Motherboard, contd.

Pretty please don’t start or fuel flame wars in the comments. Accept that there are people with different views than yours, and/or trolls, and move on. I really don’t have time to moderate so when/if I get another complaint about it, I will not be merciful.

I’m about done shipping Rheas so GDEMU orders will open this Saturday. Which brings us to another issue – it seems some of you think it’s acceptable to send multiple orders “just to be sure you get one”. While that might work, what it also does is flood me with bogus duplicates and blocks other people from ordering since I close earlier. Then I have more work compiling the list and removing these duplicates – and some of them I miss. Then I expect to be paid but these requests are ignored and have to wait 7 days to time out, slowing everything down.
Don’t do that please because I’m annoyed to a point where I might start removing such orders completly as a punitive action. Nobody wants that.

With that out of the way, here’re some results of synthetic benchmarks of the 486 Marty. Keep in mind this is a CPU-heavy code and typical games will be more memory bound. Then again a 386 has to fetch each instruction from RAM to execute it while the cache on 486 allow it to fully utilize the memory bus for actual data transfers. It makes a huge difference.

Time (m:ss.ds)
Marty FMTg3 Marty (486) Marty (486, cache) Marty (486×2, cache)
1:05.84 1:06.04 0:45.46 0:29.86 0:17.82

As you can see CPU-heavy code clock for clock is considerably faster on 486, and with cache enabled the system gets twice as fast. With clock doubler enabled you get almost another such speedup but beware, Marty chipset doesn’t deal well with so fast CPU. It’s difficult to get things working. That being said remember the clock-doubled variants of the 486SLC have 8kB of cache rather than 1kB that Cyrix originally used – that too is a very good reason to be looking for x2 CPU.

Now some memory-bound loops (you can compare the results with my previous post below):

Marty (486) Marty (486, cache) Marty (486×2, cache)
Read (ms) Write (ms) Read (ms) Write (ms) Read (ms) Write (ms)
BYTE 15170 9980 14880 9505 12195 4785
WORD 7590 5000 7465 4770 6125 2405
DWORD 5010 3170 4930 3040 4270 2400


UPDATE: GDEMU orders are open closed. If you didn’t get it there will be another batch very soon.

UPDATE 2: There will be another opportunity to order GDEMU this Saturday, same time as before. With two back-to-back ordering windows the crazy rush hour should not happen – that’s the idea, anyway. That’s done.

202 thoughts on “Motherboard, contd.

  1. Hi GDEMU
    I received your mail to confirm my gdemu order the 6th june, but I haven’t yet received my paypal request, is it normal?
    Best regards from France

  2. I don’t know if you project to update your software for gdemu.

    But for the bleem ! it looks you have to do this it seems to be not a hard challenge :
    “I have refind this for bleem with gdemu problem : “I don’t know if it’s official, gdemu will never have support for retail bleem, but I was digging into the freeze issue and I found they have an unsupported character for the name of its main executable. It is called “0A” in ASCII code (represents line break) and it should be something more like “1ST_READ.BIN”.
    Could this represent a problem for the cdi parser?”

    I have find something else here :
    they talked about the same thing.

    Thanks for building this amazing board 🙂

  3. “There will be another opportunity to order GDEMU this Saturday, same time as before.“

    Does anybody happen to know what time that was? I missed the last round and can’t find any information about it; that wasn’t the batch where ordering was opened at 9AM PST or something, was it?

  4. @gdemu, a youtuber recently talked about someone in china knocking one of your products off 😦 If its possible to report them I can give you a link to the cloned crap. Shitty that someone would try to copy your work.

    • FYI the cloned boards will probably fry your dreamcast… so dont bother with them.

  5. Mine arrived this morning.

    What a great piece of kit. Easy to use and install. Thank you very much.

  6. Hello GDMU. i just now notice that you cancel my paypal request today June 22 and you sent on June 15 which i didn’t notice this whole entire week which i was waiting for the paypal request. Is It Possible to resend the request so i can get pay for a GDMU?

  7. Hi there, I have a receive a payment request for a GDEMU on May 9th and has payed for it. But I haven’t received any word on shipping on when it’s arriving. Does anyone know how long it takes for it to get to Canada???

  8. Black boarders on CRT – URGH!

    Phoebe installed on PAL Saturn with 60hz option applied.

    Is there any reason why some games don’t display the correct aspect ratio such as yet a different version of the same game displays perfectly?

    Something to do with the region of the game maybe?


  9. I’d like to order a Phoebe – when will these be available again please?

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