I’m pretty much done shipping GDEMUs and so now Phoebe is in full swing. Time to plan ahead.

I would like to start the DocBrown batch but it seems there has been a lot of interest in my ODEs lately and I agree it would be unfair if a small batch was sold out in seconds, only to be resold for profit. There’s nothing wrong with that in general but if the actual Marty owners can’t get DocBrown at all then what point is there in me setting a fixed price.

So… I will open orders for DocBrown on Saturday but with a twist. Once you place the order I will contact you and demand a proof of Marty ownership. To make it simple – every Marty has a serial number sticker in the SRAM card bay area. Make a legible photo of that, that’s all. If, for some reason, your Marty has lost that sticker we will work something out – dont’ worry.

This will make sure actual owners get the ODE and if there is still interest I will just make another batch for anyone to buy, that’s in case you’re planning on getting Marty but don’t have it just yet. I think that’s fair and also I can make the batch smaller or bigger if needed. So this will be a true preorder since I don’t have the PCBs ready yet.

Oh and to make this clear, if you try to order DocBrown but can’t provide the proof I need I will remove you from the list. And if there are a lot of such entries I will think of some sort of punitive action – you were warned. I want this to be a nice, slow-paced preorder for once.


177 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. So now that Doc Brown has been unleashed unto the world, we should look back in time for GDEMU’s next project!! I’m REALLY hopping it’s a Sega CDEMU. Assuming he moves in this direction….. what would the board be named? If I had to guess, it would be Gaia. Why you ask? Without Gaia, there would be no Phoebe or Rhea…… she was their Mother. It would be the most logical name for a Genesis/Sega CDEMU board. The other option would be Uranus, Phoebe and Rhea’s father. I’d strongly recommend avoiding this name for obvious reasons 😉

    • Well if it is a Sega/Mega CD ODE it would follow the pattern.
      Considering that the 16bit in teh Sega Galaxy is Earth (Terradrive was the name of one of its hardware) it would be our only natural satellite: Moon.

      But then there would be an issue hardware wise, there are two version of the peripheral. The second one would be easy to get access to an SD card, the first one would be a headache.
      I’m not even talking about the CDX.

      I’d prefer too get my hand on a decent Gamecube ODE actually.

      • A True ODE that works like the ones we got so far that would replace the CD mechanism in the PS1 would be better than PSIO in my opinion. It would allow any PSX to use it, including the later 900X models that had no user port on the back. If GDEMU developed a PS1 ODE I would be estatic. But I can tell you now. If he did, they would outsell overy other ODE he ever made.

      • But he would have to get his hand on every model of the PS1.
        The Saturn got the same shape for all its revisions, the Playstation got the PsOne with far less space available and most likely different internal connections.
        For sure it would outsell every other solutions for this machine and that would also mean a Hell of a hand work for him to solder all the boards.

      • I was not talking about the PSONE. I was refering to the larger original models that took the user port off the back of it. All of the 100x-900x models are pretty much the same motherboard wise. The lasers are interchangeable and will work across all models, but their mouting holes are slightly different, hence some of the later model lasers will not fit in the eralier models, but will work when hooked up as the ribbon connector did not change. That would easily be corrected on an ODE with just adding the extra holes for all model mounting. The PSONE would not be a good choice for an ODE. There harder to get and yes they are different revision completely. I personally think the USER port will never give the kind of compatabilty that a true LASER replacement would give. PSIO and Satiator are both examples of why those projects are taking FOREVER and giving crap compataiblty where ODEs like GDEMU, RHEA, PHOEBE, DOCBROWN all have fantastic compatability out of the gate. The Saturn ODE has like 99% US game library compataiblty and GDEMU seems to be flawless. PSIO is like 75% compataiblty and Satiator has been in the works for like 14 months now and he says another year before the Final version which will require firmware updates to get the compataiblty up. GDEME seems to be really good at pulling the laser out and giving us a board that DOES THE JOB. I like not having a laser in my systems. It’s clean and neat. I will never use any of my game consoles to play CD MUSIC so I do not need them. The Only DOWNFALL of the ODE so far is Three 3rd party boot discs called BLEEMCAST. Other than that, I can live without the Laser.

    • I’m sure DK already knows his next project – but personally I would love to see if a solution could be made for the Sony PSX (The PS2/DVR Combo – not the PlayStation 1) which would be a step away from an ODE and onto a Hard Disk Emulator.

      When the HDD dies on these units you can pretty much only use them for PS2 games over network with FreeMcBoot as the XMB and all the machines features reside in the HDD.

      I’m not even sure if it’s possible – but I’d love to see an IDE to SATA converter that tells the PSX that whatever SATA drive is attached is an official Sony drive.

  2. I live in Brazil and have already received several proposals to sell my Sega Saturn with values much higher than I would receive in months, but I will not sell, as I am making videos for my Youtube channel (pressgames) and I feel like acquiring other readers for other islands. I did the video explaining how the installation is done on Sega Saturn and it went very well. Now I want others to be able to bring everyone a sequence of videos that will become the reference of my channel. I will speak of each game in its chronological order as I have been doing with Mega Drive.

  3. GDEMU – Did my Order Go Through?

    My Buddy got an eMail for proof I did not.

  4. Received my gdemu a couple days ago and it works great. However, I noticed it was wrapped in bubble wrap without an anti-static bag. Might be a good idea to consider one for shipping and handling.

  5. I heard about the GDEmu project a few months back and I really hope to be able to pick one of these on the next run. I have an OG dreamcast and this would make it just that much better. Just curious, I’m checking the box to be notified when new posts are made. Is that the correct one to be notified when a sale is going to occur?

    • No, and again I suspect your email is being blocked as spam. But there were duplicate entries so I will have some room on the list – I can add you if you want.

  6. Oh man, that’ll teach me to not check your website in the last 2 weeks. I have a Marty (my most successful YouTube video, where I show it off), guess i’ll have to wait for a furture batch… at least my cd drive works, except when it doesn’t.

  7. yes DocBrown orders are receiving proof of ownership, you my request today and expect my docbrown to be delivered by 9:00am tomorrow morning!

  8. Anyone else not get their Phoebe invoice yet? I know it says in the email wait time can be up to 4 weeks… but its almost been 4 weeks and I haven’t heard anything yet so was starting to worry a bit but perhaps just a bit longer?

    • Nothing for me yet either. I only just got in though as the pre-orders were closed exactly when I pressed to submit.

    • IT can take longer than 4 weeks, But if you got the WAIT 4 WEEKS email originally, he will not forget you. It will eventually arrive. Trust me.

  9. Gdemu. Can you say which ode youl be making next for order please..cheers

      • hi,, no probs that gives me time to get my white model 2 Saturn shell sent from japan and swapped over for my black pal machine,, think its going to need a bit of a retro bright,,

  10. I only just found out that the DocBrown exists, are you planning to do another run at any point? (Apologies if you’ve mentioned it, I did scan the comments but didn’t see anything)

  11. Hi, i would like to preorder an ODE for Saturn model 2 and a GDemu for DC.
    How should I behave to preorder? Do you have a list?

  12. Phoebe paypal request received and payed 🙂
    GDEmu device received saturday at home !
    Thanks GDEMU !

  13. @GDEMU : I just see that you wrote :
    1x Phoebe Type-3
    It’s not Type-3 i wrote in the form but Type-2.
    You probably made a mistake.
    Be sure that you setup my Phoebe for TYPE 2 !!


    • Hey, just had this too.
      I’ve got a payment request for a type 3 but I’m pretty sure I requested a type 2. @GDEMU can you confirm that I will get a type 2 if I pay?

  14. That cloned GDEMU seems not scam and released in mainland of China. I saw lots of posts from Chinese’s gaming forum…; some of the buyers already received their cloned version and tested it. The sad thing is… it seems work fine as the original GDEMU…;Honesty…in the case. I ashamed of myself as a chinese…

    I’m sorry; GDEMU

    • I have the clone and it’s not perfect. It has issues with some games. It says a lot that cloners caution not to do any FW updates 🙂

      • Anyway; I will only purchased GDEMU, Rhea and Phoebe from you and will not sell out for any business purpose; I promise!!!

    • Hey,shamed of being a Chinese guy,you are ridiculous,GDEMU is a great developer but you are a shame!

      • This guy didnt do anything wrong…. he apologizes on behalf of the rest….

  15. Please do not remove me from the list yet. Since you did not give the deadline to send the photo, I still had not sent it. I sent to you today GDEMU.

  16. So I am new to this. I know he is working on the Phoebe, but when is the Rhea usually available right after or is it back to GDEmu?

  17. He said a few comments back that he would do a Rhea run next. He has not set a date yet.

  18. Hi Deunan,

    I am a Phoebe owner since around April 2016 and I am so happy with the purchase, as it has given me an immense amount of enjoyment out of my favourite console of all time.

    Recently I purchased the Saturn Gamer’s Cartridge, which is made by cafe-alpha and comes with the Pseudo Saturn Kai (PSK) firmware and an SD card slot for saving game progress to. You can check out the cartridge and the PSK project at the links below:

    The problem with my current setup of Phoebe + Saturn Gamer’s Cartridge is that the SD card cannot be accessed for saving/loading games if Rmenu is running between PSK and a game, so in order to make the SD card accessible I have to use the ‘Load Cart’ function in Rmenu. The process for getting the SD card working looks like this:

    Boot console -> Pseudo Saturn Kai -> Rmenu -> Select game using ‘Load Cart’ function -> Pseudo Saturn Kai -> Load game

    As you can see, this is rather cumbersome. Cafe-alpha has made a private version of PSK that contains a game selection menu for Rhea/Phoebe, and it is 90% implemented. You can see what it would look like here:

    In order to get it fully working he needs to know how to interface with Rhea/Phoebe, for the purposes of verifying the ODE version, selecting a game etc. However, he simply can’t complete this feature right now because of the lack of documentation regarding the Rhea/Phoebe game selection API. Furthermore, cafe-alpha would also like to make it so that PSK automatically generates a games list without having to rely on the presence of the Rmenu ISO, if the API makes it possible.

    Another use case for Rhea game selection within PSK is cheat code support, which is scheduled for a future release of PSK. Having Rmenu run between PSK and games will break cheat codes for many games because Rmenu uses the Saturn’s default interrupt handler, which also happens to be the most common trick to get cheat codes working.

    The ‘Load Cart’ function in Rmenu gets around this problem but, again, this is very cumbersome. Whereas if Rhea game selection was fully implemented in PSK, SD card and cheat code functionality would be a breeze on the user side, as the process would look like this (minus the part where you may decide to select cheat codes):

    Boot console -> Pseudo Saturn Kai -> Load game via game selection menu

    Cafe-alpha is happy to finish off the Rhea game selection menu as 90% of the job on the PSK side is done, but he needs the necessary technical information in order to complete this feature. Please contact him at the web form linked below, as this would be an amazing feature to have for both PSK users wanting seamless cheat code support with Rhea, and Saturn Gamer’s Cartridge owners wanting seamless SD card support with Rhea.

    Alternatively, you can contact him at his email address which can be found just beneath the web form. Rest assured that I am in good relations with cafe-alpha, and he has given me his personal consent for me to try and reach out to you on his behalf.


    • I can share the information but there is a very good reason why RMENU uses pre-baked list of games. Scanning the card (like GDEMNU does) would be very slow and most likely unacceptable for people with more than a few images on the card.

      • Hi Deunan, thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond to it. Yes, that makes sense regarding Rmenu; if we still have to rely on the presence of Rmenu then so be it. Cafe-alpha will look forward to hearing from you.

      • Hi, I am the cafe-alpha mentioned above. Shayan is not the first user asking for such feature, but definitely the most motivated one ! Thank you very much for him.

        Here is a list of informations needed to finish implementation on Pseudo Saturn Kai side :
        – CD command and organization of return data to retrieve ODE version
        – CD command and organization of any eventual return data to select folder
        (From my understanding, no other commands are required ?)

        I can be reached via the contact URL in Shayan’s post, or via the email address indicated in this message, or simply by commenting this message. In advance, thank you for providing theses technical informations !

        (Sorry for the off-topic. I hope your new ODE work from steam rather than plutonium 🙂 )

      • Yes, please provide this information to cafe-alpha. He is a stand-up guy, very easy to work with, and makes a great product. I also have the Saturn Gamer’s Cartridge, and nothing else comes close in terms of what this does — the ONLY thing that would make it better is if it had the extra RAM built in, but that’s only applicable to a few games anyway.

  19. Thanks GDEMU. Received my dreamcast board a few days ago and removed the 12v resistor prior to installing. No overheating whatsoever. Looking forward to a rhea. Thanks again!

    • Hi Retrokenis
      Could you post a link for the procedure. I was going to do the inverse and add a resistor in the 12V socket, but maybe what you do is better for the Dreamcast.

      • Just in case anyone is wondering if you do the 12v mod on a PAL console the official RGB Scart lead will no longer work. Certain 3rd party leads or a vga box seems to function fine. I want to use the official RGB on a SONY BVM 20F1E CRT display so I decided to re-enable the 12 volt rail. I live in the UK so it’s not really a hot climate so I have not noticed any difference in temperature. I’ve not tried my GDEMU yet because I have a USBGDROM which I am currently using and I have the black GDROM tray in place so it still has the correct airflow. IMO I wouldn’t worry about doing the mod if you have the black tray or a 3D printed enclosure

      • Check out DreamPSU. It has open preorders. I sent payment and have instant confirmation. Not sure if completely necessary, but seems like a high quality mod. I scored a brand new quality power inverter the other day for free, some one was going to throw it out.

      • TO be honest. I have had a GDEMU since 2014 and a USB GDROM since around the same time. Both my systems did get hot at first. But after upgrading to 3d printed tracks and such. It’s been like 4 years now and both systems play just fine. Never any overheating and such. Sure after 2 or 3 hours of gaming the system can seem warm in the power supply area, but the 3d printed trays really circulate the air properly and keep the system cool. Also if you upgrade to a Noctura Fan it really will be just fine.

      • I’m still waiting for someone to provide proof that they’ve had a significant heat problem. I’ve measured the voltage regulators after playing for at least an hour and the hottest I’ve seen the 12v get is 53 degrees (C) — and one of the other ones was just as hot.

        Maybe in a desert environment it could be an issue, but I think this is an imagined problem for most people.

      • @AlBekas, Initially, I just added a 300 ohm 1/4 watt resistor to the ground and 12v and then changed my mind completely. It just didn’t seem logical to me since I’m fairly decent at soldering/desoldering. It was extremely easy to do with a soldering iron, a little flux and some braid. I have a link, please excuse me if this against your blog’s policy GDEMU, i hope it’s ok. pay attention to the pics and be sure to use what picture is for what region dreamcast you have, pal or ntsc, in my case, ntsc. Hope this was helpful.

  20. @shayan how can we help out? I love to hear people dev’ing for some of my old favorite consoles. What ever I can do, please let me know

  21. So, I am now in posession of both the GDEMU and the Phoebe. I have installed both ODE’s and they work great!! On my Dreamcast, the console itself has an issue where it won’t display the game half the time, but I think getting a more efficient PSU will solve the problem (DreamPSU is looking pretty good). Other than that, everything has been working fine. Also, I got both ODE’s way before I expected them to arrive. The GDEMU took a week and a half and the Phoebe only took a week. Thanks, Deunan, for creating these awesome devices.

  22. @karl G. No need to remove the 12v. Just put a 300ohm resistor on the 12v/gnd psu pins. Does the same job as removing the 12v resistor/transistor, keeping the voltage spikes stable and no extra heat.

    • Yes I did read about that but people were saying that the resistor itself gets boiling hot instead. I might try it at some point but at the moment I am happy using it with the 12v connected and the plastic tray in place to keep the designed airflow. I’ve had the console running all day and have not noticed any excessive heat. I have plenty of other consoles or power bricks which get considerably hotter than the dreamcast. I even think my sega saturn gets quite warm to touch when it’s been on for a while.

  23. I usmy my dreamcast with my gdemu on a pvm with rgb scart official cable.. the paper trick worked well then i got a 3d printed tray and that does the job too at keeping it cool i think.. im also going to get a pico psu fitted sometime soon..

    Whats the dteampsu? The site has no info about it whats so ever.. cheers

    • I posted a link in comment. It’s a preorder status shipping end of month / beginning of next month? It’s a tiny card that replaces the power unit inside the Dreamcast. It is meant to be used with an external power inverter.

  24. here are some fakes too but not even fw update them?? how cheap ass components are they??

    • I think it is disrepectful to post links to the fakes and clones. The Developer already said he is aware of them and says he owns one. So by posting links to the clones all you do is further promote a inferior product the developer sees no money for, when people come here looking to find out about GDEMU or any other ODE they might be looking to buy and read these comment sections.

      Yes we get it. Someone cloned GDEMU. The Dev is aware of this. He has already addressed it. We should all just move on.

      BTW the :JACKD1Y page has sold only 4 in a week. No one is buying them from that because they likely will not arrive or even exist. Nothing but a paypal scam in my opinion. Though if they do show up, it is not the same GDEMU as is sold here. Poor compatabilty and no way to update the firmware. You are stuck with a product with will be as it was when you bought it forever.

      Support GDEMU and his ODE. Is it so hard to sit at a pc from 7am till 12pm GMT +2 time zone and wait for the form to open and then order? Apparently people have no patience.

      • If the developer owns one, the clone is obviously real. However, pointing out the downfalls of the clone will likely steer people away from it. Thank you for describing those notable differences.

      • In the defense of saying waiting for a full 5 hours in front of a screen is equal to being impatient, not everyone has that time. That you are able to spend that time is great for you but not everyone has that privilege.

      • i didnt mean to promote the fake ones just to show that the fakes are real and spreading fast. i dont think enyone from this comunity will bye one either.

      • @DAAN

        That does not give anyone the right to complain. Nor does it give people a right to demand the product is stolen and cloned and sold by someone else. If GDEMU wanted to sell his technology rights to someone to mass produce and sell that is one thing, but for this to happen to him is wrong.

        As for waiting in front of a PC for 2-5 hours… REALLY??? Your gonna call me out on that. People wait on line outside their home for 12+ hours for retail products it happens all the time. From people waiting all night on line for a Blackfriday sale, doorbusters, a NES or SNES classic, a new game system an iPhone… shall I go on?????? If someone really wants a ODE that is going on sale, the man (GDEMU) tells you a week or more in advance what Saturday it is going on sale. If you really want one, clear up your schedule, wake up early, stay up a bit later, whatever it may be, This is no different than waiting on line for any other product except you get to do it in the comfort of your own home. How is that so hard or such a hardship? If you can’t wait on line and be patient you do not deserve to buy one. I have had enough of this entitled, I shouldn’t have to put in any work, to buy something popular and sought after. I do not see people complaining to apple, nintendo, microsoft, sony when they release something that is near impossible to get becuase everyone wants one that they have to wait on line.

        Get off your high horse and put in a little dedication and be patient waiting for orders to open. I do it all the time. Sometimes I sit for 1 or 2 hours then orders open, sometimes I have to wait up to 5 hours. Either way, when the “LINE” opens I proceed into make my purchase and then I go about my day. I do not see how he could be more accomodating.

        SMH… people are so lazy and self entitled… UGH….

      • And yes I do as a matter of fact do not like your attitude because basically what you are saying is that if people do not have the time for whatever reason, they are impatient and undedicated to getting which ever product they want. I swear to god you are so obnoxious lurking around all these comments like you own the f*cking place. If anyone is entitled it is you.

      • “People wait for an XX amount of hours for other things but you do not so you are impatient” is that what you are going with here…. Abe i dunno, but you really seem to have some problems. Go see someone and talk it out. Everytime you reply to even the simplest thing you type out these PARAGRAPHS of text justifying why you are right and other are not. It’s pitiful.

      • NOWHERE IN MY MESSAGE do i say anything like “I shouldnt have to wait for 5 hours” yet somehow your brain twists it like that.

      • @Dann

        OK are you done? So glad you had to revise 3 times and post 3 different times instead of just thinking, collecting your thoughts and spilling them out once. But I will gladly address your multiple thought.

        First off your comments represent a larger segment of people that comment here. Yes I was replying to you buy you need to learn to read a bit deeper. The Comment in some areas was addressing the many people who come here and just insult the developer and leave.

        First you complain about Privilege. Seems to be a word many self-righteous people like to throw around today in order to deflate or knock down someone hoping to make them feel bad. Do I feel bad? No not at all. I believe that if you want something bad enough you will find a way and make time for it. Whether it is a vacation, a toy, a position on a sports team, whatever your goal is, do not blame the lack of time you have and put down someone else by claiming they have privilege. There was someone here who posted they did not get a Rhea because they were refreshing at their desk at work and a coworker distracted them. Does that suck? YES. But the guy tried. He made time and figured out a way to try. The fact that someone at his job disturbed him is something we can all feel bad about, but at the same time, it’s no worse than someone who had a case of runs and forgot to bring a phone or tablet with them or fell asleep in their chair or even just outright forgot the time frame.

        You do not like my attitude? So do I look like I care? Do you think I am sitting here going “THAT DAAN GUY DOES NOT LIKE MY ATTITUDE.. OH MY I AM SHAKING IN MY BOOTS; PERHAPS I SHOULD NOT COMMENT ANYMORE, I DO NOT WANT TO OFFEND SUCH A PERSON?” Personally I do not care how anyone feels about what I post. I do it because it is common sense and perhaps these comments will draw the attention of others who can’t figure out the ordering system either and tech them something and prevent more un-necessary posts about changing the ordering systems or whining about how unfair it is they did not get one. That they can’t figure out the windows ect…. I never said anyone should read 4 years of posts and comment, if you comprehended properly, I said that “I” have read 4 years of posts and comments and I was sharing the fact that there seems to be a theme developing in every thread that we all know the time window by now and that there have been more than enough people who have shared sure fire ways of making sure that if you really want a certain ODE you can get one. SO yes I am saying if you do not put in the work and the time then No you do not deserve to own one. There are only so many made per window and it seems like there are always about 20% – 25% of the total number of people claiming they got an order in than claiming they missed the window. So to put that in easy math terms for you, if 100 people comment “I got one” there seems to be 20-25 people who comment, Darn I missed it, woke up too late, ect…. The fact that there are no 100% 200% or 300% more people complaining than those who got in on the sale shows that interest each window is really not that much more than what he sells. So as I said in my last long rant. GDEMU wants to sell out 100% and he has figured out pretty much the magic number each window. Now if you factor in repeated buyers and such, He pretty much makes “ABOUT” enough for each window. The rest of your post “I swear to god you are so obnoxious lurking around all these comments like you own the f*cking place. If anyone is entitled it is you.” Is nothing more than just more empty threats and harsh words to make yourself look like a tough guy ad attempt to elicit a response from other readers hoping to make you look like the alpha in a on line fight that is in your mind only. I am not looking to fight with anyone. I just offer a proper response to concerns and complaints because we all know the Dev has no time to address such silly issues.

        “….but you really seem to have some problems. Go see someone and talk it out. Everytime you reply to even the simplest thing you type out these PARAGRAPHS of text justifying why you are right and other are not. It’s pitiful.” Really?? I am pitiful? For what? Speaking my mind clearly and concisely? For not trying to address others in a 240 Character Twitter comment. I already am aware many internet readers has no attention span and will just skip my posts, but the fact that you read ALL OF IT and had to respond the way you did shows that perhaps I was correct in some sense and that just get to you. Sorry but heard the term “Truth Hurts?” It sure does,

        So yea… I am doing nothing more than offering support and advice while also clearing up misconceptions and hopefully saving trolls from coming here and laving comments that do nothing more than clog the thread. Sure I already know what you’re going to say “The fact that you write a novel clogs the thread and you should heed your own advice.” You partially Correct, I can be long winded. It is just who I am and if that gets you angry then you are the one who possibly needs to see someone

  25. Invoice payment for Phoebe received and paid 😊 Thank you, can’t wait for the delivery!

  26. well i’m late to the party,
    wouldn’t mind getting a bunch of Rhea and Phoebe kits, I have a few consoles tucked away that I would like to install and sell on. How often do the pre orders go up?

    • Rhea I believe is next but not until the Docbrown kits are made and shipped. My Guess is Late June or July. Then he will probibly do GDEMU then Phoebe. By the time we get to phoebe again should be July/Aug.

  27. Hi Deunan,

    The tracking information is well received, thank you very much!

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