If you haven’t received your GDEMU payment request yet you need to add 2 weeks to the waiting time. Long story short is the vacation season is not over and some of my coworkers had plans I was not aware of. This kinda wrecked my schedule so I will need more time to finish everything.

It’s also another reason why I don’t make long waiting lists – these otherwise small things can basically derail everything at any moment. The main reason is still the same though, the endless “Is it ready yet?!” messages I get after only 3 weeks (when I said it would take that many) are quite annoying. Imagine what 3+ months would be like. Also the comments are nothing compared to the amount I get directly via email…

Unfortunately this delay also affects the PCE project, and there’s another family visit coming up this weekend so not much will be done 😦 When it rains it pours.

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  1. Perhaps begin a “lose your ODE” policy for messaging about anything other than X, Y, Z.

  2. The top and bottom of it all, most buyers are idiots, impatient and don’t read.

    3 weeks + is nothing to wait. I’m currently on the PSIO pre-order list, since June and shipping won’t be until Novemeber from what I heard and even then it’s not guaranteed.

    • I’ve been on the waiting list for an OSSC going on three months now. It won’t ship until mid October or even later depending on the batch I’m in. The retro gaming boom is definitely affecting these niche products.

      I have a phoebe and i can totally understand people being impatient. For the price, build quality, and compatibility you almost can’t beat these devices. Gdrom-usb claims it’s a superior Dreamcast gdrom replacement but it’s also over $200 for the same compatibility. So, I don’t know. It wasn’t too long ago that there were
      no options and you had to fiddle with disc read errors or replacing the laser yourself.

  3. With how many people that have been waiting for a chance to order even just one, maybe you should limit only 1 to each person. There are already people putting them up for resale and scalping everybody on the price for up to $400, some are selling them in systems for almost $1000, and you can clearly see from their feedback that they have sold multiple gdemus.
    I see quite a few from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Burbank, California – Fresno, California – Riverside, California – Fair Play, Missouri – Janesville, Wisconsin – Beaumaris, Australia – Mazatlan, Mexico – Wakefield, United Kingdom.

    I understand building things by hand can get time consuming, but supply and demand are pretty simple, if there’s a big demand for something you just order a bunch more instead of just waiting for multiple small batches, there are a bunch of people that would be patient and wait for the order to be fulfilled, and wouldn’t try to resell them to just to rip people off.

    • Yeah, I’d love to be able to order just one, never mind the wait (=^_^=)

  4. Appreciate the work you do and how challenging it must be.

    Just a wee suggestion.. Perhaps have a waiting list that anyone can sign up to (perhaps with a 10 euro deposit) and then you just work your way through the list in your own time. Tell people they should expect a 3 month turn around or so. This is how the GC HDMI guy does it (minus the deposit) and it takes the pressure of both sides. I can sign up and just wait.. safe in the knowledge that I am in the queue.

    Just a suggestion, either way I appreciate your contribution to the gaming community.


  5. As I purchased both teh Dreamcast and Saturn ODE I can tell the wait is worth it.
    Take the time you need, as far as I know we are not charged until the device is ready to be sent. Isn’t it?

  6. Definitely take your time, you’re doing a great service to the community (and making a pretty penny meanwhile :)), just don’t listen to all the impatient folks out there that takes videogames as a matter of life or death

  7. Here for the updates! I live in little old NZ and would love a waiting list, happy to pay a deposit for a spot. I NEED a Rhea or a Pheobe! But I’m happy to take just one. I’m not greedy :):)

  8. Not sure why anyone would hound you for these. Dreamcast came out nearly 20 years ago so people can’t wait a few more months?

    Anyway, I hope you saw my last comment about posting a whole new post when you put the GDEMU on sale instead of editing your prior posts so we can get notified when they go on sale.

  9. I’m just super glad mine is bought and paid for. Just received the payment request 3 days ago and took care of it this afternoon. So looking forward to that GDEMU!!!!

    About the delay I understand. When coworkers have taken vacation days it can’t be helped. This job appears to be 24/7 perhaps it might help for you and coworkers to arrange months where you’ll all vacation rather than having vacations spread out. Of course that would also mean getting adults to agree on something major, easier said that done but still worth a shot!

    Still enjoying that Phoebe btw! Thanks!!! A friend of mine is also waiting for the next opportunity to get on the waiting list for his GDEMU. I’m just glad mine is paid for.

  10. I will patiently await the results of the PCE project. I’m sure many are salivating for that. lol

  11. Just wanted to say thanks because mine arrived (but I am sick as a dog so I won’t be getting to it right away).
    Normally it’s 8-9 weeks for me to get something from your country to mine…..I believe this was less than 7 so it arrived sooner than I expected.
    Looking forward to hopefully buying a Phoebe some day.

  12. I emailed you about a phobe that was sent to me but that had been lost by the post office in Brazil. It’s over that he arrived. I sent you another email to know where to send the money. Since I did not receive any replies, then I returned it in the same email account that we talked about and added a comment. I hope you can see.

  13. Hello GDEMU. Today I spotted someone who has a lot of Phoebe Rhea and GDEMU on ebay his auction starts at 500 euros. I asked him if he has a more reasonable price, he told me he sold one Saturn in loose condition for 700 euros with the device inside. I told him this was crazy and unethical, he just said that he does it because there’s a high demand, and he only cares about his future. I can’t understand how this guy has so many devices to sell and so many followers has none… at this price it’s really unfair to provide this kind of scalpers. I hope this information helps to build a method to provide to more people waiting and less opportunists. Best regards

    • Anyone can order a device each time I start a new batch, even if they bought something in the past.

    • Considering how rare a Phoebe is, $500 euros is pretty cheap. I’m hoping to grab one next time I see it.

  14. Is there any project you have in mind to make card reader for the Sega CD?

  15. Take your time, quality over quantity. Though ive heard nothing about anything, i still wait quietly, because you cant rush these things.

  16. So looking forward to the pce project… been excited since you first released the news about it… I am hoping that I will be able to get one when they get released, but sooner or later, I am sure I will be able to get my hands on one sooner or later!
    Keep up the great service! I know I appreciate all that you have done!

  17. Just got payment request and paid straight away
    Thanks and have a nice weekend

  18. Mannnnn am I just waiting over here for a new batch of Phoebes to show up sometime eventually ever. Can’t handle the pure flaming garbage that is the Yabause emulator any longer. Just wanna experience and play the Saturn for real for the first time after becoming a huge Sega fanboy posthumously since their console demise. I normally main Nintendo and it’s glaringly obvious the industry desperately needs more than one company today that makes games with soul and fun in mind again as Sega and nintendo did in spades during their peaks. Happy hunting and page watching for the long haul here boys

    • Use SSF or Mednafen (via Retroarch) over Yabause. They are both infinitely better.

  19. Waiting never hurts. It’s only painful when scalpers get ahold it.

  20. Hello i have not had my money request yet can you let me know when i will be getting it ???? Thanks alot

  21. Just got mine and installed , absolutely amazing thank you soooooo much . Looking forward to the PCE ODE.

  22. I have 4 Saturns, all with drives that don’t work anymore. This would be a life saver, as I can’t keep buying used ones hoping the drive will live. 2 Decades after being manufactured.

    I’ll be waiting, and checking this page every day.

  23. That’s how I feel. My Saturn’s drive keeps constantly failing and it’s gotta go!
    I can’t wait for the chance to purchase a Phoebe.

  24. Does anyone have a streamlined process for converting bin/cue to a format that is compatible with the Phoebe and Rhea? Having to mount existing image files one by one and then ripping them via Alcohol or CloneCD is a giant PITA. Bin/cue seems to be the prevailing format for archives but, as you all most assuredly know, it is not compatible with these devices.

  25. You can source just Darkwater or Redump rips, which are in bin & cue and then convert to CDI. I have done this for a while now and made my own pack and it works 100%.

    Arithmaldor’s pack is just simplified for newcomers, which are in CCD format. The links are on the EP forums under SM’s Everdrive packs.

    Site registration is needed

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