on the list and missed it. Seems it’s as tough as grabbing a SNES Classic pre-order.

  18. Please, I beg you, to make this easier on us. Making an edit to an existing post is the most inconsiderate way of announcing that orders are open. I was refreshing the order page and my email for hours without ceasing. I will pay DOUBLE just to be done with it.

    • You don’t have to pay double but you might have to wait a month or so more for the next batch.

  19. I bought mine in the aftermarket, I paid someone a few hundred extra.. Not to bad.

    Kinda funny the maker could have made that money.. His loss is someone else’s gain..I think that guy makes more than the actually maker does

    I advise anyone looking go this route as they are out there ..

  20. It makes no difference if you’re subscribed to this blog since it will only notify you if a new blog post is made.
    When the orders open, the last blog post is edited (to say orders open), so that’s why nobody is notified.

  21. I finally was able to put my name in this morning. I coincidentally woke up at 3:15am PDT, looked at the clock in bed and thought “I think I check the site quick” sure enough it was available I filled out the form and went right back to bed. I believe that the last batch went up around the same time and was closed around 4:15am-ish PDT so I would suggest trying around those times depending on your timezone would be your best bet. GDEMU sometimes will say that he will make them available later to give USA customers a better chance at getting one, so be patient. This was my 5th batch that I’ve attempted to get one btw.

  22. This sucks, I’ve been kinda stewing about it all day. I know it’s a specialty product to a niche crowd, and that has a lot of risks. However, it also just sucks to miss the order window for the third time. I was really trying, with constant refreshing for a few hours and post updates getting sent to my phone as a text.

    I will continue to try and order one, but I hope you will consider either expanding your orders, or establishing another method. I’m really looking forward to owning one in the future! Good luck, and thanks for making such an (apparently) in demand product!

  23. Hi sorry to bother you.
    I managed to fill the pre order form in yesterday so does that mean I’m on the list ?
    Do you send out confirmation emails ?

  24. Hey deunan, dknute, gdemu, I just want to say how much I appreciate your job, as a programmer myself I really look up to you I’ve been following your blog since several years back before I started my degree. I don’t know how you manage to do so much and out of your spare time.
    I am willing to wait a long time to get the gdemu and would rather buy from you than eBay even if the costs at eBay were cheaper.
    I think I got into the batch opened yeaterday. Am I suppose to get a confirmation email soon or was I mistaken and I didn’t get into the lineup?
    Thanks and have a great week ahead of you!

    • Oh the guy before just asked a similar question didn’t have my page refreshed sorry and have a nice day~

    • Am I missing something or something because I’ve not seen any on eBay?

      • He was saying IF they were, but didn’t mean they actually were. The costs on eBay are idiotic & meant for the rich.

  25. Sorry, I have filled the pre order form in yesterday. But I have made a typing mistake of the NAME. So, do I need to correct it for you.
    Thank you very much.

  26. Signed the order form awaiting e-mail.

    Just one thing though, please e-mail my non-PayPal e-mail first before e-mailing to my PayPal e-mail for money request.

  27. Hi,
    Could you please confirm if you already sent me email confirmation because I haven’t received yet. Thanks

    • Price is the first thing that comes in my mind.(more thna USD 400!). Second the japanese project focus on upscaling video to 720p. CD emulation is as bonus. Since will be a list of compatible games, I think will be less compatible, at least in the begining. Deunan have all the experience with GDEMU and Rhnea in this field.

      • I understand the video part.. I wasn’t clear, but really I meant just as a ODE…

  28. I for one would love to see a proper ODE for PSX. PSIO has too many limitations and a very invasive installation procedure. Any distant plans on that? πŸ™‚

    • Ha, the PS-IO devs stated they are planning to build GD-ROM drive replacement that will improve on GDEMU. It would be only fitting for gdemu to build a better PS1 ODE πŸ™‚

      (I would love to see this though!)

      • They should concentrate on the one product and get that right first. If anything it’s harder to get one of those than something from D.

    • What limitations? Compatibility is almost perfect at this point, and it even lets you still use the disc drive, easy switching of multi-disc games, full menu with covers… Maybe by limitations you mean availability (though it seems like they are going to be able to increase volume soon as they have completed injection molding for the cases) or the modding requirements. The way I see it, you can get a PSX for ~$20 USD, so having a spare just for PSIO is feasible. But having an option that doesn’t involve cutting traces would certainly be great. (+ not having to pay for modding service and ship your PSX).

      I would rather see continued development on the PCE ODE and then put some serious effort into working with a distribution partner like retrofixes, stoneagegamer or jason from gametech for NA, and krikzz for EU. I think that even with a price increase the increased availability would be very very desirable.

    • The invasive procedure is because that’s the only way to do it. Everything is built into the motherboard. Deunan’s devices are all for
      Machines where you can simply pull out the relevant components and put something in their place. The designs are complete opposites. If Saturn and DC had their optical assemblies built into the motherboard we wouldn’t have the ODE’s at all. It’s also why PCE will be useless on Duo.

      Foe what it’s worth PSIO team is a good example of why people demanding preorder lists should stop.

      • Oh man, I was just about to buy a Duo-R with the intentions of putting Duenan’s ODE in it in the future. Glad I held off. What models will it be compatible with?

      • I hope that’s not the case for long as I hope Deunan learns more in this process and can make a version for the Duo. I love my Duo, but would love an ODE for it as well. The all in one aspect is great. I don’t have a problem cutting a trace or two, as that’s easily repairable if you want to take it back to stock.

  29. Hi, I’m waiting for your Rhea eagerly.. so I visit your homepage day by day.. Do you have any plan to open ordering for Rhea for Sega Saturn again. I really hope to use it on my gray saturn.

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