Still Loving You

It turned out that we are short on capacitors for Rhea and Phoebe as well so these will be delayed a week or two. Therefore,  since it always takes a bit of time to switch production to another device, it makes more sense to open orders for GDEMU again as these will be ready faster: Saturday, same time as before.

DocBrown PCBs have arrived and I’m pretty much done with the FW changes. After some more testing I will attempt to process these already overdue orders alongside GDEMU or Phoebe. Again, sorry for the delay. BTW the early prototype for FM Towns tower is kinda done but I’m having a hard time coming up with acceptable installation solution. Not to mention the darn connectors that are, as always, so unique that nothing seems to fit properly. One of the ideas I had is to make a pass-through ODE that would actually let you keep the original drive and still use it. But there are two major cons: 1) The ODE would be inside the tower and only accessible once the side cover is taken off, and 2) There would be some wire soldering involved. Nothing too difficult but it’s won’t be plug’n’play. But that would both allow a pass-through and solve the connector issue. What do you think?

Phoebe will be the next device to be made, after GDEMU orders are shipped, but I expect the whole next week to be very busy – so no estimates. Keep your eyes on the blog as usual I guess.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are open. And we are done for this batch.