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All GDEMUs have been shipped but it took longer than I planned, and the side effect is more were made and I still have some left. Not quite enough to start a new list, but too many to just let them sit in the box until next batch. Considering I want to avoid shipping anything in December that might be some time.

So, here’s a quick sale for the always unhappy west coast people. GDEMU orders are open closed.

After I’m done with this I will start taking orders for Rheas, and Phoebes next. I want these to be short batches too – and I already have some ready so it should all be done before December.

EDIT: Rhea orders are now open on hold for few hours open again closed.

EDIT 2: Phoebe orders will open next Saturday.

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  1. Hello, any idea if there will be any GDEMU pre-orders in November?

    Many thanks

  2. Just received my GDEMU thank you very much cant wait to get some free time to try it out.

    Now I am ready to try to snag a Phoebe

  3. My body is ready for Phoebe pre-orders. Bring. It. ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  4. I wanna order a Phoebe when they become available. How can I do that? Do I contact you by email or what?

  5. GDEMU – Going to assume this setup is OK for RHEA when wanting to use 50/60 selectable?

    If not what is wrong with the setup?

    3 post toggle Center Right and Center Left selection, to the 3 solder points on RHEA
    HZ point soldered to pin 79 lifted.

    Diagram example here.

    • Well, done like that the switch would only select the power-up default settings. It would not change refresh rate when you flip it after the console was turned on.

      For that you need to edit the INI file and either enable automatic switching, or force a constant value (always 60 for example).

      If you want fully manual switching then don’t solder to the Hz point, wire the switch directly to pin 79 (middle) and GND/+5V (left/right).

      • That makes a TON OF SENSE and is even easier.. SO basicly Right and Left Soldering points of 50/60 leaving the middle alone. Solder the center post of the switch to the lifted Pin 79. Just to reiterate what you said and make sure I understand it 100%.

        Can you give examples on a US saturn where 50HZ would come in handy? Game example?


      • Forget the Rhea solder points, all of them. Connect left/right of the switch directly to the GND and +5V somewhere on Saturn, and the middle one to lifted pin 79. This is a typical manual setup and will work with the original drive as well, on any Saturn.

        Quite frankly there is very little point to having 50Hz on US console, assuming your TV can even handle it properly. Usually it’s 50Hz regions that have poor ports (slowed down instead of properly resynced) and want to switch to 60. There might be some PAL-exclusives that people want to play in 50Hz, but I don’t know any.

      • Thanks again for the help and clarification. I guess unless I get a PAL game that don’t look right on my US saturn, I will just not even bother with the modification.

        Thanks again.

  6. @Gdemu I asked for both cables types V0 and V1 but I just got one of them could you please send me the other one? I sent you an email


    • Seriously?

      That’s what this entire website is for… to say inform you of that very process. Do your own homework.

  7. Just to be super sure for obvious demand issues when you edited next Saturday do you mean the 4th or 11th? I’ve heard both distinctions when talking at the end of a week. Need all the advantage we can get here lol

    • A time hint would be nice too.. Like Saturday between what and what times? Also by which time zone?

      • Deunan is in Poland, and orders have usually started in the morning over there. Assume that if you’re in North or South America—particularly in Pacific geographic regions—that it will mean staying up late and hitting Refresh repeatedly…

  8. Witam, chciałem zapytać o zamówienie GDEMU. Śledzę temat już od dłuższego czasu ale nie wszystko jest dla mnie jasne. Jedynym sposobem jest czekać na link do strony z zamówieniami i kto pierwszy ten lepszy czy może uprzedzasz wcześniej? Bo wiem że chyba też jakieś pre-ordery się zdarzały.
    Zależy mi żeby nie przegapić następnej możliwości zamówienia, mam padnięty laser w konsoli. Z góry dzięki za odpowiedź.

  9. I can’t wait to get the chance to buy a Phoebe. Time will tell… 🙂

  10. Subbing with the hopes of finally being available at the right time to purchase a Phobe.

  11. Hi, i really understand the time you need to build those great stuffs, so i can wait 1 year without any problem. Can i send you the money ? Like this i will be in a future waiting list ( i really can wait looong Time but i can’t order it because i am too late, order are closed when i check your website ( more than a year trying now to order it).

    • This topic has been covered in numerous comment chains in a multitude of posts on this site. He hasn’t offered a pre-order list, has stated that he’s really not interested in starting such a service, and most likely won’t offer such in the future.

      Get your phone/laptop, a cup of coffee and your finger ready.

  12. hoping to get a phoebe when pre orders go live. I saw that you mentioned that you had extra gdemus as well. would I be able to add one to my order by chance? Thank you

  13. The clarification of whether it was next Saturday November 4th or Next Saturday November 11th was never made.

      • Let me tanslate. You mean:

        Go ahead and take a huge chunk out of [prospectively] two Saturdays of your life to hit refresh on your browser continuously.

        I’m all for quelling silly statements and questions on here, but his statement was not that in the slightest.

        In conventional English “next Saturday” implies November 11th. “This Saturday,” by that logic means tomorrow (4th).

        Despite this though, it really should be clarified. @gdemu can you help?

      • “Go ahead and take a huge chunk out of [prospectively] two Saturdays of your life to hit refresh on your browser continuously.”

        Or… subscribe to a free service like “Follow that page” and, when you get an alert from them on your phone, you make your order. I got a rhea this way and I hope to get a phoebe to my sister. Your way is fine too, it’s your choice.

        But I guess gdemu, who is being pressured to take demands from comment after comment, could stop doing what he is doing to help you.

      • I have two ordered two GDEMUs from this site. I’m well versed in how things work. So, stop being a twit apologist. Someone innocently asked for clarification over confusion of a day of availability—something that might not be fully clarified by Deunan (not gdemu—which I only used to direct-contact within the comment chain) until the moment orders open.

        I’m tired of people like you playing hall monitor/policeman so overtly for this site. The man comments actively on his site to people with legitimate concerns, so your efforts are not required.

        Unless he has you on the payroll—moderating his comments section—then be a good boy and keep quiet.

    • But you lost my point. The problem is it’s already “saturnday” in his home country. Yes, he comments a lot here, but now could be a little close to open the ordering window, isn’t? You have to be in his place to see the point. If the orders open this saturday, you will loose your chance.

      Wait a minute… I tried to help you, but you made a harsh comment about me and ask me to be quiet in a condescendente way? Ok, John. I guess you’re stressed out by this section, but you’re doing exactly what you said you are tired of.

      • First, It’s irrelevant if it’s midnight in Poland. No one in their right mind would open orders for their products—especially to monitor the progress of those orders—without ample sleep. Sleep deprivation is for the customers to worry about. I live in California, so I’m versed in Gdemu-order-sleep-deprivation. Both times I’ve successfully ordered it was literally in the middle of the night—while my family slept…

        Second, you weren’t being helpful to me or anyone else. Your “wait for the alert” was dismissive. The WordPress notification system is not instantaneous nor is is 100% reliable. The only way I got my units was by being up and regularly checking the site. Order windows are usually less than half an hour at most. Everyone who has ordered knows this well. That dude—probably knowing this—just wanted to know if he needed to clear out his calendar for today or not.

        Third, people in this comment chain asked how to order (wtf, just read the site pages), and if pre-orders are available (I paraphrased Deunan’s repeated replies). I answered them frankly and accurately—so please stop sucking me into the same boat as you.

        Fourth, this conversation is stupid and unnecessary. I’ve wasted enough server space with this extraneous text data.

      • TLDR

        I’m sure you’re right about everything. I mean, you did step into the comment section to respond for @bstig, so I guess he doesn’t need to say anything more.

        But I do use the “Follow that page” service (google it, it’s a real website, it’s not WordPress notification) and I’m getting notifications too often because of this conversation, so I quit. Whetever you say.

  14. tbqh I hope its the 11th lmao. I can barely check and rafresh today because it’s my wedding lol. Maybe maybe late at night going into the 12th if I haven’t blacked out haha. Just sucks balls cause seems Phoebe orders availability take foreverrrr. But I’ll do all that I can possible, been too long not being able to really play and experience Saturn cause emulation suckssssss. So good luck and happy hunting to all whenever it may be!

  15. Ive been trying to play millenium soldier and the game has been crashing or reseting to menu does anybody know why ??

  16. Is there anyone who want my gdemu or my whole Dreamcast with a pico psu and gdemu?
    Its a European Dreamcast. I would like to ship to Europe with DHL.

    When someone is interested to it, than write here to me.

  17. Is there someone who want to buy my GDEmu, maybe my whole Dreamcast with GDEmu and a Pico PSU? Its a European Dreamcast with two Controllers.

    I would sell mine for a fair Price.
    I also can send the potential buyer a eMail with some Pictures. I also can send the potential buyer my Number, then we can write over WhatsApp.

    I would like to send ist in Europe with DHL.

    Write here when you are interested.

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