Prepare for Battle!

Phoebe orders are now open closed.

I expect to get more devices in a week so I will accept more orders than I have stock. If it doesn’t work out I might have to cancel some of the orders or move them to next year’s batch. I wish to avoid shipping in December.

Also keep in mind Phoebes are already preconfigured and I have only so many prepared for each type of console. Make sure you ask for the correct one or I might not have any spares for later change of mind – and your order will be cancelled instead.

238 thoughts on “Prepare for Battle!

  1. only like a month left until the pre orders fully open up again for the new year…. lets hope that it all goes well, since i definitely want a phoebe!

  2. Hi there,

    Just got aware of your marvelous chips. Found my dreamcast recently after I thought she died.
    Is there any chance I can get a GDEMU not that long away?
    Thanks !

  3. I have the phoebe installed and works great.. but is there any way to fix taito chase hq+SCI?? i can’t figure out how to get nancy to shut up

      • Awesome, will this also fix Space Jam? Also, looking forward to VCD support for Phoebe. Thank you kind sir!

      • You will literally make my christmas 10000x Better… but nancy still needs to learn to shut up cause i wanna hear the cop bros talk smack to each other 🙂 , Thanks GDEMU

      • Do note, you will need a proper image of the game, with all subs present, for this feature to work properly.

      • I ripped my copy of taito chase HQ+SCI , so im definitely not worried about that

    • No VCD Support on JAP Saturns for games that support them using this?

      Darn…. But good to know before I tried it.

    • Well I guess VCD is different that what I was thinking. WIll Jap games that have enhanced MPEG Cutscenes using the MOVIE CARD work with Phoebe or Rhea?

      • I have the Victor RG/VC20 MPEG card and it does work with the enhanced cutscenes in games that support it – this card supports both NTSC & PAL. (I can’t remember if I had to region change my console for it to work though)
        If you have the European MK-80310 Video CD card – it is NOT compatible with any of the games that have enhanced cutscenes.

      • VCD card should work, but keep in mind it has a region lock too. So you need JP Saturn and JP card (this can be partly worked around with AR cart).

      • I was under the impression this was enabled on Rhea only, but the code was not added to the last Phoebe update. See Rhea thread on assembler.

      • Ah, that’s what it was. CD+G. Will that ever come to Phoebe? My daughter loves her karaoke and INSOC. Thanks

  4. do you have a set date for when the pre orders will start for the phoebe’s?

  5. Eager to snag one of these whenever they become available. I’m curious to hear what resources we’re used to reverse engineer the Saturn or Dreamcast disc systems. Where did you start? Did you have documentation on the communication between the console and the disc drive?

  6. Looking for advice here. Ordered rhea 2 months ago and still haven’t received it. Tracking on Polska shows it left Poland on 10-23. Went to post office to see if there was anything they can pull up and they’re telling me there’s no records found for the tracking. Anything I can do? Thanks!

    • Well it’s rare but sometimes the package go by sea rather than air, and in such case it can take 7-9 weeks. Not being able to track it in the meantime is also normal, until it arrives in USA it’s in limbo. Wait until New Year or so and if it still doesn’t arrive please email me.

  7. Merry Christmas GDEMU and all the other people out there enjoying DC and Saturn this holday thanks to the DEV. I Sure am having a TON OF FUN.

  8. Hello Kind Sir !

    I just discovered these wonder chips and am looking a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast one. Do you have any approximate estimate for re-stock?

    Much Appreciated!

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