Null Sheen

Phoebe batch is almost done, sorry for the delay but I run out of bubble wrap and ordered a new roll but it got lost somewhere, I had to order yet another one and wait for it to arrive. On top of that my weekends are quite busy now.

I’m going to take orders for Rhea on Thursday, it’s a free day here. Gives me opportunity to unload the Saturday a bit. Sorry the last batch got sold out in minutes, I really have no idea why, it was actually bigger than usual. I try to plan these things well in advance and with such crazy ups and downs it’s quite difficult to balance the production.

In other news, I’m looking for 386 owners, early Intel pre-D1 stepping. I don’t think AMD ever made those due to Intel lawsuit but if you do have such AMD chip I’m interested in it as well. Basically I’m trying to verify if my CPU bug detection code actually works on other stuff than POPA (which is common even in AMD processors) so I need a known defective CPU to test on. I will ask you to run some DOS executables I prepared and report the results. I can make the tests run headless, booting from a floppy and write the result to a file – that’s in case you don’t have a working monitor or it’s a laptop with dead LCD/backlight.

You can test what stepping your 386 is by running NSSI from here: (boot your system without EMM386). Value of 8 is D1 (for AMD it’s reported as B but it’s actually a clone of Intel D1). Do note FM-Towns machines can’t run that program (and most of PC DOS stuff actually) and Gen3+ are D1 anyway, though perhaps the very first Towns is actually using something older.

Anyway, if you have an old 386 and would like to help out please leave a comment. AMD 40MHz owners need not apply – these things are too new 🙂

UPDATE: Orders open closed.


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  1. Darn late again. I was at the PC the whole time. Just didn’t check within the right particular minutes. 😦 Do you guys actually refresh the page every minute for hours?

    • I wrote a simple JS script that updates web pages automatically every 5 secs AND caches what was filled in the form. That way i dont have to bother with refresh

    • I use a different approach. I just sign up for comment notifications on the “for sale” blog post and once someone comments that orders are open, I get an e-mail notification and I go right to the ordering page. Have never missed an order with that method (including this batch as long as my form went through).

      Granted it’s completely reliant on others to comment on the blog post, but people have always been great about letting everyone know.

  2. received a message received screen after submitting my info at a little after 4am EST. Thanks GDEMU. all i have left to do is hopefully get a Phoebe for my model 2 😉

  3. *sigh* another missed one starting to wonder if its worth it oh well back to sleep

  4. I don’t understand why the you don’t make large orders of these things like MNEMO does with his usbgdrom. I mean the only people you help is mostly scalpers get one who then turn around on ebay and resell for outrageous amounts…. You could order large amounts of devices and get large sums of cash or do these tiny 6 order sales every 3 months and leave your customers annoyed… Guess I’ll just invest in a modchip or wait for prof abrasive to finish his competing product….

      • Not relevant. His product is actually better than yours. Eventually, someone like prof abrasive will create a competitor product, and all of the people who invested sleepless nights into trying to BUY your product will simply buy something else. Your sales model is terrible and you will eventually lose money for neglecting customers who want to PAY YOU for your product.

      • I’ll find the answer to that if you’d like, I’m in contact with him. I’m not trying to be a jerk and if I came off as one I apologize I’m just frustrated. When I see people resell your product on ebay for $999+ Dollars on ebay… if I had to pay $999, I’d rather pay you that kind of cash rather than some scalper on ebay.. at least I know it would go in a developers pocket. I’d also pay to go on a wait list as well, even pay more to go on a wait list… I want this thing that badly. RetroHQ I know takes money to put people on a wait list, even if I had to wait several weeks for delivery, at least I wouldn’t have to set my alarm to go off every hour in the middle of the night to see if sales are open. Anyways I’ll step off my soap box lol

      • It’s not 999, it’s “or best offer”. And, frankly, they get to sell those because people are impulse buying. I know because every time orders are closed I hear this “I’d rather wait for weeks” – but you actually do if you’re at the end of my list and at this point there’s a lot of non-payments, people just ignore my PayPal requests. If they never placed that order in the first place you, and others like you, would get their chance.

      • I’m here only because at this point there is no rhea or phoebe alternative. I already have usb gdrom from mnemo. I signed up for his waiting list, paid, and received product that can do everything gdemu can do. I haven’t tried gdemu, but usbgdrom looks like a significantly better designed product with lid switch, and a better file system. As soon as an ode shows up for saturn, everyone frustrated with your sales model will simply buy from somewhere else and you will lose out on the profits.

      • My point is, there will be an alternative. The fact that you even mention that shows that you don’t care at all about the customer’s who are willing to pay for your product.

        DCFan, name one thing gdemu does better than usbgdrom? Mnemo’s product fits identically where the gdrom controller was, it has a lid switch for easy game swapping, it supports larger storage devices and usb, it has a better interface, and the file system for adding disk images is much easier.

      • Well then, once there is an alternative that is not a clone of my hard work, and it’s better, cheaper and more available, you can come back here and tell me about it.

      • WOW people are getting BRAZEN these days. Some people have zero respect for others. Especially those entitled brats that think they are SO IMPORTANT. All of you need to get off your high horse. Many of you here to just bash the DEV need to go find something better to do with your time. YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHT to complain about anything.
        I am about to lay out a really Long (TOO LONG DIDN’T READ) post for you all. I want to start by thanking GDEMU for his time, dedication and products. This guy does this as a hobby. Sure I will bet that it started that way, and I am sure that he will still claim it is a hobby but at the same time it has turned into something a bit more than that, but keep in mind it is all about HIM not US. While he is not a full on business, he has taken his talents and skills and created some great hardware that people like us want to use. I am going to guess he enjoys not only building and designing the hardware, but I am guessing he is enjoying the monetary benefits from it. Unless gdemu is already a wealthy man or trust fund brat, the man has a right to earn whatever he wants to charge for his R&D. He also has a right to make and sell as many or as little of them as he wants. I can understand why things are done like this. Again these are all guesses, but if gdemu wants to back up my post with any acknowledgements I wouldn’t complain. The Man probably spends a ton of time reverse developing the hardware and spends a ton of time reading technical papers and such in order to even start the work. After that he not only needs to design a PCB but he needs to understand the FPGA and other ICs he uses in order to create the hardware he is going to replace the optical drive with. Next he needs to program the chips to work the way he wants them to work. There is also Firmware he needs to design as well as update and maintain. My guess is that he only has access to so many games and such in order to test his work. Once he is confident that the hardware he made will run many titles and such, he then releases it to the work and it is up to US to really throw as much as we can at it and report back bugs and games that don’t work or Odd behavior for specific games. He then has to reprogram and create firmware to update that, while not breaking anything that already worked. It is juggling act. Now, imagine you’re doing this for 4 separate products all by yourself.

        Now if you followed GDEMU posts and all his comment reply’s (yes I have read every post and every comment from everyone going back to 2014) he has dropped education about how he does things. We know this. He has already stated that having a PCB maker print and install the hardware on the boards is something he does not want to do. While these places have minimum orders, he could end up with a minimum order batch of boards that are all defective in some way and it could be a headache for him. This is why he does not knock out 100’s or more boards already fully populated. Second he populates the board himself. I have one sitting in my hand right now. The number of legs on those FPGAs and SMC parts probably are an example of exercise in patience. He builds every single order by hand then has to flash the components, update the firmware and pop it in a test system and make sure it works. My Guess is he puts in much time and effort for an order window. Next let’s keep in mind the cost per run. I have no idea how much it cost him to build a gdemu or a rhea / phoebe, docbrown, ect but I do know he has already claimed that 130 Euro (for all but docbrown) is enough to cover paypal fees, shipping, cost of product and puts a profit in his pocket per order. So even if he was making them up 50% and putting 65 euro in his pocket (I am sure it is a bit less) even at 100 orders that is 6500 euro to recoup is cost and 6500 euro to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The man now has to pour his cash back into the next order window and he needs to have money on hand for other projects and incidentals, packing materials, tools, hardware and such. So I am sure the man is not getting rich over there, but is doing well enough that he finds it profitable and healthy enough to keep going for order window after order window. There comes a time when someone even if profitable might just call it quits or ramp things down because it is taking away from other areas of his life. Gdemu seems to be in a place where that does not seem to be happening, and that is good. As long as the man is happy he will continue to make more boards for everyone to enjoy.

        So why are we all complaining? Are we all entitled, spoiled children, who think this man is beholden to us? He isn’t. He has every right to own, hold, and control how much of his work gets into our hands.

        As for the ordering system, the man does not want to open a website. He has his wordpress blog and this has been the place where he has offered us updates and the ability to grab his work on his own terms. Unlike some of the other people out there, he is not charging a monthly patreon fee for access to is stuff or his information. The man tells us all days or weeks in advance when the next order window is. We all knew for 5 days that RHEA was on sale today. After 4 years of selling products on his word press page, if you do not know the time window by now then you are just lazy. The time window is ALWAYS 6am -12pm Poland time (GMT +2). I have never seen a window earlier or later with only ONE exception when he specifically told people 8am PST for West coast people. He said 8am and you will have enough time for shower and breakfast which meant almost 9am. Other than that he has always done the window I post ALWAYS. If people cannot read the comments section over the last 4 years and figure this out then you are just plain LAZY. I have NEVER missed a window. Even when I do not order an ODE device, I have always been able to refresh and catch an order page open. In fact I have even had 2 friends over once (about 4 windows back) and we all used the same Computer to each order. We had enough time to place my order, then CTRL + F5 to open a non-cached window and get a new form have my buddy order and then a 3rd friend order. It took us less than 90 seconds. The order window remained open for minutes after that. I always sit and refresh the order window after I order to see how long it stays open for. The Process is very easy.

        So why does he not do it like Mnemo does it? Well first off Mnemo is in a different country and I will get to him in a little bit. But Mnemo window is always open but always a wait. You can order today but not see an invoice from him for weeks (like as long as the order windows on gdemus page) so in essence it is the same amount of time to wait. Also once you get an invoice you do not have to pay it. That is something GDEMU wants to avoid. He wants people who WANT the device ASAP. He builds or plans a batch. He knows he is going to make 50, 100, 200 ect…. He wants to sell ALL OF THEM in one shot. This is how he funds other windows. He does not want to only sell 20% 50% 80%, he wants 100% sold. Sure there might be a few double orders and such and I have seen him state there might be a “FEW” left over that he carries into next batch. He knows that the people who refresh and rush to get an order in are going to pay. They want it. He knows when the invoices go out he is going to get everyone to pay. I am sure there might be 1 person every window that might run into some hardship between ordering and invoice and might back out, but for the most part I will bet if 100 invoices are sent out by gdemu he gets all 100 paid. That is what he wants. He does not want handfuls of invoices sitting unpaid on his email and paypal account. This is why he does windows and does not have a list. The man has TRIED this method already in the past, and his experience with it is, that people do not follow through. Unlike Menmo he has 4 popular products. Mnemo only has 2. Dreamcast and 3D0 – which he rarely sells because they are $300 each. I am not complaining about the price. I paid it and have one for my FZ1 3do and it is a great product, but it took a long time to get, was expensive and when I bought it, he did not accept paypal which is whole other story. (In a nutshell Menmo only accepted a WESTERN UNION PAYMENT for his GDEMUUSB and USB CDROM for 3do, most people would never go through that to buy one, people have no trust and want convenience, but I did it. I paid the $15 WU fee and all and sent the man $600 for 2 ODE – 3do and USB GDROM). Anyways, gdemu has 4+ ODEs he maintains and sells and he is still developing more (I hope). So I think gdemu has his order window method down and most people should know by now how to get one.

        Now let’s talk about the alternatives. There is USB GDROM and there is GDEMU. The products are equitant. Both have same compatibility. I own both. When it comes to US games on the ODEs both are the same. So it comes down to cost 130 euro ($170 usd) vs $270 usd for the USB GDROM with lidswitch. In my opinion, when it comes to file formats and media setup the USB GDROM is better in the fact that it supports ling files names and the folder structure can be messier. The GDEMU relies on the strict 01-1000 folder in numerical order. A particular format inside each folder for the games and such. SO the Gdemu is a bit more frustrating to set up. BUT with that said, there are now script tools and such that basically set up the gdemu with gdmenu for you. I have found that I can format a 512GB sd card and use the scripts and programs available and the gdemu is actually just as easy as the USBGDROM, but if you do not use or have, or know about those tools, it can seem like more of a burden. The USBGDROM is larger and has a really crappy menu system. It will never change. At least GDmenu is a bit nicer and neater than the harsh bright blue screen of USBGDROM. Sure the USB GDROM can use thumbdrive media or even HDD which are a pain in the ass to make look neat when attached to a dreamcast. In my opinion unless you want to drop $1000, a 512GB thumbdrive is about $200 and a 512GB SDCard is about the same. So you have to say the gdemu is cheaper by $100 overall and with 512gb you can easily fit the entire library for ANY REGION on a 512GB drive. Now if you want all 3 Regions (with dupes and such) all on one Drive the only solution is USB GDROM with a 2TB HDD as it is 1.27GB. But I have already figured out that I can install the entire USA library, all the EU exclusives on a 512gb along with some really awesome JP imports that are in 100% English. Now I will say this, If you want the entire English DC collection on one card you need 512gb and you will have 90GB left over for as many JP imports as you can fit, but you can get a 128GB card and as a English speaker put every playable JP game on that 128GB card and have a separate card and need to swap for JP games. If you do not want every JP playable game by an English speaker the 512GB will be enough for all US or EU games on one card + all the best imports. Sure you might not have all the JP imports but I am sure you can leave off the 50-60gb of games images you would probably never play anyways. So overall I think Gdemu has become the better solution for ODE gaming due to all the new tools, better menu system and overall lower cost at just sticking with 512GB media.

        Now for all you people who are complaining about the Saturn ODE cards. They have been on market for almost 2 years now. Not as long as the Dreamcast ODEs. Like GDEMU the Rhea and Phoebe is the same card for the different revisions of the Saturn system. The ODE is probably (from a US game library point of view) just as good as the GDEMU and there is NO ALTERNITIVE at the moment. Yes Professor Abrasive has been working on his SATIATOR card for some time now, but personally I think that even if we see a NON BETA release within the next 12 months, it is going to take 6-12 months after that to get it anywhere near the RHEA/PHOEBE compatibility. Should it get to the point that Rhea/Phoebe is at now in terms of compatibility, then gdemu will need to rethink his strategy depending on SATIATOR ‘s availability and pricing. If you look at how long USB GDROM has been on the market (which is just as long as GDEMU) you can see it has not changed how GDEMU sells his dremcast ODE, nor has it changed his pricing, he is happy with what it is and he knows there is an alternative out there and he does not let that bother him. He leaves it alone and I am sure that is what he will do when SATIATOR comes out. I do think we will see MANY MANY more rhea and phoebe windows before the SATIATOR ever comes to market as a full product that anyone can buy and even longer before it works as well as the ODEs we already have.

        As for addressing reselling. Yes people buy the gdemu, rhea, phoebe knowing they can resell it to those who miss out or are impatient to wait for new windows. To some it pissed people off, to others it is just a fact of life. This is not the only product people buy to resell because they know it is limited. I have seen many other video game products limited in supply by huge corporations knowing they are going to end up in a bidding war online. It happens. Stop complaining about it. The Dev makes his money on every card he sells. Just like buying anything, you own it; you can do what you want with it. I have been on eBay as well. Yes I see some of the absorbent prices. Here is the think, look at the completed auctions, not the ones listed. You will see that the big dollar resales are not just the card, they are full systems, some of the systems these people are reselling with the ODE installed have more than just a 130 euro invested. Some of these bundles are 50-60%of the price of what they are asking. Also that does not mean they are getting that. Some are yes. Some are not. Also if you are not the one buying it, why do you care? Not your ODE, Not your money. Who to use an old but still relevant phrase. “mind your own business.” Gdemu has also commented on this as well. He understand that concept well and understands that people buy from him and might resell. He already got paid, so he doesn’t seem to care.

        Now let’s address CLONES… I will keep it short as I am sure GDEMU does not want to much conversation on this. The Clones are not perfect. They are not as good as his official ODEs. They can not be updated. Hence you buy a clone you are stuck with how well it works when you get it, unlike buying from him, years down the road his firmware will allow you more and more features and compatibility as he releases them. The Clones, you are stuck in a moment in time. Nothing more you can do. Now lets touch on the hypocrisy of this. You all complain that the DEV gets paid for his ODEs yet those who buy them might resell some and you’re outraged, but you have no issue with a clone which he gets $0 for? They you say stuff like he deserves it???” really ??? This just goes to show your spoiled brat attitude. If the Dev does not bow to how you feel things should be done, you subscribe to an idea that he should be punished and it is a good thing for someone to steal his work??? You people really do not deserve a chance to buy anything. Supporting clones is nothing but bad. It creates an issue for the Dev. Gdemu reputation is going to be damaged because someone using a clone (with the same name) is going to be let down and is going to blame gdemu. Also the more we support clones the less of a chance we have of seeing gdemu support updates and new features, let alone new ODEs for us to use.

        Lastly you all have the balls to come here to the home of the Developer and talk crap to him? Some of you are not even customers and you have gaul to lecture him on how he handles his own business? “mind your own business, this is NON of your business” remember those phrases. Because in the grand scheme of things you are nothing buy a fly in the ointment. Here today gone tomorrow. There will be more like you and they also will fade. Those who are committed to supporting GDEMU and his ODE scene will be here. We will support his work and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

        Rant over.

      • Woah.. didn’t mean for this to get out of control… Sorry I’m just cranky from lack of sleep.. and seeing that guy on ebay selling these things made me irate. GDEMU I appreciate your work and your contributions to the Sega community… hope there are no hard feelings.

      • And for the record Abe…. I thank you for explaining the background but my one issue is asking someone to read 4 years of comments is a bit absurd lol…. But yes there are people in the comments from GDemu’s previous blog that disclosed the time window.

      • I bought a GDEMU and a USB separately . Ordered my USB in December and didn’t get it until March. The Postal system legit lost it, but Mnemo has a policy not to ship a replacement until 90 days has passed, and he doesn’t do refunds. My GDEMU only took like 2 weeks tops. These conditions are really outside of Mnemos control for the shittyness of his countries postal system, but its a pretty shit situation for everyone. I am not the first case where something like that has happened.

      • Actually to be fair, it was USPS that lost it, but theres no way in motherfuck a package should take 85 days. I get shit from Taiwan in 2 weeks.

      • I will add just 1 last thing. Like 70-85 days in I asked for a refund because my dad died and I didn’t want to even think about dealing with getting the USB anymore, and he said that 90 days hadn’t passed yet and to wait. He delivers but if you have any problems you can count on waiting the full 90 days.

      • @paying Cutomer

        I never todl people to read 4 years of comments.

        I said that “I” read 4 years of comments and noticed after doing do that pretty much every comments section of every blog entry posted by GDEMU contains people trying to help other people for next time. The time window is posted over and over and over again. So you do not need to read 4 years of comments, you just need to read the comments section of the most current blog and I will guarentee there is 1, 2 or more people posting hints, tips, tricks and explaining the window time that cards usually go on sale.

    • What’s with all the hostility around here for asking questions or making suggestions…. sheeeshh. No wonder people are pulling for other options from other developers lol.

      • lol whatever dude… Also yeah customers do make suggestions to benefit ummmm the know the people who buy shit….. are a fucking moron or something lol? Given your attitude on here I’d say yes.

      • I will give you a hint too. Learn some grammar. 2nd you should never run a business.

      • If I am the grease that keeps the machine running then I’d consider that a great thing. You just said I’m important. Thank you for your.complement.

      • Oh you look you can’t even spell either…. I see you are an active poster on here. I hope now people see how embarrassingly retarded you are. I’ve accomplished my goal tonight. I’ve exposed a troll in this community. Well Ill be heading off now, although DCNow will probably respond with some simple minded poorly worded reply… I won’t be reading it 😉

      • Oh I didn’t realize DCFan was on his period this week. No wonder you have been so bitchy to people.

  5. Slept through my alarm, oops. Next time. If anyone is interested in trading a GDEmu for a Rhea or Phoebe, please let me know. I have 1 spare.

  6. In China, there is already has GDEMU clone board which selling for about 50 Euros and fully functional, I think Phoebe and Rhea is not far

      • Fingers crossed for a Phoebe clone! Getting one here is basically impossible!

      • I got one the first time i ever tried. You must be doing something wrong.

    • The Clone is not perfect. It does not support as much as the official GDEMU and it can not be updated. You might save a few bux but you get what you pay for. You support people who take money out of the DEVs pocket and should have an issue you have no one who will support you unlike GDEMU who is here for his customers and fans.

      • Hi. These clones like the n8 everdrive works fine as you don’t update them. It’s great to have an alternative as GDEMU are hard to get!

      • They brick when you update with the newest firmwares because Krizz uses as a protection measure. They work fine with the firmware they have installed.

    • No problem. Anyone else interested in trading a Phoebe/Rhea for my GDEmu, let me know.

  7. I got my Rhea order request in, but I was hoping that I could order support pegs for both VA0 and VA1. I will be ordering a bunch of Model 1 Saturns off ebay, since I don’t have a 20 pin Saturn at the moment, I have 3 21 pin Saturns and wanted a Pheobe for a long time, but missed out on all of past Phoebe ordering opportunities. A Saturn is easier to get then a one of your ODE’s. I don’t mind paying extra for both types of support posts, but it would help me in the long run instead of gambling on blindly buying Model 1 consoles hoping I get the right revision.

  8. Did anyone receive the Rhea confirmation email yet? wondering if I still get chance to add to the list or not…

  9. I’m hoping I made it. I got message sent so hope I’m on the list. My fingers crossed!

  10. @GDEMU, i would also like to request support pegs for VA0 as well as VA1 as I am in the same boat as Richard. Thanks for everything!

  11. Glad to see I´m not the only one with that issue 🙂
    @GDEMU could you please send me both support pegs too? That would be very nice of you.

  12. Received my order confirmation email from GDEMU for my Rhea. Thank you!

  13. Received confirmation I’m on the list can’t wait to get my Rhea! Thanks gdemu!

  14. Could I change peg from v0 to v1 or get both? When I ordered the rhea, I made a mistake because of no time… Thank you

  15. @GDEMU:
    Just FYI – I have got your PayPal payment request and did already pay you for the RHEA 😉
    Please also make sure to send both support peg (V0/V1), thank you very much.

  16. @GDEMU:
    I emailed you last night that I made a mistake with my address. For some reason Paypal used my wrong address and I need to change it. I am not sure when do you usually ship them but I hope it’s possible to make some changes!

  17. Recieved my Phoebe. I was surprised with how quick it was shipped to here (Netherlands).
    Installed it with the help of “Rhea and Phoebe: SD Card Reader for the Sega Saturn :: Tips & Tweaks – MY LIFE IN GAMING” on youtube. It’s now up and running with RMENU. I noticed I had to do Full BOOT, with games from a other region than my Saturn (PAL E, but with a 50/60hz switch & Action Replay) otherwise it goes to the Saturn menu with the message: “Incompatible cartridge/Disc bla bla’. With European games I can do a fast boot. Maybe I can fix that with the Phoebe.Ini file settings. Originally I wanted a Rhea for my Jap. Saturn, but the Phoebe is more than welcome. And no scalper is gonna get mine, not even for a 999+ ;). People just got to stop buying these things for the ridiculous prizes..

    • If people actually care about making the ebay prices go down, all it would really take is maybe 5 or 6 additional people, per batch, reselling a pre-installed ODE console. I probably shouldn’t say too much, but I think people would be surprised how fast those prices will come down with a handful of people doing modest undercuts (5-10%).

      • I know you read enough of the comments here to be aware of the fact that people whine about ebay scalpers regularly. All I was saying was that if someone were so inclined, it would be very easy to tank those prices. But of course it’s all impotent rage and crying, so I’m sure no one will do it.

      • Again, lots of people care, and so do you. Advocating indifference this aggressively shows that you care a lot. I wish you the best of luck on whatever strange crusade you are always on in these comments, but I’d appreciate it if you stopped directing it at me.

      • Sounds like you need a hobby. Advocating people spend their time trying to spite the literal 5-6 people who are bothering to resell these things? By becoming resellers themselves? You’re ridiculous.

      • dcnow acutally why don’t you go fuck yourself instead? You are nothing more than a childish keyboard warrior. You are one of a few toxic members on this community who kill gdemu sales.

      • lmao. We aren’t the ones crying here. Easy to call someone a pussy when you hide behind a computer. I bet you won’t dare say it to my face. I would stick your head so far up your ass. You are clearly some high school punk who lives at mommies house still. Wait til you get into the real world kid.

      • So you just copy what i say and toss it back at me? Very original, you are the definition of dumbass. Now that I know you are just a child I let you troll someone else who gives a shit. lol

      • lol what?? are you seriously drunk or high? You make absolutely no sense lol. I changed my mind you are lots of fun. Im bored tonight so Ill continue to play your little games. Please continue to act like some tough macho user on here, its very amusing.

      • lmao you are too much. Yes.
        …… your so called “insults” got me good. lol come on, its time to grow up.

      • Actually my laugh was indeed real, because honestly its funny how much of a complete moron you truly are.

      • Given how lots of people on here clearly also seem to hate you, I would say I’m winning by a very large margin

      • GDEmu can you just block DCfan hid IP? This guy is clogging every post you make telling people to go fuck themselves and stirring the pot way more than necessary instead of leaving people be.

      • Ah so you admit you are a keyboard warrior then. A every day social justice warrior! How dare people ask questions or make suggestions to the dev! Such evil people they are! Thank goodness we have king DCFan to rescue who strives for personal glory! Don’t dare ask questions to our king!!!

      • DCFan the problem is not me, Daan, michael, or the countless others… its obviously you. Take your loss before you really do get banned 😉

      • All we need here now is Abe typing out his master’s thesis on how it is bad for the community and all that good stuff. Go get a room. Have your dumb comment fight elsewhere. The comments are meant for discussion not this dumb bullsh*t. And seriously DCFan, do you even notice how many of your posts are just what you are doing here? Telling people to fuck off all the god damn time while they only proclaimed a ridiculous idea. Just give it a fucking rest man. There is no reason to respond to them. You are not a mod. You are just some dude who thinks he is needed in the comments for whatever reason. You watched too much batman. If i was a mod I would have kicked the guys for being disrespectful and promoting copied equipment but definitely you as well because all you do is escalate arguments time after time after time.

      • Daan you are right, I shouldn’t have continued to participate in this back and forth shit. I apologize to the other members on this board for the trash comments and getting way out of hand, its not needed here.

      • “You are the mod these comments deserve but not the one it needs right now… or ever.” Cheers guys.

      • Poor, Sjorspion. I hope he didn’t have notifications turned on when he started this thread.

      • At this point it’s obvious that no one is achieving their goals.

        No one has succeeded in convincing the Dev to change his business practices (for better or worse) and if he had any interest in doing so, he would have made the switch by now.

        And no one has convinced anyone to “shut the fuck up.” In fact, any attempt to that effect has produced the exact opposite result and leads to 20 back and forth replies before the dust settles. If your pure goal is to rid the comment board of nonsense, then stop engaging people. You’d be surprised how little traction a one-sided complaint gets when it’s ignored.

        Just to practice what I preach, I will not respond to any replies or insults that may or may not come from this, because like half of the discussion on this forum, it’s a waste of time.

      • “Aren’t you the same guy that started his own threads because you were having a tantrum that you didn’t get one? Why are you starting things up again? Were you mad no one was looking at you?”

        Nope. I’ve gotten an order in every time I’ve tried.

      • Can’t believe I am doing this again… Listen buddy, personally I have no qualms about the ordering system. I got my Rhea and it has been sent already. The comments are not about how GDEmu should run his business anymore. They are about how you are so obnoxious you can’t even read well. When will you see that the reason people react here is because you are causing a shitstorm? Not only that but you flail at everyone around you when they are not even attacking you or being offensive unlike how you react. Just give it a rest.

      • “Wait, so you’ve gotten one every time, but you’re still bitching about dev’s ordering system? As hard as you can fuck yourself, please double it. Thanks.”

        Dude. No where in my history of commenting have I EVER complained about the ordering system. Stop creating your own narrative.

      • You managed to get more than 4 people to turn against and think you are an asshole for all the right reasons. Who here is the problem? cheers!

  18. when will orders be opening for Phoebe? i would like to own one for my white Japanese model 2 sega saturn

  19. Hey I’m after a GDEMU and a Phoebe – what’s the best way to know when you’ll be taking orders? Can I follow you on Facebook / Twitter? Thanks and looking forward to purchasing soon.

    • You’re on the right track. Have an account on wordpress and follow this blog. He posts updates on when they will be sold. Phoebe and Gdemu are probably on the next cycle to be sold.

      He usually indicates what day they will be available but not the time. Usually between 1:00-3:00 am PST. You have to be here and refreshing the sales page on the item you want. Use a script or browser plugin like Check4Change to save your sanity. Once orders are open they stay open 10-30 minutes. Just input your info and you will be sent an invoice.

  20. payment request is in ( check your paypal) All paid up, many thanks 🙂

  21. I can never buy, could not I make a waiting list? I live in Brazil, and always when I go to try to buy there is not any more!

  22. Hello @ anyone! I’m trying to find out if I can rename the titles of some of my Dreamcast ISOs as displayed in GDmenu, Is a hex editor the only way or can I make a .ini file like with Rhea/Phoebe? Sorry if this has been covered before.

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