The Rhythm of Everyday Life

Phoebe orders will open this Saturday at about 11:00 Central European Summer Time. I expect the devices to be ready in 1-2 weeks but do note it’s the middle of Summer here and it’s hot. 30C during the day doesn’t exactly motivate me to work faster.

DocBrown FW seems to be finally working with the security changes I introduced so now I can plan the actual shipping. Due to the weather though it will probably wait untill Phoebe is done.

Owners of the pre-order DocBrowns, I will contact you in a week or two with a customised FW upgrade for your devices if you want to use the software menu. Again thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this: Last time there were A LOT of people who figured they’d just fill in the order form first and check their actual Saturn type later, and email me to “correct” it. This is not how it works. Not only I get a lot of emails that I have to process and reply to, I end up with Phoebes that I need to reconfigure and retest. So from now on you will get your Saturn type right or I reserve the right to move to the very back of the list and even remove you if I run out of the specific type you need. You were warned.

UPDATE 2: Phoebe orders are now open closed. That was unusually fast. I went to splash my face now I have twice as many orders as I have stock… What to do.


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  1. gdemu do not worry friend – just get us when you have additional part – we want them phoebes!

  2. Hopefully everyone will get their answer, going to bed now… night everyone! I hope i was able to get one!

  3. 2X as many orders as you have… That is a good thing..

    Just send the usual email out as that you be invoiced in 1 – XX weeks (as long as it takes to fill them.

    Us Doc Brown Fans sent in orders and have waited 2 months now for invoice.. were all still here and waiting to pay. I am sure phoebe people will still be here too…..

  4. Is it possible for my Phoebe to come with SJ1 and SJ2 open? I would like to solder bswitches, that way I could easly mount the Phoebe in any 21 pins Saturn.

    • Cool idea. Possibly dangerous in the wrong hands, but I like the possibility.

    • In theory yes but I have no way of testing such device so I don’t do it. If you can solder the jumpers you can as easily unsolder them though.

      • I forget to ask, what happens if I place in a type x Saturn the Phoebe with SJ1 and SJ2 configured for a type y Saturn? Do I damage anything?

      • I’ve never damaged anything and I did some tests for that but you shouldn’t put a non-Type 4 Phoebe into a Type-4 Saturn.

  5. I was expecting preorders to open at about 11am CET, the way these sales go I don’t think I will ever get one 😢 Sega Saturn broken forever. Heart broken, have been trying, ever since mylifeingaming did a review. Oneday… maybe…

  6. For those of you who are wondering about confirmation or claiming no confirmation, this is what it looks like (my details removed intentionally):

    When GDEMU sends the PayPal payment request, you’ll know. Placing two orders means he has to do extra work to deduplicate, and that someone who may have otherwise received a unit may not have had the opportunity. Please, if you didn’t get one this time around, take heed: order one device per order window, per his request.

    • Thank you – that is very useful information. If the screen you linked does not appear after submitting then the order did not go through and pre-orders are over.

      • “If you see this page after sumbit – orders were closed before you submitted”. One line of text added to orders will prevent lots of confusion.

  7. Guys a bit of advise please, I’ve went for Type 2 on the order but am thinking i might fit this to my other Saturn. is it easy enough to change the type.Ive read it can be done with a bit of soldering is this correct?

  8. yeah man – Someone always gets left out – but that is the name of the game! but if it changed man it someone else would complained about about just the same

  9. Awesome! Glad to hear DocBrown is coming along nicely! I can’t wait to get it! Love your work!

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