Sleep Paralysis

GDEMUs required to complete the current batch are almost ready but still need to be cleaned, inspected, programmed and tested. And packed. And shipped. Which is a lot of work that people just never even think of when they say “manufacture it somewhere”. Point here is however the next week will have two national holidays and I will take the rest off to recharge a bit. So not much, if any, work will be done in that time.

But, I could perhaps at least prepare the list for Phoebe so orders will open on Saturday. As to actual shipping… we’ll see. I don’t want to mix both GDEMU and Phoebe since there is a risk I’ll mess it up, and at the same time I want to get both out the door ASAP. Usually the problem is people paying later than 24hrs after I ask for money since I try to ship the next business day. So if I do decide to mix both ODEs I will treat all “late” payments as 2nd class and delay the shipping to combine it with the correct devices. This lowers the likehood of a mistake on my side and gives you some motivation to check your email/PayPal more often. Either way you still get the 7-day payment window as before, that doesn’t change.

All early DocBrowns were shipped long time ago, please stop asking about those. The first normal batch is planned for late May. Menu software, the beta at least, is almost ready too so it’ll be a good time to release it.

317 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. Hmm I’m pretty sure I got the “message sent” and was super quick when it came up. Checking my inbox and my junk folders just incase. Does he send out a notification that your on a list?

    • I cant speak for everyone , but you should get a message from GDEMU informing you to check your paypal/email. In addition, Once you do get the invoice pay it as fast as you can as it makes the process easier. So yes you should in the next few days get some sort of email, if it went though.

    • is actually nice enough to bounce my emails, not just blackhole them, so: yes, you’re on the list and no, you’ll never get an email from me.

      • I also sent in an order from a email.. I assume I did not get my order in, in time. But perhaps after reading this I did. Can you confirm if I am on the list or not? I would assume If I am, like you said above I will never see an email from you, but my paypal invoice should work properly.

      • That kind of sucks.

        I filled in everything correctly.
        Name, Email, paypal email, Type 4 pressed button to submit got message sent.
        Yet nothing from me. That is a let down.

        Any Reason why the form would not go through?

        I was refreshing the order page where it said preorders closed
        Then once they opened and I pressed ctrl+f5 again and it changed to order form.
        I filled it and and sent in seconds.

        Seems I am not the only one who this happened to.
        I get being at the back of the line and missing cut off.. But I know I was not I know orders were open for minutes more after I ordered.

      • “You are stupid, your idea is retarded”

        Thanks for further proving my point. You don’t have empathy or sympathy. You don’t have answers. You have insults.

        Let’s do some algebra. Let’s say we have 100 customers. Each will spend ~1 hour attempting to get a unit. Each batch is 20 units.

        Batch 1: 100 * 1 hour = 100 man hours
        Batch 2: 80 * 1 hour = 80 man hours
        Batch 3: 60 * 1 hour = 60 man hours
        Batch 4: 40 * 1 hour = 40 man hours
        Batch 5: 20 * 1 hour = 20 man hours

        Total man hours spent attempting to acquire unit: 100 + 80 + 60 + 40 + 20 = 300 hours

        Let’s say gdemu create a pre-order list for the 100 customers. Customers spend 5 minutes placing order.

        Total man hours spent attempting to acquire unit: 100 * 5 minutes = 8.33 man hours.

        300 / 8.33 = ~36

        The more people involved… the more efficient the waiting list is assuming reasonably fixed batches. At 200 people you’re looking at 1100 hours vs 16.66 hours. If money was accepted up front then it’s reasonable to think batches could be increased resulting in faster overall turn around. Perhaps reduced prices could be possible due to increased volume purchases.

      • LOL. Your plan is full of assumptions. Now do the math on the current version of the order system and tell me what changes.

      • Of course it makes assumptions. All we have is anecdotes from individuals on the these threads regarding time spent attempting to get a unit.

        How does the current system work then that’s different from what I described? In the end we can calculate an average time spent each order window. P = number of people, B = batch size, T = time spent on average. Total time spent is ((P + B) * (P / B)) / 2 * T.

        To get 8.33 hours time spent for 100 people given the current strategy would mean people would spend no more than 1.66 minutes attempting to acquire a unit which is clearly far lower than reported. Even if P, B, and T fluctuate over time the premise is the same and only slightly changes the end result.

      • The assumptions you’re making are specifically designed to support your terrible idea.

        Please shut the fuck up.

      • Feel free to provide even the littlest bit of evidence.

        Your attacks only go to prove you’ve got nothing to offer.

      • I don’t have to provide anything. You’ve done it for me. You’ve admitted you’re using assumptions to pad your idea.

        You’re a whiny charlatan. Please, fuck off now. Thanks.

  2. I agree with other comments about opening this up to a pre order system. We all will pay in advance, you can manufacturer them and we will wait. As long as we know it’s coming it’s fine. I think this is a far better model than what you currently have as it’s stressful for you and 99% people miss out. Please consider this.

    • The current system is a preorder system. Your “proper” version seems like it would create a huge queue of backorders for GDEMU to work through. A queue that would be growing in perpetuity.

      All this would do is, move the point where the whining occurs, to a different stage of the sale. Instead of people complaining they missed a window, they’d be complaining about how they already paid and haven’t received their item.

      Then all the business geniuses that magically appear after every sale would show up and complaining and giving their own half assed versions of a “proper” order system.

      I’m sorry you guys didn’t get one this time. Welcome to the club. If you really want one, do what everyone who’s gotten one has done, and keep at it.

      • 1) The queue would not grow in perpetuity. There is a finite number of customers.

        2) So what? People wait in lines for things all the time and prefer that to the alternative given that’s what they do. Being in a passive queue is far more predictable and has lower overhead to having hundreds or thousands of individuals rushing to order at unknown times in small windows. By any metric that system is inefficient when compared to alternative strategies. To claim different systems don’t have different costs & benefits is ignorance at best. Even just posting an actual time at which the window was available would be better.

        3) Your seeming complete lack of interest in the complaints of possible customers and snarky and hostile attitude indicates you aren’t interested in people being able get the product so they can get to the end goal of enjoying their consoles but instead have an emotional and irrational need to white knight for gdemu and troll. If some random company sold products in this way most people would rightfully think they’re being inefficient and would look to competitors. gdemu’s near monopoly in this space, like all monopolies / oligopolies tends to inefficiencies.

      • It would continue to be filled by the very people who beat you all the time. What is being suggested is an open ended preorder system. In perpetuity.

        The rest is just you making an ass of yourself, so I’ll end it with this: You are stupid, your idea is retarded and will result in the same problems that it claims to be solving. Kicking the can down the road doesn’t solve the issue. It just pretends to solve it and gives the person who came up with the idea a false sense of success.

      • I will say this… I do not mind the system but I am at my wits end about the flaws in it.
        I sat up for GDEMU and was refrshing manually from 8am PT until they went on sale. My page changed from preorders closed to a form to fill out. I filled it out and got a message sent. While GDEMU orders were open for only 3 minutes. I know I was not at the end of that window as I refrshed a new order page and kept refrshing it to see how long it was before it changed back from an orderform to preorders closed again and It was a good 2 minutes. I never got an email and or paypal invoice. SO while I was at or near the front of the line and got an order in and message sent it never went through. Seems kind of unfair. But that was my first time so I gave it another change. Yesterday I sat up all night like 6 hours waiting for orders to open. I used the chrome plug in to refresh the orders page every 6 seconds. I know that orders usually open at the top of the hour or within 10-15 mins of it based on other threads and comments of reseach I did. SO i knew chances of orders opening from X:16-X:59 am were slim but still kept an eye on the screen. Sure enough I was right. The auto refrest went off and the page changed to orders opened for Phoebe. I already had m email copied so all I had to do was FIll in my name and CTRL+V to fill in my email and paypal email Clicked type 3 and pressed the send button. I recevied a message sent in return and I then opened a new page and saw the order form was still open. In fact it was open for almost 5 minutes after that. This window was much longer than the GDEMU window from 3 weeks before. According to GDEMU – my email might have spam filters or blacklists. Which to me does not make any sense. IF I filled out a form on a wordpress page. even if i put in in the email boxs all filled in all 3 boxes with BLAH BLAH BLAH and pressed send, the word press page should have a record of my input to him. So that tells me that either the page malfunctioned or the form page has issues and some people even if they fill in the form and press send ASAP get screwed over and the order just does not go through due to some malfunction that is beyond my fault. That seems alful unfair.

        I am not asking that the way to order change. I do not mind waiting on virual line all night waiting for the moment pre orders open. I have sat in the cold in front of best buy, gamestop and other places to get the newest games and systems. I have peed blood from being in sub zero temps waiting on line becuase I was not properly prepared in the right clothing. So if I get on my PC at midnight (poland time) and sit in a chair for 4,5,6,7,8,9 hours until the pre orders page goes from closed to open that is fine with me. But when I am paying attention and the pre order page goes live and I am super fast to fill it in and get a message sent. I expect to be on the list. Not told, sorry your not on my list, your email didn’t work. or something like that. Regardless if my email does not work. The form should still show what I typed in that box and when he goes into paypal to send an invoice to me or anyone else, paypal informs my via my mobile app and paypal sends me the email it comes from service at paypal, not from gdemus email. So I expect to still see an invoice.

        Am I mad about this.. Sure I am. But I am not mad about how the ordering system works. I think the system is fair. He tells you the day and if you want one. Sit at your pc and wait for orders to open. Be fast and accurate and your order should be accepted. Though after 2 attemtps and walking away empty handed especially when I know others filled in the form minutes after I did and got one is frustrating.

  3. Totally agree with djcox and the others! A pre order system would be the best for all. I have tried to get a GDEMU/PHOEBE for over a year but didn´t get the correct time window, and have no time to refresh the webpage every day / the whole day…
    With a proper pre-order system, he would get paid from all who submit a pre-order, and he could manufacter them one per one. It wouldn´t matter for me, if I have to wait, let´s say half an year to get it finally. But at least I would know I have paid for it, and will get it sometime.

  4. I also received a confirmation email that I was on the list. So now I have the gdemu and soon a Phoebe. Relieved because now I wont need to keep checking in every day and refreshing constantly on Saturdays. Some will hate me saying this, but I had no problem getting either on my first attempt,, and could have got a rhea. Decided to wait for Phoebe at the last second. All depends on how badly you want it. I waited in a line outdoors in the cold for 2 DAYS for the PS3 at launch. This was easy in comparison.

    • I also got the GDEMU and Phoebe on the first try and I did it in a few months. It’s really not that hard to get one. I used WebAlert on Android to autorefresh the page, it’s what I did yesterday and it worked brilliantly (I was doing the laundry when I heard the alarm ringtone so I knew it was up!). I’ve noticed he opened the pre-orders around 12:00 GMT+1 previously and 11:00 GMT+1 last time. Can’t wait to receive the Phoebe 😊

      • WebAlert for Android did not work for the last GD-Emu unit order time. It never alerted during the 3 min window. It never noticed the form. Thank g0d I didn’t rely on that program.

  5. I received an email on April 9 to tell me that I was in the list for 2 to 3 times a day I check but mail and my paypal account. I’m on the starting blocks 😀

  6. Hi, just a question, how many people waits for the Dreamcast GDEmu invoice on paypal ?
    Just to know if there are many or not.

    • I am still on the GDEMU list from last window, I got an email but never paypal invoice, but he saiid before this window that many of us are still waiting. So I am patiently waiting still. So to answer your question. ME

  7. Oh hey, if you need some help packing and shipping the US orders I’m available. Just sayin’ 🙂

  8. GDEMU can you confirm if my order made the list or not please? I didn’t see an email in regular box or my spam.

  9. Please people stop talking about changing the system of order.
    It’s perfect like it is. With others projects we wait 2 years after registering into a waiting list.
    With GDEmu ordering method, we can get our devices very quick.
    For example for PSIO i have to wait 1 year to get mine order.
    For NeoSD Pocket i also wait 1 year and few months to get it.
    For GDEmu orders we get it in few weeks !
    So stop talking about that, you wasting time.

    • Exactly. These people think they know so much more than the dev. Yet not one of them offers a similar product. They just make up some retarded order system in their minds and claim it’s magically better. Then offer no proof that it’s better.

      • “These people think they know so much more than the dev.”

        With regard to doing business. Yes. As presented prior one can very easily show the inefficiency in the current model.

        “Yet not one of them offers a similar product.”

        How does that impact one’s knowledge of business or basic math?

        “Then offer no proof that it’s better.”

        Except proof has been offered and you’ve made no attempt to make a counter claim. You’ve done nothing more than attack people with ad homs and strawmen.

      • In your opinion. But the current model has worked for the last 4 years with no issues. The only bug in this system is the whiners, like you.

        You have no knowledge of business. And your “math” is nonsense. Your proof is full of assumptions which might as well be lies.

        Shut the fuck up already, everyone is tired of your whining.

      • Feel free to provide a better model for the time invested by individuals attempted to acquire these units and we can determine quite easily who’s has the more efficient system.

      • Why should I? The current system works well. You’re the one who felt the need to cry because you didn’t get one. And then came up with a hamfisted idea, that doesn’t improve anything.

        It’s on you to convince me. You failed. Now please, shut the fuck up about this.

      • When did I “cry because [I] didn’t get one”?

        Why should you? Because you’re claiming I’m wrong without providing the slightest articulation on how that is. I’ve provided a perfectly good algo to calculate the inefficiency. If you don’t understand basic math… that’s on you.

      • I’m not presenting anything, because the current system works well. You’re the one who trying to shift things around because you couldn’t get one. I understand basic math well enough to see you’re fabricating a situation that supports your terrible theory. I’ve asked you to apply the same math to the current situation and tell me how it’s better. You’ve ignored that. You’re a liar and a bullshitter, who’s clogging the board with your crying.

        You really want to help? Fuck off. Thank you.

      • I highly prefer the current method. It doesn’t waste time at all. Spent less than 5 minutes setting up a page change monitor on the order page, went to sleep, got woken up by the alert and got my order in with plenty of time to spare. You people complaining just want shit handed to you. It’s been said many times in these comments, if you really want it, you’ll get it.

      • May I ask, which monitor site do you use? I’m trying to find one that can send a text message. Thanks.

  10. So, if i didn’t get confirmation email.
    That means i ‘’m not on the list?

  11. I suggest to those who couldn’t get a gdemu yet for your saturn… do the phantom mod and region mod first while trying to get gdemu. That’s actually what i did. And now i got a Rhea for my saturn from the last opening. Respect the dev’s choice please. Thanks. Play the game.

    • If you want to mod your saturn for burned games that is great. The Phantom Mod is super easy to do. Takes minutes and only needs 1 simple wire.

      Region mod is necessary with backups (or a cart like the action replay). Becuase even copies of out of region games will not boot with the phantom.

      When it comes to RHEA OR PHOEBE a region mod is not necessary. The ODE is region free and will boot any image you put on the card from any region.

      • Yup that’s why the suggestion to “quench the thirst” for those wanting to get a Rhea/Phoebe so desperately that he/she argues in every single Gdemu post. There’s no helping the situation but to be patient enough and wait for a chance.

  12. Just got my Pay Request for my Phoebe…..and Paid. Boom! Thanks GDEMU!

    • I should mention that I’m assuming there is no need for concern as the email said it may be up to 4 weeks. Just asking because previous 2 posters said their requests arrived.

      • No idea…but I would suggest logging directly into PayPal to see if you have a payment request there if you haven’t tried that yet. Just a thought.

      • Well, I just got my payment request yesterday for the GDEmu, and I got the confirmation e-mail for it 3 weeks ago. I still have yet to receive a request for the Phoebe, but he said in this post it should be 4 weeks tops. You’ll get it eventually, just keep checking your e-mail and PayPal. What’s cool about the PayPal app is you can set it so it sends you a phone notification when you get a payment request!

      • Do you know if you were on the “overflow list”? I’m just asking cause I know mine was.

      • To EZShock since I can’t seem to reply to you directly: You know, that’s a good question. I was on the impression I was, since I think the sale only lasted about a minute after I submitted my order. Then yesterday, I got the request, thinking it was for the Phoebe, then saw the description said “1 X GDEmu.” I’m pretty sure I’m not on the overflow, since he said he will ship the overflow GDEmus at the beginning of the next batch.

  13. I got a confirmation that i was on the list as well and i havent received a paypal invoice either?

  14. Im assuming hes going by a certain order on the list so everyone on the list should get one eventually.

  15. Do not worry Eric you are not the only.
    I don’t have the paypal invoice for GDEmu neither for Pheobe too.
    Just wait =).

  16. I feel you angry by comments.
    But please, be deaf to them.

    Take the time to finish your software for gdemu with new menu and I hope the bleem (sorry to insist but I’m a fan lol)

    I can’t be able to order gdemu for now, but no matter.
    Keep up the good work as he gives you some pleasure to do it.

    Thanks again for all you are doing 🙂

  17. Just got my tracking information for my Phoebe. It’s on its way – sweet!

  18. Please, if possible try to develop an ODE for Sega CD, or more specific the Sega CDX. It would be awesome! And maybe Sony PSX/PSone. lol

    • You should look at getting a PSIO for PS1. They will be releasing later this year and has very high compatibility with the creator providing frequent updates with the goal of getting 100% compatibility. I’m really looking for a Gamecube SD card loader which has 100% compatibility.

      • @KarlG, buy a MegaDrive V5 for Gamecube.
        It’s a ODE with a SD Loader, compatibility near 99%.

      • I’ve looked into those but they always seem impossible to obtain. Especially since I believe it is useless without a wasp fusion or something similar.

  19. hi, just seeing when the end of the last run of gdemu’s will be shipping please,, cheers Davey..

    • For many of us, it’s not paid at all for the moment (no paypal invoice)
      So shipping of GDEmu will wait.

      • And i have also phoebe to pay also same no paypal invoice for the moment.

  20. Hey there! I am new here but I am looking for a sega saturn ODE. One of the 20 pin variant. What is the best way to stay up to date on those? Just spam refresh this site everyday?

    • Welcome! Head over to the ordering page and make sure you know the exact version of the Saturn ODE you need (Rhea or Phoebe). Then just check in on the site every day. It’s what I do.

      GDEMU usually posts a new blog a few days before to announce when he’s gonna release some more of the units. You’ll see that if you look at past posts. He just did a Phoebe sale, and it looks like the next run might be the FM Towns Marty ODE (Doc Brown) next, but don’t take my word for it, that’s just a guess.

      Anyway, if the next sale is the unit you need, then on the date of the release, just hangout refreshing on the site. He’s based out of eastern Europe, so keep that in mind with regard to time in your neck of the woods. There are some posts on here that recommend site monitors. I haven’t had much experience with them. I’ve always been successful just refreshing, but your method is up to you.


    • Also, a couple pointers for when you’re waiting for the order to open, the best way to refresh the order page is to use Ctrl+F5, or some other way that refreshes the cache of the page. Some people fill out the form and the page says “message sent,” but it didn’t actually go through because the form was sent from a stale cache. Also, I recommend using a mainstream e-mail for your e-mail address. From looking at the comments, I have noticed that sometimes the e-mail doesn’t get to GDEmu because it gets blocked by spam filters. A Gmail (that’s what I used), or Yahoo or something like that should be fine. It seems you lucked out having a 20-pin Saturn, since the Rhea is in much lower demand than the Phoebe, the 21-pin variant. The vast majority of Saturns produced were 21-pin, since that was a revision Sega made to the console early on. Good luck, as well!

      • Damn is the phoebe really that bad? I just checked my unit again and indeed 06/95, 20 pins. Psu on the upper part of the case B50000597 😛 really stoked for this.

  21. hi, yes I’m waiting on the invoice too.. will be ready when its ready,, cheers

  22. I dare say some of the people arguing here for the order system not to change are the scalpers, namely the guy on ebay who has sold 13 gdemus, has 3 loose ones for sale and another 3 for sale in dreamcasts ready to go.

    • No one has suggested anything better than the current system. In fact the last jackass to make a big deal about it, suggested a system that would benefit scalpers even more.

      I dare say that it’s the scalpers who are pretending to help people by suggesting these foolish changes to the current system.

  23. Thanks for the rhea! I finally got some time and made this quick little showcase. it’s amazing and thank you for making such of an amazing invention!

  24. Just a quick confirmation. If the form was sent and it said that preorders are closed but they still got the confirmation email (but stilll no payment receipt), does that mean they’re still in the list or nah?

  25. I’m bored to always miss the opening sale.
    I’m trying to buy phoebe since one year.
    Now you can find on ebay sega saturn with phoebe / RHEA around 800 euro
    It is totally crazy and I cannot accept this system…

    • It is a shame he doesnt make the project open source. You know, BOM list, gerber files, schematics, firmware. Al that… thats why this is getting so much out of hand.

      • SO nice of you to want to open source his project. (sarcasm)

        Do you want microsoft to open source windows?
        Do you want Apple to open source the iphone?
        Do you want Nintendo to open source their IP?

        SO tired of people telling GDEMU to open source everything. WTF are you to take away the hard work he did on these ODEs and want to make some money on what he worked so hard in creating?

        His CODE is what is most valuable. Anyone with PCB skills can take one of the PCBs and copy it. I could most likely input the PCB into eagle and create a copy in about 1 hour. Doesn’t matter. Without the code for the FPGA and the Firmware and such it would be useless and it can not be ripped from the chips (at least not without a multimillion dollar lab and would probibly take months to perhaps years). So again, this is why NO ODE has been copied yet, especially from cheap chinese compaies like they are doing to Krizz and the everdrive. Also the same goes with consoles like the NT MINI and SUPER NT. Without the FPGA code the hardware is useless and that is the IP (intellectual Property) that GDEMU and all other ODE and FPGA hardware makers are protecting. AND GOOD FOR THEM. I never want to see these projects opensourced, unless it is like 10 – 20 years into the future or the developer no longer cares about producting them, or perhaps sells his code and files to another developer. As an example of when to open source something I will give you a personal example, I developed code for a rapid fire chip for both the PS3 and XB360 back in 2008. I sold it from 2008 until the Xbox one and ps 4 came out about a year or so after then decided it was no longer worth selling especially since no one wanted to pay more than $10 for it so I just released the Code to the internet and spread it on a few forums, it was getting to the point that only $2 or $3 of profit per chip and only selling like 50 a year was more work than what it was worth. That is pretty much how I would see something like this getting open sourced if he doesnt’t sell the IP and PCB files to a developer. (I am sure someone like Stoneage gaming or Terraonion would pay a handsome fee to buy the rights to the Code and Files to create and sell their own). Another reason I could see these getting open sourced is if after selling them for a number of years and the market just gets saturated and or he just gets tired of making them and decides not sell and just open sources it so people can make their own, chances of that are probibly slim to none. As I see it, for now, I do not forsee any of his ODEs getting out in the wild and copied. The only thing I forsee is someone creating their own ODE, there has been an open source project for years but nothing ever came of it. Of Course there is the more expensive USB gdrom if you don’t want a GDEMU but that only covers the Dreamcast. As for Saturn, Rhea / Phoebe is the only solution and the satiator is still just pretty much vaporware. I doubt anyone will ever takle the Marty. I am so looking foward to an ODE for the FM TOWN MARTY, thank you GDEMU for that.

        I expect GDEMU to be selling batches for years to come, as well has perhaps giving us some new ones.

      • Well no reason to lose your **** like that. Did I personally offend you by pointing out it is a shame that he doesn’t open source the project? I suppose you are very involved in the project if you react like this.

        Yes. Yes and YES! If you think about what people can improve on all of these companies then I dont understand why you wouldnt want them to.

        I am not telling him to do anything and neither am I telling you anything to lose your wits over like this so get off your soap box.

        I am not going through that giant wall of lecturing text but I saw you poised an example so here is mine. In the gamecube modding community people are now looking for alternative ways to output 480p without the need of those 300 dollar component cables. So now with the help of cheaper fpga’s we are able to get not only vga, rgb in all forms and YPbPr, we also can get HDMI. Why is this possible? Because the guy named Unseen (ingo korb on github) has made the project aptly called GCVideo open source and everyone is helping out. But only the firmware. So there are many MANY modders who are creating and selling their own internal mods for this firmware. One such modder is citrus3000psi. He created a board that allows for both analog and digital video. Unseen has adjusted the firmware for him so that this would work properly. This project has been private for a year so that he could get some funds and has since quite recently been released to everyone else. Compatible firmware and schematics. Those funds were used to develop new projects like the internal wii hdmi mod, gcmax, gcplug, several dreamcast video upgrades and a crapton more. All kicad gerber files on OSH Park. And guess what, even though he open sourced the project people still want to buy from him because they do not know how to do this themselves. The programming, the assembling, for somebody who doesnt know how to program a flash it can get very difficult because how you program it depends on the flash IC used? spi or jtag or some other method? Xilinx or altera? I mean are you going you deny that people do not immediately want to assemble everything themselves?

        That GCDual board I did assemble and program myself because I already had the spare parts, the programmer and the firmware. I only needed the pcb. It is about wanting to save money. In the end I donated to citrus3000psi because I thought he deserved it. Open sourcing firmware allows for fast improvements and you can’t deny that if it works with linux it can work with other software like the previously mentioned. Again i am not telling him anything. But i am telling to you calm down because the only reason your chip flopped is because its functionality is not something a lot of people necessarily want and anyone with an arduino uno board and the knowledge of implementing a single while loop on that overkill controller can replicate yours. With this, no not so much, but give me a year and the time, a good quad channel oscilloscope, the way the processors handle data received and data sent, perhaps a core dump of all the instructions (which dr abrasive has actually thanks for mentioning that satiator) and I think I can have something up and running. I am not downplaying this guy’s work at all, I think it is very impressive and i am looking to get a rhea unit soon. But you are looking at this project like it is an enterprise and not like it is a guy who does this on his own time, with his own resources, that may want the help. And open sourcing is a solution to that in my opinion.

      • Here is the problem. You assume that since an open source model works in your favor for one thing that it works in favor for all things. That is not a good outlook to have in life. Also I find it ammusing that your so offended or feeling attacked. I did nothing more than lay out a counter argument and you took it personally and not on the merrits of the content posted. You viwed it as a personal attack, but that should not surprise me as it reveals more about your personally and where you come from.

        In my opinions in your short posts show your true colors in other areas of life – especailly when you agreed companies like M$, APPLE and Nintendo should open source..

        You sound like a person who has no respect for personal property nor appreciates or endorses personal profit for discovery and or Reseach and development. Second, sounds like you do not understand complex business models, and or you are just another socialist. (which in my opinion are nothing but a plague in todays society).

        I am very familiar with the Open source GC HDMI project. There is just one issues there vs something like this. Output to a Screen is not the same as true hardware emulation on original hardware to play our games. They are Two different things. Second The output options, even open sourced really do not give us anything new. Most of these open source projects are costing between $130 and $170 usd. There was something called ORIGINAL COMPONENT CABLES and they were given to all gamecube owners by default by nintendo for $39.99. Anyone could have bought them AT THE TIME. Many choose not to or did not have TVs that supported them, hence they were never sold in any great bulk SO now they cost about $200+. They do the job as well if not better than the HDMI cables. I really do not see the difference in quality between the two methods.

        Another thing with open sourcing is not taking on the responciiblty. When you open source something, someone can use your reference design but if there is a FLAW or a issue, it is up to someone else to fix it and or be responcible for the product if they decide to make and sell it (that can be a financial hassle, look at the RGB debacle on the Terraonion System 3 ODE – the ODE worked perfect, but they had to eat the cost of a revision for the RGB which was something added after the fact. ) GDEMU creates his own ODEs, he controls the code and the Firmware. This is good for many reasons. Should a user find an issue with a game or even the ODE, it can be reported to one person, that person can then fix and update the firmware. If you have Multiple designs, even if different in spec by 1%, this will not allow for universal fixes. When GDEMU issues a fix for a ODE, it will work with every one sold to date (except for maybe a beta board which he sometimes releases for testing but ends up changing the hardware slightly before mass sale). When you have open sourced designs where people are not all using the same code or people are revising the hardware and the software for each of their own unique devices, it creates a huge hodgepoge of devices out in the wild and no commonality for when there is an issue.

        Open source has a time and place. I think in the 3D printing community, especially with items that can not be resold becuase they infringe on others IP like popculture characters and such. Should someone release their work open source instead of charging for it, I can understand that. Could save them a legal headache. Also when the parts or machines are very expensive and not commonplace, open source can be good. I do apprecaite Citus3K osha park releases where you can just buy 1 or more of a board and populate it yourself for a simple output project. But you still need the equipment and the knowhow to flash chips and install firmware, Jtagging and much more. That is where open source, especially in this area of concern will fail.

        Lastly and I can tell you now. There are already people who are ENTERPRISING and have zero respect for open source. The “RULES” of open source are rarely followed and the community is not large enough to shame people from stopping it. Hence you get someone with a large investment in creating a ton of one open source project they can do TWO things.. One make so many of them it lowers the price considerably, to the point where they can MAKE and sell a open source project for as much as someone like you or me could just MAKE ONE for ourself. SO that creates a monopoly on that product where all the work was done by someone else. In essense, open source “COULD” hand some enterprising individual a product to make a killing on for nothing more than following a check list and dropping some cash to a PCB board maker. Now before you go off on claiming GDEMU and other ODE makers have a monopoly. They technically do not. It is their product. They did the work, they deserve to reap any rewards for selling it or putting it out to the public. You do not need their product though to play games. There are other options still and the ODE is not the end all be all solution. SO it is not a monopoly. Sure they control the product top to bottom, but like the bigger companies, they get paid for what they worked on, invested in and did the R&D on. So when it comes to the sales of that product, it does not matter if a single person buys up the entire stock and decides to resell it, the developer (like most companies) got paid for what they made. This is why nintendo and other companies do not care about limited editions and short supplies. They get paid the moment a retailer buys all their stock to resell. Then the retailer does Presales and such to also make a profit on their investment so they also do not care if someone buys up 20 of them and resells them. Everyone already got paid. Even GDEMU seems to have the attitude (from some of his other post addressing resellers) that he does not seem to care. I do not blame him. He makes 10, 20, 50, 100 boards and sells them, he got paid. His model is to make as many as he can afford to make, keep 100% control of the product as to not get undercut or even loose his product which is not lawfually protected in any country to someone who would effectivly steal it to sell it for themself, and sell them all in each batch he puts up. The batch sells out, the invoices go out, people pay and he ships. That is it.

        Now lets pretend someone at MIT buys a GDEMU or RHEA or DOCBROWN, whatever it is. That MIT student is “enterprising” he uses the multimillion dollar lab to harvest the Flash and FPGA and creates a method to pull the code. Now like I said last post. Reversing the PCB it self is pretty easy. I can use a simple Xray machine at my wifes job to map the PCB. Then using EAGLE I could easly create it. The names of the chips, the FPGA and such are left on the PCB by GDEMU so finding the components to populate the PCB would be really simple. But the problem with a clone board is PROGRAMMING IT. So again. Some Smart MIT kid, or perhaps even an engineer at some big company who has access to a lab full of moden high tech equipment (what happens to be a retro gamer and entrapenuer) decides to harvest the chip and dedicate the time and machines to pulling the code off of them and then succeeds. Now he can program and basicly create as many clones of the ODE as he wants. Lets say that this person decides to go ALL IN. Sends out the PCB files to a manufacturer and has 50K of them rolled off the line. There are even places that you can contract, with a big enough run, that will sign a NDA to keep your code safe and have the FPGA and all flash roms programmed for you during the production run so when you are delivered your stock they are all ready to go. Now that person say paid $50 a board (50K boards or $2.5M) to have a stock of them made. Then decides to sell them for $99 each. That person once he sells all 50K ODEs has $5m dollars (sure there are fees to be paid) still walks away with easily $1.7-2 million in profit. They would be readily avalable. No one would be complaining about stock anymore. Everyone would have one. Some people would no longer jump on it ASAP becuase of its avalablity so it might put off some customers. Some who were not willing to drop $160 USD with GDEMU decide – he $60 cheaper is great!! In all,what happens to GDEMU? Would ANY OF YOU CARE??? I bet you ONLY a hand full of people would care. Most gamers would just be like, “I got one and I paid $XX.XX to get one. ” If you told them, hey GDEMU is no longer making any money from that device. Most would be like.. OH WELL, and just go on playing their device. It would Satisfy the Masses but hurt the one guy who made it possible. Then there is the other fall out from it. Would he still make the other ODE devices not copied? Would he continue to try to make an ODE for other machines? Would he just fade away into the night and never be heard from again. In the end, the product belongs to GDEMU and should stay with GDEMU unless “HE” decides to expand the products beyond how he does it now. Should he decide tomorrow. NO MORE ODEs for anyone.. Then the those of us who were lucky enough to buy one should cherish it.

        Open source is not always the best answer.

        Here is to GDEMU and hoping he is successful in his endevors and that he continues to give the community what they want but at the same time, he feels he is being equaliy compensated for it.

        I am not READING this all more than 2 times before posting (so excuse spelling errors)

      • I wanted to touch upon this part of the post as well, but felt it would have made my message last post a bit off topic as it is not about ME but GDEMU. But here is a “COPY PASTE” of what I want to address.

        Again i am not telling him anything. But i am telling to you calm down because the only reason your chip flopped is because its functionality is not something a lot of people necessarily want and anyone with an arduino uno board and the knowledge of implementing a single while loop on that overkill controller can replicate yours. With this, no not so much, but give me a year and the time, a good quad channel oscilloscope, the way the processors handle data received and data sent, perhaps a core dump of all the instructions (which dr abrasive has actually thanks for mentioning that satiator) and I think I can have something up and running. I am not downplaying this guy’s work at all, I think it is very impressive and i am looking to get a rhea unit soon.

        “the only reason your chip flopped” — More insults. Obviously someone does not know how to read.

        Shall I quote… ” I developed code for a rapid fire chip for both the PS3 and XB360 back in 2008. I sold it from 2008 until the Xbox one and ps 4 came out about a year or so after then decided it was no longer worth selling”

        I wrote, Produced and sold my own chips for both systems for 7 years. In that time my product was extremely successful with over 1000 sales a year. Only after the PS3 and 360 gave way to a new generation of systems, those same chips that did the job so well for 7 years were no longer really wanted and the fact I needed to compete with other budget solutions. I needed to rebrand and reprice after all that time. The Number of sales for a game consles that were no longer current and the profit margin drove me to not care any more and look for a new endevor to invest in. At that point I gave away my code for those who had the programmer and the chips to do it themself. SO I did not flop. In fact in those 7 years I maden enough money to buy a home. Doesn’t sound like failure to me. GDEMU will evntually reach the same things. The Cost of the parts will eventually drop in price and he will be able to build more units than he can now for the same amount of money. At that point he will decide to just stop selling them, sell off the technology to someone else, or just let it into the wild. For now though I think he has a good few more years in front of him to make and sell these prodcuts.

        “With this, no not so much, but give me a year and the time, a good quad channel oscilloscope, the way the processors handle data received and data sent, perhaps a core dump of all the instructions (which dr abrasive has actually thanks for mentioning that satiator) and I think I can have something up and running. I am not downplaying this guy’s work at all, I think it is very impressive and i am looking to get a rhea unit soon.”

        Sound like you intend on stealing the guys work.

        “give me a year and the time, a good quad channel oscilloscope, the way the processors handle data received and data sent, perhaps a core dump of all the instructions (which dr abrasive has actually thanks for mentioning that satiator) and I think I can have something up and running.”

        To clarify, are you planing on doing this from an orginal saturn and creating your own ODE>. If so good for you. or does this mean you plan on poking and prodding the ODE you bought from GDEMU in order to dump his code or create a similar device? Becuase if so, that is cheating. GDEMU did it on his own. If you plan on taking his work and dumping it or at least using his work to map your own, it is not the same as starting from scratch like these guys did dumping from the Optical drive and reversing from there..

        I addressed this kind of behavor above. I also pointed to specific examples of what this is not the kind of crap GDEMU should put up with and what can happen if people go down this path.

      • I clearly said that I am not planning on probing into what makes his ODE tick. I am however very interested in what he found because this is my field (or will be when I graduate). But i will never ever cheat somebody out of their hard gained experience.

      • I feel like you completely overshoot everything I say. And as a mattet of fact you twisted and turned my words to begin with. You claimed I am telling GDEMU to open source everything while I never did. You get mad asking me wtf i think I am and the ball rolls down from there. That is your problem not mine. I also am not saying i intend on stealing or copying and releasing everything. But I do want to know out of sheer interest and interest alone (!) How this works, what makes it work, and what this guy did to get it to work. And for that yeah I will probe around and yeah if the units are indeed as hard to come by because everyone hogs them in an instant and then resells them for 6.5x the price then yeah I will try and copy what he made also from scratch is what I am getting at.

      • I tend to think other than calling people out for their true colors, I did nothing more than lay out an argument and scenerios that COULD or COULD NOT happen. Nothing more. Much of my post is, WHAT IF. You must feel very self important if you think I am directing this ALL at you and not that what you said and how it applies to other in the community.

        I also clearly stated that if your probing and reseach to create an ODE of your own was done with original hardware (just like GDEMU and MENEMO and Prof Abrrasive did) than good for you. I stated if you plan of reversing GDEMU work to undermine him that is a problem. I laid out both scenerios and made no direct accusations or threats.

        I am going to go out on a limb and say that english is not your first language. I can tell by the replys that you take stuff a bit too personally. At the same time, I think it is disrespectful for people to come here and throw around accusations at GDEMU, blame him for selling a product thew way he does and then blame him again when you or someone else don’t get one becuase of the actions of some of those who buy them.

        I come from the corporate world. I worked for many of the big name companies out there. I was given 20 years of fun and carrer working for some of the best names in gaming and technology and I am also a entrepenuer on my own. So I am very much for personal rights. Coorporate rights (within reason), and capitalism. I think the 4 ODEs (maybe 5 if the PCE one was ever finshed but never released) that GDEMU has designed and released show that he is quite a bright and smart individual. He might not have EVERY answer when it comes to all aspects of his endevors, but he has a few things down 100%. He knows how to build an ODE. He knows how to code. He knows how to manufacture and he knows how to handle a production run within reason of his limited funding and personal capasity. His wordpress page has been a great place for this He does not need a website like SAG or NEOSD. I appreciate how he goes about selling his productions. I do not think it could be any more straight foward. He lives in poland (i beleive) and goes by his time there. He lets us all know. Product goes on sale on Satuday (a weekend) and we all have equal chance to get one. If you look at ALL THE PRODUCTION RUNS going back 2 years now. The earliest he has put them on sale is 6am poland time and the latest has been 1pm poland time. That is really a 7 hour window. All but ONE TIME he puts them on sale between 6am and 11am poland time (a 5 hour window). If none of you have figured this out by now or don’t want to bother to be patient then you will continue to miss the sales windows. How hard is it to sit at a computer (as if your waiting in line for something at a store) and just refresh the page once a minute (there are programs that can do this for you) until the page opens for orders. You pop your information into the page and click send.. It really is that easy. Now the ONLY ISSUE I have with this is “SOMETIMES” the refreshed page that goes from CLOSED to OPEN could be what GDEMU calls a STALE PAGE and the info you enter and send might not go through. For those that are worried about that can use CTRL+ F5 to refresh or just have the link copied and paste it into a fresh browser window once you see the refreshed page change. Other than that.. the order system is fine. I really wish people would stop telling GDEMU how to change it, what to do next in order to make it better. It is fine as it is. I personally have ordered a GDEMU, Rhea and Phoebe. All no problems..

    • Or just read what everyone else has posted and know when to be at the PC to order. That simple..

  26. Is it ok to use a jp saturn to play american ntsc games (with a rhea or pheobe)?? can you set the lenguage to english and it’ll be the same as an american console??

  27. I just wanted to let folks know that I just received my payment request from my 4/9 order of a GDEmu today – so be patient, folks, he’s working through the orders.

      • Glad to hear it… i figured i’m on the waiting list so its cool. I know how long these things take to make and its only one guy so I can’t imagine how inundated he is with orders and trying to keep up.

  28. Wanna complain. Try ordering a PSIO, get charged, money taken from account and then wait a year and still don’t receive it.

    • 6 month on my side and counting… some day.

      By the way, is there a reason not to develop an ODE for the PSone?? is it more complex than a dreamcast?? I went PSIO only because there is no ODE alternative.

      • I agree.. But I have a different story.

        I jumped on the PSIO when it was first announced. In fact I was on the beta test team. I needed a special password to access the forum when it first started. I did have to pay full price for my unit but I got one of the very first ones to get a unit outside the dev team. I waited 6 months for it to arrive. Then I used it for about a year and I contributed to the compatability list. Things went very slow over that year. Not many updates and such. I got to a point where I felt it was going no where and I kind of gave up. I ended up just selling it to a buddy of mine. He ended up uisng it for a while and ebayed it and he honestly didn’t get that much for it. There was no huge reseller market yet. Then PSIO annouces a huge new run and lots and lots of software updates. Things started to change and of course other ODEs started to appear. GDEMU, USBGDROM, RHEA, ect… SInce I was jumping on the ODE bandwagon I wanted a PSIO again. I signed up on the email list. Got a Passcode to preorder sometime last year. I pre-ordered and it’s been almost a full year and nothing yet. I am not worried. It will arrive. I waited almost 6 months the first time, so I know they do ship. But this time seems really bad. They seem to have thousands of orders paid for, so waiting for this to ship. But I do need to find me a PSX with a parrallel port on the back. I do not have a PS1 at the moment.

        Yes many people are waiting a VERY LONG TIME for the PSIO. I am going to bet nothing ships for another 2-3 months. I am hoping to have mine before 2019.

  29. I posted my comment about PSIO because I think it is a poor business model strategy they use compared to this here regarding DC and Saturn ODE’s.

    I know i’ll get the unit this year but I was more annoyed to the fact that myself and other pre-order users were charged to actually fund the development costs to mass produce it. Soon, Joe public will be able purchase it off the shelf, wait 3 days or so and then it ships.

    If i knew that then, I would not have pre ordered last year and just waited until they go on general sale soon, as I don’t see the benefit at all for pre-ordering a year ago (and the money taken straight away too).

    So to hear all the drama here of not obtaining a rhea/pheobe/gdemu is nothing to moan about imo.

    • With the proven track record both PSIO and GDEMU and his ODEs even TerraOnion, I would gladly support upfront funding at this point in time.

      IF GDEMU said, I want to take 1000 orders at $175 USD each and I will be able to build a huge amount of units with that funding, knowing he already has been selling these ODEs for years now (2014…) I would invest in ordering a few in seconds.

      • I just hope the PSIO holds it’s value. I bought two units back in November at the full price of $150AUD, nothing received yet obviously but should be sent August apparently. He seems to have everything ready now such as boxes, ABS plastics, PCB’s etc so it’s just a case of assembling them, so this must mean he has enough pre-order money to fund costs of production of the original pre-orders, yet he is still taking pre-orders just further adding to the backlog.

        I think he is trying to mass produce them on a too large scale. How much demand is there really for this type of device? I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where there are simply too many made and he has to start selling at a loss, then because he isn’t making much money the support stops. I would rather have it released in a smaller quantity and at a slightly higher price for the after sale support.

        I work in a game shop and no one but myself seems interested in using ODE’s, Everdrives, running games of HDD’s, SD2Vita etc. Not even hacking a wii which costs about £20 + a HDD yet they spend £100 + on a PS4 collectors edition or POP vinyl tat. It’s seems like it’s the same niche market of people who want these other methods of playing games on original hardware.

        This is not a complaint by the way, just me thinking out loud and being impatient. I am very excited about the PSIO as the PS1 was my first console and I have been waiting for quite a while for the chance to play the games at 60HZ and all the US RPG games that never made it to Europe.

  30. SO anyone here who was lucky enough to get the Beta DOCBROWN?

    How is it?

    I see no assembler forum, no nothing for it yet.

    I kind of figured with a few out in the wild I would see some hype on them?

    How is the menu coming along? like GDMENU? or RMENU?

    Any cool tricks?

    Feedback from users would be nice please.

    • Still no payment request for GDEmu & Phoebe on my side.
      Maybe they are grouped now.

      • No Phoebe request for me yet and thats all I ordered so I don’t think he’s finished Phoebe requests yet.

      • He said in the e-mail it should be four weeks tops and it’s been about two weeks since the sale. I didn’t get my GDEmu request until three weeks after the GDEmu sale, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  31. Also very patiently waiting for the Phoebe invoice 😊 Oh well, I’m also waiting for the PSIO I ordered last December…

    • As is everyone else.. but that is not GDEMU 😉 Though I wouldn’t compain if he made an ODE and beat PSIO to the punch.

  32. Hey, a question for people who have bought an ODE from here before: Do you need to sign the package when it arrives? I could have sworn I saw a page on this site where GDEmu mentions having to sign the package, but I can’t seem to find the page I’m thinking of. Maybe I just imagined it? My GDEmu may very well be arriving this coming week or the week after, and I just want to be prepared if I do need to sign.

    • IF you live in USA and your mailman does his job right.. you need to sign.

      • Funny, just a few hours after I posted this, it arrived in the mail! Less than two weeks to California, didn’t think it would be that fast.

    • Wait until the card you want is announced for sale again (this will be a new post) and be at your PC when it hits.. you will have anywhere from 2-20 mins to order (times vary) once the order window opens.

  33. A guy has just clone the PCB. I don’t know whether this is good news.

    • Said it above anyone can clone a PCB… the parts are no secret.
      It’s the Code that makes it work….
      Unless someone figured out how to rip the FPGA informtion, the close is useless

      • The board is a complete clone of V5.5. According to the video, GDmenu and games run smoothly.

      • and I found it… $90.. LOL

        It’s a Total SCam.. JackDIY….
        It is a Green board GDEMU 5.1 photoshopped.

        Until I see a Reputable Video and more. I am not believing this was Cloned.

        They tried to pull that crap with the Satiator as well. It is not even finsihed and someone tried to put up a Paypal scam claiming he would have it in 4-6 months. Where the DEV doesn’t even have a date for Beta Boards and claiming Final Revision next year.

        GDEMU is the place to get your ODE….

  34. Just get GDEmu paypal request, and paid 🙂
    Thanks :), now waiting for paypal request for Phoebe =D

  35. Just found myself a nice saturn,, hopefully il be lucky enough to order a pheobe the next time round 🙂

    • yeah I opened it up and took a look at the mobo when I was giving it a good clean up, model 2 and va9 board so phoebe for me,, I’m wanting to buy a ntsc j shell to swap for the black one on my pal console, I think they look much cooler in white..

  36. Since the Doc Brown ODE will be released eventually, can anyone confirm where are good places to buy them at. Ebay has one every blue moon….any other places to get the Fujitsu FM Towns Marty?

    • Depends on where you live. Yahoo Auctions in Japan has Martys a bit more frequently than eBay does and you will find slightly better pricing but keep this in mind.

      1. you can not register a Yahoo Auctions account in Japan unless you live there.
      2. You will need to use a PROXY service. There are many of them. DO your research.
      3. Once you find a Proxy to use keep in mind there are other costs involved. You will not only need to bid or buy the item, but you will have to pay the Proxy a fee to bid and or Buy and there are other Fees. You will pay a Shipping fee on every item bought in japan to the proxy, Usually pricing on consoles is about 1600 yen (about $12 USD or you do the conversion for the currency of your country). So now you have the Cost of item, Proxy Fee, and Shipping to the Proxy. Once it gets there, depending on who you use, there could be a second fee, a repacking fee, a checking fee, insurance fees ect… Also keep in mind that there are NO RETURNS, you get something broken.
      4. Once your proxy gets the item, you will need to have it shipped to you. This can take time depending on the Proxy company, I read some companys can take 2-3 weeks before your item reships. Other Companys I have seen reviews that take only a few days. Also keep in mind that you want to choose a proxy company that offers a ton of shipping options. Some only offer a few and that can get expensive to reship.
      5. Wait for it to arrive. Once you add all those fees together it could be as much as buying from eBay, perhaps you might save a few dollars.
      6. Lastly keep in mind that the Translations of the descriptions of the items might not be accurate and hard to understand. Japan auctions like to use the term JUNK for many consoles and hardware, but that does not mean they are 100% broken. Many might just be untested or sold as is and work fine. So again do your reseach.

      In the end many of the FM towns Martys on Yahoo Japan are a bit cheaper than eBay. Most sell for around 30000, to 40000 Yen loose (system only or system and controller and cords, maybe if your lucky a game is included, thats about $300-400 USD). IF you are lucky enough to find a BOXED one your gonna pay ebay pricing on yahoo japan or MORE. I have seen boxed ones at 60000 yen or more (close to $600 USD).

      Add in the proxy fees, Repacking fees, Shipping to the Proxy and Shipping to you You can easily add 6000-10000 yen ($60-100 usd) to the cost of that item.

      eBay has a few martys for sale but you need to check internation sellers over US sellers (France and Germany seem to be the place that has the most for sale). You are going to pay $500+ USD minimum and the German ones seem to be $600+…

      Really there is no Magical savings for the Marty. They are a $400+ system. Even if you only spend $270+ for a loose one, buy the time your Fees and shipping are paid you dropped $400.

      You might want to look for JUNK or GRADE F (broken) Martys that they claim POWER UP. Usually these systems are dead Lid switches, or Dead CDROM drives, which would be perfect for an ODE. If the system does not turn on stay away. I have seen Dead martys on ebay sell for $200 or more easily.

      Hope that helps.

      • Excellent comment, and thank you.

        Im thinking it might just be easier to fly over to Japan. I actually might go for unrelated reasons and pick one up there.

      • This is How I bought mine years back, along with some other cool stuff you usually do not find on eBay. Very much worth it. Though the poster is correct, you really do not save much. Many items are same value within Japan and when sold to US buyers on eBay.

  37. when does orders opening for the phoebe i’ve a white japanese sega saturn & want to order the phoebe but i don’t the opening is for it, is there a way i can follow/be getting a notification on GDEMU about opening someone please reply or message me asap thx

  38. just got my gdemu through the door this morn and all setup,, thank you!!

    looking forward to the next round of orders for the phoebe so I can play some Saturn too 😉

  39. @GDEMU : I just see that you wrote :
    1x Phoebe Type-3
    It’s not Type-3 i wrote in the form but Type-2.
    You probably made a mistake.
    Be sure that you setup my Phoebe for TYPE 2 !!


  40. Hi, I’ve got a type2 Phoebe and I’m stuggling to get different region games to work. My .ini file just has one line in it; auto_region = E It just says unsuitable cartridge when I click on the JAP or US games…
    I’ve had the same setup, previously, on a Rhea console and it worked fine. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

      • @gdemu,

        Do you know how to get another ruban cable for Saturn Type 2 ?
        I used the one you send me with Pheobe, but i think i stress it to much and i have bad contact sometimes.

        Best Regards.

      • @gdemu, can i buy one from you ?
        Because i get bad contacts 2 times on 5, i think i damaged the ruban/flex cable when i inserted/removed, in order to place it correctly.
        No problem if i need to wait for months to get it.
        It’s just to have my Phoebe to works without any issues (it’s my fault).

      • Email me. But check your Phoebe connector as well, chances are you also bent the pins in there…

      • Email sent !
        Do not worry about Pheobe, i used another flex cable from a saturn with working CD drive in my collection and games boot 5 times on 5.
        So it should not a problem with Pheobe.

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