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It turned out that we are short on capacitors for Rhea and Phoebe as well so these will be delayed a week or two. Therefore,  since it always takes a bit of time to switch production to another device, it makes more sense to open orders for GDEMU again as these will be ready faster: Saturday, same time as before.

DocBrown PCBs have arrived and I’m pretty much done with the FW changes. After some more testing I will attempt to process these already overdue orders alongside GDEMU or Phoebe. Again, sorry for the delay. BTW the early prototype for FM Towns tower is kinda done but I’m having a hard time coming up with acceptable installation solution. Not to mention the darn connectors that are, as always, so unique that nothing seems to fit properly. One of the ideas I had is to make a pass-through ODE that would actually let you keep the original drive and still use it. But there are two major cons: 1) The ODE would be inside the tower and only accessible once the side cover is taken off, and 2) There would be some wire soldering involved. Nothing too difficult but it’s won’t be plug’n’play. But that would both allow a pass-through and solve the connector issue. What do you think?

Phoebe will be the next device to be made, after GDEMU orders are shipped, but I expect the whole next week to be very busy – so no estimates. Keep your eyes on the blog as usual I guess.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are open. And we are done for this batch.


210 thoughts on “Still Loving You

    • Hey sorry to sound like a noob. I managed to add my information but I haven’t gotten an Email yet. I see other people have already paid. Is there any way to confirm I was able to pre-order?

      • Ugh and of course i posted this in the wrong place and don’t know how to delete it

  1. I just preordered one😁

    But first by mistake i preordered with a wrong paypal email then I tried again with the my correct one👍🏽

    Now Waiting for the email😁

      • Got it updated it all i can say its Perfect…its the best mod I’ve done for my dreamcast..Just want to say thank you for your hard work…and i hope the best for you my friend 👍🏽

  2. I am so glad I got my order in the moment it went live as the order form is now closed.

  3. My computer (crappy chromebook) was chugging during the advertisement popups. I hope I didn’t accidentally submit twice 🙂 If so I apologize; please delete the duplicate requests. Thank you!

  4. Looking forward to getting one. I have wanted one for a loooong time!

      • If I want to ship something on Monday I need people to pay soon. The rest will get a standard notification email in due time.

    • From my exp – buying this and a Rhea, it takes several weeks to ship batches, I was probably one of the 1st to order today

      If a new batch on sale before you get a paypal notification -then you have a problem.

      In short, don’t worry

  5. When should we expect a confirmation email? Or a pay request? Just want to make sure I am good to go.

      • It takes me a while to compile the list since I don’t like working on weekends. 1-2 days and you should hear from me – unless you made a mistake in the email or it gets blocked ( is notorious for that, sometimes hotmail as well).

    • Same, I have yet validated Submit but I have not received an email from you is it normal? I’m worried but I really am! I would like to know if I have to find another solution? Sorry I do my noob but it is to reassure me!

  6. GDEMU, today I have followed up your order system, so I can order the PHOEBE for my SEGA SATURN, you already have the expected PHOEBE date!

  7. Hi, just curious as it is my first time attempting to get a preorder, if there is a specific date that you will be telling people when preorders will be up on the site or is it just whenever there up there up?

    • just monitor the blog. I check it every day. He lets everyone know in advance usually.

  8. Hi, I sent the order in just after the time slot open, but I haven’t got a request yet to send money, I took screenshots when ordering and my email address is correct

    • I’m waiting for e-mail too… Please gdemu, i want give you my money 😅💰

  9. Is there a specific location where the times with time zone for ordering is posted? I looked through the posts and see “same time as last week” but I’m not sure when that might be.

    • The 9th post in this thread told us exactly when they were going on sale.

  10. Just thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you, Deunan! I finally received my GDEMU unit from your June 16th batch today, and I can’t wait to dive into this thing!

    For those of you that are still waiting on e-mails, they will come in due time. Please be patient.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to the upcoming Phoebe batch run!

  11. gdemu, how do I contact you to ask about an issue I’m having with the phoebe? I know you’ve mentioned people email you but I didn’t see your email listed anywhere. Hoping you might be able to help me debug this issue. Thank you.

      • Hi! Thank you I did get the confirmation email. Still waiting for the payment request. Was that sent too? I’ll check my spam email. Thanks for the reply!

      • I did back when I purchased these items from you, but I’ve deleted those requests and now I’m experiencing a technical issue with the phoebe and am hoping you can help. It’s nothing critical but for some reason it’s not reading a game image at all and am hoping you can determine if there’s something wrong with the image or if it may be something else. I updated the firmware and everything else I have runs fine, but this particular image seems to cause it to lock it up. Happy to discuss further with you outside of the wordpress site if you prefer. Thank you.

      • Hi gdemu. Most likely the issue is with the images of the game as all my other games work perfect. However, just in case there may be an issue with these specific games, the 2 that seem to cause me issues are:
        1) Cyberbots Full Metal Madness. Game won’t even boot up. Just get black screen when I load it up and have to power down Saturn and power back up again.

        2) Blast Wind. Game plays, but no in game music. Tried various different formats to make sure the phoebe would accept but all of them never play the game music. This is likely a bad image, but unfortunately it’s the only one I have.

        As I said, your hardware is perfect and most likely this is me using a bad game image. But I figured I’d mention it in case you may have had to address these specific games in the past. Many thanks.

      • I don’t know about Blast Wind, but I played Cyberbots a lot on my Rhea and it worked fine.

      • Any chance you can upload a copy of your image for me to test out? Mine is not working at all and ultimately I’m just trying to see if it’s a bad image or something odd is happening with my phoebe. Thank you.

      • Can anyone upload and provide a link to download a working image of cyber bots on Saturn? My image won’t mod on the phoebe. Many thanks for any help anyone can offer.

      • Cyberbots requires the 4mb cart and that is why you are seeing a black screen. I was having the same issue not long with that game.

      • I have the 4mb cart installed and still get the blank screen. It eventually times out and goes into the dashboard with the music player. I assume something is wrong with my image. Can you link me to a good image of the game?

      • Saturn cart slot is a source of many problems, did you test if the 4MB cart actually works in other games?

      • Thanks for the reply gdemu. Yes, the cart does work. I tested it with street fighter zero 3 and no problems. Do you want me to email you my game image to test it? If you test it and it doesn’t work, then I know it’s the image. Then I just need to figure out how to get a good working image. Let me know if that’s something you want to try. I know you’re busy, so if you’d rather not, I completely understand.

      • gdemu. A friend of mine who also has a phoebe tried out the same cyber bots image on his phoebe/saturn and he said it runs fine. I know i’m not using a clone as I’ve only ever bought from you. So, what are my options regarding this? Can I return it and exchange for another one? Thank you.

      • Please disregard my last post gdemu. I am an idiot. I was using a mac when downloading the image and it apparently inserts an extra dot into file names. Problem solved. Everything works great. My apologies for bothering you.

  12. “Hello,

    I’ve added you to the list. I expect the waiting time to be at most 2 weeks but as always this is just an estimation” … Things seems to go in the straight line in my case and hope everybody can get one too. Thanks !

  13. First time getting in on the pre-order. Are the emails still coming for payment requests? I’m prepared to make the payment. Thanks again.

  14. Already have a forecast when you will receive orders from Phoebe?

  15. I ordered on Saturday and still haven’t received an email. I am starting worry because my email is handled by att…
    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

    • Ah yes, your email bounced. At the very least they are nice enough to let me know. You’re on the list, keep checking your PayPal for the next 2 weeks or so.

      • Just received the payment request. Payment was sent. Thank you. Next time I will use an non-at&t email.

    • me too… in the meantime I received the paypal money notification and i’ve just sent the payment for 1x GDEMU unit ^_^ … yeeyy !

  16. are the pre orders limited by amount available per batch or is it a timed limit to get regular orders sent off?

  17. Been a happy gdemu customer for a few years now. Just had two questions for anyone willing to answer.

    1. I’ve used the gdemu sd card maker and it never made a list.ini for me so a number of my games arent named proper and the menu takes about a minute to load on a 128gb card. I can rename stuff and it all shows up perfect in the program itself just the way I want it but I can never see the changes on real hardware. I also tried finding instructions on manually making an ini file but have found nothing. If anybody had any tips or could point me to some documentation concerning the list.ini thatd be appreciated.

    2. I want to play metal gear solid on bleem. Im aware this used to be one of the few incompatibilities for the gdemu. Is this still the case?

    • I’m sorry that I can’t answer most of your questions but I wonder if you are using an old version of the software…I am using a 200GB Sandisk and it loads instantly for me…no noticeable delay at all.

      Also, in terms of correcting any incorrectly labeled titles, the software should give you the option to edit before copying any files over.

      I am curious to know if Bleem is working and I believe it is as I read that somewhere but you have to out the bleem image in the slot before MGS for it to work. Hopefully someone will be along to confirm this…

      • Yes, I can edit the names of my games in software but any changes I make and save never show up on the hardware side.
        When i reload the card in a separate session the software always remembers all my custom names but I cannot get the dreamcast to. I’ve upgraded the firmware fairly recently and I will check again tonight to make sure that that isn’t the issue.

        I am using a 128gb sandisk card. Forget exactly which one off hand. Can check later.

        Any info on bleem would be amazing.

  18. Hi,
    I have already installed the switch 50 / 60 Hertz on my Sega Saturn japanese.
    Is it imperative to link the Rhéa card to pin 79?

    • Can I have a reply?
      I’m little disapointed and I would like to avoid any matter during the installation of my Rhea.
      Many thanks

      • I’m not sure if I understood the question but the 50/60 Hz solder point is completly optional. If you already have a mechanical switch for that it’s fine too. Just don’t try connecting both at the same time. It has to be either the switch or the Rhea/Phoebe controlling the signal.

  19. I really appreciate your work! I would buy every product you make if they were available. I bought a clone just because I cant get anything here and my DC disk drive has been dead for a few weeks and I had no other options. Seriously, If you want to send me one I will pay for it right now and return the clone. I will pay for every item you sell upfront right now. Trust me I want to support you and I am not blaming anyone but that is just my situation.

    • Just verify your email and when the preorder notification will be there will be easy to fix your clock and grab one ! For me worked … i discover this products 1 month ago and now (today) , my GDEMU unit is on the post office waiting me to grab it !

  20. Been wanting one of these for a while, hopefully I can catch the next batch!

  21. Hi GDEMU,
    I’m trying to install my rhea card into my sega saturn japanese but I do not have any success…
    My saturn is Grey and there are 20 pin.
    Saturn owns freebios and FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) and switch frequence 50/60 hz but sd card is not detected by rhea.
    I tried 3 sd card but no one are working
    Do you have some suggestion?

    • Does Rhea blink once on power-on? Do you have normal bootup animation with sound?
      Did you format the cards to FAT16 or FAT32?

  22. Card was formated on FAT32.
    Rhea is blinking when I lock the card but there is no action available for lauching rmenu.
    I always start in Saturn menu and nothing is detected.

      • OK understood.
        However, what is the process step by step in order to launch first game.
        I checked my saturn jap and original games are working well.
        Maybe, I forgot something.
        Thanks for all your help.

      • It’s very simple. Format card to FAT32, create folder “01” and put a game image inside it. Preferably a CloneCD (CCD) or DiscJuggler (CDI) format, but MDS/MDF is also well supported. Put the card into Rhea and it should work.

  23. Well that was legit af. I ordered on 7/14, received today. I ordered my OSSC 7/12 and it is still sitting in Chicago customs. Honestly, people who complain about how hard the ordering process is are just being babies. Smooth as glass. Cheers GDEMU! I’ll be back for Phoebe.

  24. just installed the GDEMU. works! Played the game I put in “01” folder. but I seem to be missing something. How do you get the menu? Is there a software download I am missing. Instructions on this site seem to only cover the basics.

  25. Gdemu, how are the marty orders going. I have to received a request for payment. Just looking for an update, I don’t want to miss it

  26. Paid!! Shipment is to Japan. I’m not living in Brazil anymore. My PayPal address is wrong. I sent my Japan address to you by e-mail weeks ago👍

  27. I’ve added you to the list. Because of a delay in email delivery I ended
    up taking more orders than I have stock. I intend to fill that gap with
    GDEMUs from the next batch

    This was from april the 9th and am but concern if am still on the list or if payment email got bounced?

  28. i did that also no request for money was ask for

    look gdemu while i got no idea what happen issue wise

    i had people request money frim me with no problem the apollo vampire amiga wise people had no problem

    to be completely fair i go through the process of getting a gdemu again like people usally do but i would like to be communite email wise to make sure that if i make on the list next time that issue relating payment got resloved

    • I just had a look and PayPal did recognize your email address so it was correct. The request was sent on May 11th 2018 20:42:47 CEST.

      • 1. You got me show up paypal wise i be watching more closly next time

        2.I Appericited you communicating with me on this as it great to reslove things
        so keep up the great work

        thank you

  29. Paid on the 21st (Saturday) and got the GDEMU delivered yesterday (26th), although I had to collect it from the delivery depot today as I wasn’t in. Amazing service, plugged it all in now and it’s working brilliantly, thanks very much! Really appreciate the work and time it must take to develop something like this – will be keeping an eye out for the Phoebe orders as well! 🙂

  30. Many thanks , managed to get on this last run of GDemu’s. Recieved it Saturday and I have been playing with it all weekend.

    It really has put life back into the old DC, im impressed with how easy installation was and how quick the games load.

    My only issue is I now have to get a bigger memory card 😉

  31. I’m still loving you too. But I think I’m going to grow old and die waiting for the PCE device you’re making. :p

  32. Eager for a chance at a Phoebe board. The laser on my modded Model 2 Saturn recently became faulty. Scanning eBay led me down the rabbit hole and finally here. Stoked!

  33. Hello, I would like if it is this Saturday that there will be the sale of phoebe cards? thank you

  34. I installed GDEMU but now when I turn on the console, I only hear a very faint noise (compared to the usual operation of the console), there is no orange light or activity on the screen. Anyone else ever come across this? I fear I fucked the mainboard or some shit, even though I was careful when screwing in the holding screw

    • Disregard this. Fixed it shortly after by simply reinstalling it. Perhaps it wasn’t connected properly the first time, I don’t know. I suppose you shouldn’t instantly jump to negative conclusions

      • You probably have the usual problem with PSU contacts oxidation. When you re-installed the board perhaps you moved the PSU slightly so it helped.

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