The Eternal March

If you didn’t get your Phoebe payment request by today you will have to wait some more. Worst case is 3-4 more weeks. We had some production delays and I’m short on Type-2 devices, as well as a couple of Type-4. This however serves as a reminder, to me, why I should never do the long queues you people constantly ask for. You have no patience. And I have none to spare.

What I do have is some Rheas since we usually make both Saturn ODEs at the same time. I will open orders this weekend though I fully expect it will turn out just like Phoebes did – the emails will be delayed and I’ll get flooded with too many orders. I’ll decide how to tackle it once I have a full picture of the disaster.

Note that I am very busy ATM and will be during this whole month. Spamming me with “is it ready yet” messages annoys me so I’ve started to ignore those.

Oh and as for DocBrown, I’ll start shipping those out soon. I’m working on something related and was hoping to have it ready by now, and I kind of do but it needs more polishing. So there is no point in futher delays, the current menu software works well enough as-is.

UPDATE: Rhea orders are now open closed.

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  1. Just to say My Phoebe from second batch just arrived and it’s awesome!

  2. Soo…when it comes to the Saturn PAL launch consoles in Europe/UK/Australia.

    When did they change the design from V0 to V1?

    The “MK-80200-50” models almost always seem to have the PSU attached to the upper case.

    Are there any (outside) indicators for a oval V1 PAL console. Only bundled, 2nd gen controller, slight modifications to the case, etc.?

    • PAL VA0s have the serial starting with 05******, VA1s have the serials starting with AD51******, and VA3s have the serials starting with AD53******. VA0s always have a taller PSU connector that you can see on the back of the unit, regardless of region/serial/model number.

      They changed the design from VA0 to VA1 sometime in 1995 July or August, not that this helps you identifying one.

      • Super helpful for PAL systems. I know the serial system for USA and JP systems. But never knew the PAL ones. thanks for the explanation.

      • “If you know how, you can read the serial number on a Saturn console and determine which revision motherboard it has. Of course, this will only be accurate if the console has not been swapped into another case. Saturn serial numbers have 1-2 letters or numbers to identify the manufacturer (typically 0, 1, AD or B), then one number to identify the year, then one number for the motherboard version, then an incremental serial number.”

  3. Hi Rado, I don’t suppose you have an indication of when you’ll open Rhea pre-orders this weekend do you maybe?

    I’ve ordered a GDEMU from you before and you’d said for add-ons I could get in touch directly. I can’t find that thread right now, but hoped it was still OK to reach out etc.

    Hope it’s all going well on all fronts, and all the best, Luke.


  4. there was no update what so ever when it would be open and as a result, completely missed it.
    i’m even subscribed to this stuff and got nothing.

    no offense, at this point i’m hoping they clone the saturn one too. this is ridiculous. at least that way i won’t have to wait another year.

    • Another cry baby with a poor moral compass.

      I can’t read blogs and comment and I missed out so now I am gonna publicly bitch and moan and then advocate for theft of products in order to “teach that mean dev!”.

      So when you can’t a Retro Classic (like the SNES classic or NES classic) do you publicly advocate for Chinese clones too?
      When you go to McDonald’s and the Shake machine is off do you bitch and complain you can never get a shake and then hope that they go out of business?

      You have a very immature outlook on things. You are also lazy.

      If you are new to this blog, then I will cut you some slack. There is a TON of info here and sifting through it all can take a huge chunk of time. I will bet there are many that come here and read the newest blog and maybe the last one and a few comments and have no idea about things. But if you been here for more than 2 months, you should know by now that there is a TON of info about this.

      ALL ODEs always go on sale on Saturday. ALWAYS – going back 4 years to the first window launch. He always launches the products on Saturday. SO you should have known that. Second the time frame, if not posted is always Poland time, from 8am until 2pm. He always launches the ODE windows on Saturnday between 8am and 2pm poland time. Not too hard to figure out when it is. Ask google “what time is it in poland” do some simple match from the time on your clock and BOOM you got an idea of when to be here.

      Lastly – there are HUNDREDS of people who have commented over the last year on simple apps that will alert you when the order window is open. Check some of my other post’s on the last page that explain all this.

      Lastly – consider the implication of your wishes.

      If the Saturn ODE is cloned, it will be the end of ODEs from the developer. I guarantee you the moment the Saturn ODE is cloned this blog will close. He has already lost hundreds of potential customers and lost the ability to make and sell hundreds of GDEMUs due to the China clone. Just because you think you SO GOSH DARN SPECIAL and didn’t get your way, you have no right to think it is fair to the developer to have his work stolen and have other people profit from it.

      So get off your high horse and be a but humble. DO some reading. All the info you need is in the comments section of every blog, repeated over and over.

      If you can’t take the time to follow the info here, then do not expect people to feel bad for you. You basically are the only one to blame here. No one else. Not the DEV, not the System, not the other users here, NO ONE BUT YOU. Get over yourself.

      • The irony of talking down to me because I apparently think I’m special meanwhile expecting I’m going to read through your trash essay. Who the fuck are you lol?
        Take your own advise mentally ill dramaqueen. Go smoke pole somewhere else. “Get over yourself.”

        I’ll admit, advocating for clone hardware was wrong but it was written in frustration. I apologize. I also haven’t purchased any clone hardware btw. I own a legit GDEMU which properly got announced imo.

        I didn’t know you were in charge of allowing people to vent or not, you’re in charge of the brown nosing, let me be in charge of venting. Deal?

      • You still have to insult and make fun of people so your apology means nothing.

        I defend the developer because he has better things to do than read comments on his blog post that could upset him and then take away from time from answering you. If you look he has responded to people like you who advocate for the cloning of his ODE devices. You can see from his responses it is frustrating to him not only to deal the cry babes who can’t figure out how to be on time for the order window, but ten deal with people who are all for some Chinese clone manufacturer to rip off and see his own product.

        You want to vent you didn’t get one… great, but don’t be a dick to people who point out the short comings in your venting.

        Some people live in time zones when these things go on sale that should be sleeping. Even an alarm don’t wake people up in time. That is not the developers fault. He has actually tried to aim some order windows to accommodate those of us who are in the usualy sleeping hours when then usually go on sale. The only part of the world he has never aimed an order window at is Japan/Australia Those guys are at 5:30pm their time (give or take a few hours) when he does a 8 or 9 am launch (Poland time) and when he targets the USA with a 9am PT window time it is 5pm in Europe and the next 5 time zones up to 10pm take you all the way to india. SO his launch windows (both times – Euro or US launch targeted) give 90 the of the work a Fair time to order between 9am and 11pm their own time. The only people who really get screwed on both windows those on the pacific islands past new Zealand to Hawaii, no matter what time the launch widow is those people always are in the sleeping hours (past 11pm or still too early like 6am) so really no one has anything to complain about with launch times. Sure some people depending on if he goes 9am PT USA or 9am Poland time might be sleeping but still he know the majority of the customers are the USA to Europe/Russia boarder.

        Some people miss windows because they can not read. Some people are just lazy. All the info is provided by now. We know this. The developer will announce early in the week, THIS WEEKEND XXXXXX WILL GO ON SALE. (gdemu, rhea, phoebe, doc brown, ect..). So if you are subscribed to the blog you will get an email with this information . He always makes a new blog for every window. I have never seen him sell a product via a windows announced from a blog entry and then edit that same blog entry for a second window for a second product a week or two or three later, there is always a new blog and if you are subscribed to email updates you will get it. Now while he does not always type it, as he has been doing this for 4 years now and there are several hundred customer comments over 4 years. The window is always a SATURDAY.. (never any other day) Usually he will say Saturday this upcoming weekend, but even if he messes up the language and puts XXXXXX will go on sale this weekend like he did with this past blog that means SATURDAY not SUNDAY.. he likely is a church going man and does not work on Sunday. It is always Saturday.. ALWAYS.. Second.. If he is doing a Special window for USA west – east cost people hill will post a time. He will say 9PT west coast USA. If he does not give a time then it is 8-11am Poland time. 90% of the time it is 9am Poland time, but I have seen a few 8am Poland time and a few at 10 or 11am as well.. The other times are rare, but like I said 9am Poland time is usually his ON SALE TIME. I have never ever seen 7am Poland time. I have seen a few 8am Poland time windows, but most of the time it is 9am Poland time. Even if you have to sit at the pc/phone for a bit over an hour refreshing, it is not hard. Of course there are phone apps and pc apps that will alert you of webpage changes for the order page of the product going on sale. There so easy to use and they can check the page as much as ever 60 seconds. So if you complain, I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE WINDOW WAS, this is not fair, I missed it, you are just a LAZY non reader.

        Lastly for those who complain for any other reason aside from sleeping or being lazy readers, there is no other excuse I can think of that you did not know when the window was.

        So no you can not be the guy in charge of venting. We do not need that here. We need positive people who are going to give good and positive advice without being a huge tool to others.

    • You’re pathetic. You fail, and you blame other people for your failure. Worst still, you would penalize someone by taking away their livelihood. You’re a piece of trash.

    • I’ve got a GDEMU and managed to get onto this Rhea cycle as well to give you an idea. It took me about a year to get both. Entitlement. Wow, you seem to think that you’re entitled to something just because you want it. A true sign of the times, as our young people opt for socialism because of their weakness. I guess people like you have no appreciation for actual creators, just their creations.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^ Amen

        So glad there are others who have their eyes fully open.

    • There was an update saying it opens on the weekend. And there has been at least a couple Saturn ODE sales this year already.

      • That’s good to hear. “The weekend” is pretty vague though if we’re being honest. I’m not really glued to my phone or this comment section like some. In all honesty, i was just a bit pissed when i wrote that BS. I’d delete it if i knew how.

      • “This weekend” is common language for the order window. It has been explained above. If you want the fast easy version. This weekend ALWAYS means Saturday 8am-11pm Poland time. (90% of the time 9am Poland time) ALWAYS.

        Yes it requires some reading of comments, but every comment going back 4 years is on this blog. Even reading the comments from the last launch window will give this information from many customers.

  5. I don’t know if I got in. I got a ‘message sent’ screen and I screenshotted it for reference. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    But I just wanted to say thank you for making your products. I worked for a video game publisher in QA in college, and I can tell you that your work isn’t just a kindness to retro gamers, it’s a kindness to the creators, too. So often, there is the feeling that a game will only be appreciated in its generation. The next console, the next hot thing, or even just the next yearly edition of the game will eclipse your work and your innovation. In the same way that reruns changed the view of how producers make television content, your work contributes to a feeling of permanence, a feeling that there will always be a place for this generation of content. It won’t die with its iteration, with its console, with its particular gamers. So thank you. I love the idea that someone will be able to play a game I worked on 20 years from now. It certainly didn’t seem that way when I worked on it.

  6. Would have been nice to get a heads up on when the ordering window opens. I have a kid and can’t be up in the middle of the night hitting refresh in case they become available. I got a gdemu a few months back without an issue, so I know the drill, but just radio silence this time around? Sigh.

    • I can be crass and harsh I can also be empathetic.

      You admit to knowing how this system works. You have a card (GDEMU). You also clearly read and write in the comments section so I am sure your not oblivious to other peoples posts.

      It has been written SO MANY TIMES. Just set up an alert on a PC or Phone app that will detect when the Order page changes (hence when the order form goes live). Set the app to check every few minutes and start it on Friday (if your unsure of the time it will go on sale). The Alert will trigger and you will be able to easily order. This is not new information. It has been posted at least by 30 people over the last few windows.

      Also if you are familiar with the dev, this blog and how things work, you should have kinda knew that Saturday is always window day. Saturday Poland time. Many commentators even in this blog comments section clearly gave Safe time frames.

      Sure there are people who sit at their pc and refresh and do not move till the window opens. I understand not everyone can do that. But there are alternatives. May of them are fool proof.

      Also the Dev was kinda Vague this time “RHEA THIS WEEKEND” – all of us veterans knew what that meant. I will give a pass to new people, that was not fair to them, but it is not the Devs job to be fair. I think he wanted to vague and put them on sale on the Sly this time. The order window was open for OVER 95 minutes. That is the longest Saturn window ever. I think it was more than fair to those who really wanted a Rhea.

      Also keep in mind, these things take time. He is still processing the PHOEBE window – which he over sold and still was kind enough to honor EVERY ORDER. He has been at it since August 8th and he sends out invoices and mails out stuff like every other day. Also he needs to work on new projects. DO bug fixes. Get the DocBrown ODE ready. Finish the DocBrown Software. Lastly it is OCT6th. The dev know this is the start of the XMAS season. The holidays always bring disposable income from people all over the world. The USA is in a huge economic boom and retro gaming is huge right now. The Dev knows that he is going to get a huge amount of business and people want this stuff in time for the holidays. SO I forgive him if he wants small windows for a product like Rhea, which not a ton of people are going to have 20 pin Saturns (compared to 21 pin Saturns) while he is probibly preparing his new ODE products and getting another Phoebe batch ready.

      • I’ll have to research how to set up that app, I actually did not know about that. When I ordered the gdemu the dev clearly posted when the ordering window would open and luckily it was friendly to the US west coast. My point stands that it would be nice for the dev to clearly state when orders will open so everyone gets a fair shot. I don’t think it’s too much to ask as that seemed to have been the routine.

  7. Missed out on this one….. It was totally my fault, well, mine and Makers Mark.

  8. I am phoebe batch 2 but, but I had no receipt any payment request

    • Could be another 3-4 weeks he said. Did you read the blog? “If you didn’t get your Phoebe payment request by today you will have to wait some more. Worst case is 3-4 more weeks.” I mean it was only the First Sentence.

    • I’m in the same boat as you but just keep checking your email like he said. You got the confirmation email so you should be good.

    • No need for the system to be modded for rhea to work. You can remove the modchip, The 50/60hz mod is fine to keep in there.

  9. Kind of off topic, can delete if inappropriate!

    Now that I have Phoebe, is there any way to flash Action Replay 4M Plus back to original firmware?

    I researched all day but couldnt find final answers, figured this crowd might know…

    • Im sure You can but I dont know where you would get the image, seeing as a flashed AR cart usually is more expensive than a new action replay why dont you sell it buy a new one and get yourself a nice coffee with the difference

    • If you already have the normal Psuedo Saturn, I’d suggest flashing it to the kai version then using the included firmware flasher to revert it back to a normal AR.

  10. I presume a “message sent” confirmation means that I’ll get one eventually?

    I was able to successfully fill in the form about 10 mins after the order opened, so hopefully I’m not too far down the line.

    To all the people complaining:
    I agree that the order process isn’t ideal, but this is GDEMU’s product and he can sell it however he pleases, that doesn’t give anyone the right to infringe on his IP. This was the first time I tried to buy an ODE and I got in first time by doing a little research before hand, it wasn’t hard. If you want one, play the game and get your order in next time.

  11. Hey my phoebe just arrived, and i noticed the sj2 is soldered in the up position. The instructions show down position. Do I need to re-solder?

      • Huh. I must’ve mixed it somehow. Well if the SJ2 is in the wrong position then your Saturn won’t read any discs so yes, you need to resolder it.

      • Never mind, I was half asleep and coming home from a 12 hour shift when I saw that. Everything is fine, it was my mistake.

  12. For those of you who missed the Rhea order window – don’t worry, I’ll be selling mine on ebay for $500+

    • And whoever would pay your shitty price to get it instead of waiting is truly someone with too much money or too little brain cells.

      • No need to feed into this guys BS. Sure some people resell them, so what. For those that are super lazy and can’t find this site or have zero patience, let them spend their money. Those that do know of this site will just come back and buy more. It still makes it’s way back to GDEMU and always will. Scalpers will keep buying to sell more and more until they can’t make a profit anymore and if that means they keep buying more and more from GDEMU each time he puts them on sale, then that is more money for him and that means better and newer devices for us in the future.

      • Just because the money “still makes it’s way back to GDEMU” doesn’t mean scalping isn’t having an impact and to think otherwise would be incredibly short sighted.
        It’s because of scalpers that these are artificially hard obtain with them being bought up every time they are available for sale, one of the reasons GDEMU got cloned in the first place was because there was a clear deficit between supply and demand being exploited by scalpers.
        Just look at the ebay seller who has had over 20! GDEMUs and 9 (maybe more) Saturn ODE’s, while I doubt they are selling for $1000 a pop I bet they are still fetching a mint. It’s that kind of behaviour that made it worthwhile for someone to reverse engineer the GDEMU for their own gains.

      • I am going to disagree but unless you really care about my point of view no point in giving a few paragraphs here. SO many people out there are so hard up on the re-sellers and their self righteous entitlement prevents them from seeing other points of view.

        I have zero issues with capitalism. It keeps money in everyone’s pocket. I am sure the Dev is smart enough to know he can list his own product at exorbitant prices if he wants and people will buy it. He doesn’t and I understand why, so when it comes to those who buy from the source and do what they do with it, no need to bitch about it. Also no need to blame clones on it. Clones do nothing more than take money away from the dev. No clone has sold for anywhere near the DEVS price let alone the eBay or online markup the so called “scalpers” get for one.

      • I’m sure the dev is smart enough as well, at no point was that in dispute but thanks for clarifying.
        “Clones do nothing more than take money away from the dev” again thanks for stating the obvious at no point was that in question, in fact it seems you largely ignored everything I wrote because it doesnt align with your narrative of scalpers are ok as the money gets back to the dev still, pretty much the kind of attitude i’d expect from someone who partakes in such actions themselves.
        Which to reiterate is in part why they got cloned, no one would of reverse engineered the GDEmu this late in the game if there was no money in it.

      • I thinking you are missing one big thing as well. Anyone who buys an ODE to resell can only get one at a time. With about 6 windows a year. That is not many. I do not see how a single individual could end up with more than one at a time. There is no way anyone reselling their purchase is getting the bulk of the windows. It is not possible due to how the order system is set up. SO who cares if 5 guys are grabbing one each to resell. They are good customers, you just see it as – well 5 other people couldn’t get one. I call BS on that. Those 5 people are the ones who miss the window. ALso 5 guys grabbing a card every windows doesn’t do anything but piss people like you off. The Dev makes a sale and that is all he cares about. If Nintendo made 100K nes classics. They do not care who buys them. If Best Buy wants 25K and Game-stop wants 25K and Walmart wants 30K and target wants 20K they all sell and Nintendo made their money. Nintendo does not care what their bulk buyers sell them for, there is a reason it is called MSRP (suggested retail price). Also the ones selling it, Best buy and Such they really do not care how many you buy. Sure some stores will have goodie too shoes managers who will say ONE per customer (just like the dev does here), but I went into Target last week and there were 10 SNES classics in the case, I asked the guy I want to buy all of them, he said NO problem. Business is business and no one cares about feelings or what is FAIR.

        As for why it got cloned, GDEMU is 4 years old. It took 3+ years to get a viable clone because it had to get on the Chinese cloners radar. They do not reverse engineer. They can easily copy the PCB.. you or I could do that. It’s the firmware they need. The Dev explained all this already, but I will do it again since you seem to be lazy and do not read. The FPGA security was not as good as it should have been. Anyone who is familiar with the FPGA the DEV uses and knows to program for it themself can exploit the security and rip whatever code is on the FPGA off of there. That is what happened. When it first happened they did it with an older Revision. Hence the cards were ugly and the firmware they ripped was OLD, infact the firmware they are still using is old. They revised the PCB to be inline with the latest PCB of GDEMU (3.5) but they still are using the old firmware they ripped. You also need to remember that the money for cloners is not in the selling of the card to consumers but to re sellers. SO the factory that stole the design and ripped the older FPGA firmware ran off a few thousand cards. Then they bulk sell them to people like JACKDIY and other crappy re sellers on ali express and such. These guys get them for the cost of the PCB basically. If it cost the factory $40 a board to make them they mark them up 40 or 50% and sell them for $55-65 a pop to re sellers who in turn mark them up to what you can buy them for – the most expensive being about $100. These things get cloned because there is MONEY in it for the factory to clone it. They put out a a FEELER to their usual buyers and if there is enough interest they make them, clone them and sell them. I know many people who have made PCBs and devices much less complicated than the ODE the dev makes here and they got cloned too. If they can copy a design that seems to be selling a fair amount they will steal it and copy it if they can just to make more money. Most of these places do what is known as an inside job. Let me give you an example. The Chinese factory that pressers Controller shells for Microsoft XBOX or Sony PlayStation, once the run is done or they ran off their target, they then retool the injection molds. They remove the logos that says Sony or Microsoft and they run off a ton of “3rd party shells” These are usually in colors Sony and Microsoft did not order and they sell them to everyone from re sellers to individual customers. This is how these Chinese factory’s steal and make money from others IP. The same with PCB boards. Most individuals will use a Chinese factory to run off PCB for personal projects (like GDEMU DOES) and when they see that those orders are large or keep happening they know someone has a product that sells or they would not be ordering more and more. They research the product and if they can clone and sell it, they do. It is that simple.

      • Why the fuck are you even commenting here if you’re not gonna buy one you dumbshit? Do you really think your input has any real value? It doesn’t.

      • It’s amazing how egotistical and righteous people get when they are jealous of others. There is an economic model called capitalism that dictates that when supply is low and demand is high those who have the product in demand can get more for what they want to sell.

        The direct sale between the developer and the buyer is really none of anyone’s business. If someone comes here to buy an ODE, what they do afterwards is no ones business and it has nothing to do with the Developer, clones, or anything else. It only becomes an excuse for people who can’t wake up on time or learn to read about a sales window and be there on time to buy one when they go on sale. It really is that plain and simple.

        it also amazed me that people use such extreme examples. No ODE sells for $1K US dollars. I see bundles where the seller offers his system, the ode, a sd card, controller cords and other accessories sell for about that, but while these $160 USD really only fetch about 2-3X their retail price when sold alone. It is no different than anything else that is popular.

        Anyone who don’t get in on a sales window goes on the scalper rant. It is so silly. Just luck your wounds and STFU and wait for the next one. Learn to read and learn to be on time. I can point to like 50 posts over the last 3 windows of people who just found out about the Dreamcast or Saturn ODE and got one on the first shot no problem. It is those people who took the time to read, look at comments, ask questions and listen to the answers that have ZERO issue buying one.

        The other thing is there are VERY FEW posts of people who are like… DAMMM I just missed it. Like maybe 2 or 3 people per window. I could see if there were like 20, 50 ,100 people complaining a window closed SO FAST they couldn’t even complete the form. But there isn’t.

        Stop trying to demonize customers and stop taking things out of context.

        That quote you posted, was because the developer left the phoebe window open longer than he should have and he got more orders than he had stock. Then when he said he would honor EVERY ORDER, but it would take time, he got annoyed when people started emailing him “IS IT DONE YET”. If you got an email with being in Group 1 or Group 2, he knows you ordered. There are still people over a month later in group 2 still waiting on invoices. They all know, it will come. The Developer is very organized. He is not going to forget anyone. If you know you are in a group. Your ODE will eventually come.

      • Which part of “this is a hobby, not a business” did you not get, again?

        It’s kind of funny, but also pathetic, how the so-called western world keeps blaming China for lost jobs and poor quality products but when it’s toys buying time you demand cheap and available. And you praise stolen IP as competition and call it free market. I’ve never blamed my customers for anything except lack of patience, however I do blame the clone buyers for all the nice projects they’ve killed. Who knows, maybe this one too, eventually.

        Anyway, if you are not interested in buying then stop spreading misinformation and kindly vacate the premises.

      • Abe, it’s you who is egotistical… you go on these insane rants, and talk shit to any person who voices their opinion or makes suggestions. You advocate for capitalism, but ironically, based on the way you try to silence others, you are better suited for communism. Capitalism means that consumers have the right make suggestions or even complain to sellers who are marketing and selling a product to them. Without the consumer, the seller has no one to sell his product to.

        But let’s be real, the selling model on this site is terrible. You act as if only a small handful of people have complained. Did you not see the original GDEMU clone post from the dev? The majority of the comments were “i told you so” complaints about the order process.

        The cloned GDEMU clone was unfortunate, and I’m not advocating it. But it should serve as an eyeopener as to what happens when you alienate your customer base and make it difficult for them to buy your product. Then on top of that, you bash them for voicing their opinions. Think about all of the hundreds, maybe thousands of GDEMU’s that have recently sold online…. eventually there will be a Satiator or maybe a Rhea/Phoebe clone, and this will all happen again. It’s unfortunate, but the dev is too stubborn to change his ways and he will lose sales for it. He has a right to handle his business however he wants, just as we have a right to complain about it. It is not entitlement, no one is asking for anything for free. They are simply asking for a better order process.

      • Why’d you steal my name dickhead? There’s nothing wrong with how the devices on this site are sold. I have not had a problem getting any one of the ones that have been on sale. Not one. There are thousands of folks who can say the same.

        If you can’t figure out how to successfully order a device here, then you’ve got bigger problems. Like trying to your shoes, learning to cross the street, or how your gonna live your life when your caretaker dies.

      • This is not a “product”, you made it one. I was only planning to sell a handful of devices to a few people to fund my hobby. There is no “customer base”, you made one. By asking me to make more devices and I obliged. There is no “business” here, you demand one, and also you praise cheaper clones, a stolen IP, as “competition”.

        You gave away all your tech jobs to China to have cheap stuff and now demand I do the same with my hobby. The problem is not with my ways but with your bloated egos.

        In fact, had I kept GDEMU (and other devices) stricly private there would never be any clones, and you would not get anything, cheap or otherwise.

      • The only person on this blog who should be listened to and not talked back to. Respected in full is GDEMU. This is his page. His Hobby. His Products (projects). He has the First, last and Final word here.

        With that said.

        Someone is super immature using other peoples names that they post with, especially the serial posters like “Abe” and “Dcfan”. It is hard to tell if it is one person who is so abrasive here or if it is more than one person. Clearly I can see the posts from Abe and Dcfan and I can tell they are committed users and advocators of these optical drive emulation projects. They seem to help answer questions, give good advice, but also come off as a bit snooty or elitist sometimes. I understand GDEMU wants discussion and a place for people to come to when it comes to his projects to ask questions. These blog comments seem to be the place.

        Second. GDEMU is right. This is his hobby and anyone else is welcomed to create their own projects in the same spirit as what he does, but at the end of the day , what he comes up with, Code, design, implication, ect.. is HIS and HIS alone. It is, depending on where you live in this world, illegal to steal his design and code and reproduce it, with or without profit in mind. This is not open source. Should someone design their own code, fair play. But the blatant stealing of this person work is wrong, there is no FAIR or RATIONAL reason for stealing something and profiting from it. The clone are 100% wrong. I do not care if you are 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 years old. You have no right to claim that the clones or any kind of stolen design work is fair play. This man regardless of his intentions, reasons, train of thought has every right to the same protections as anyone else. Now without being a lawyer and taking into account there are different laws for different countries, theft of a design and software code is pretty much illegal in the USA, EU, UK, AUS, Japan,, Korea, and even China (even though they are the largest violators of IP). It is IMMORAL world wide to steal someone else’s work, Plagiarize it and sell it. But not everyone has a moral compass. That said. GDEMU has every right to be pissed off beyond belief about his GDEMU product being sold by other makers and he has no way to stop it. The Genie is out of the bottle so to speak. So he has done his best to prevent Rhea, Phoebe, DOCBROWN and any future projects from suffering from the same fate. I do not blame him for that.

        The one thing we all need to do is be accepting and grateful to GDEMU. Regardless if you been trying to buy one of his Projects for 1 week or 4 years now, you have to respect that it is his project. Let’s not devolve into immoral and rude visitors to his page. The more you advocate for the clones or blame GDEMU for the cloning of his own product the more you are going to just piss him off. I can already see many of you have an ulterior motive. Everyone who blames GDEMU, blames his order system, blames the scalpers, blames the sort supply of a certain optical drive emulator is just trying to push buttons or trying to push GDEMU over the edge to completely stop doing what he is doing. You are not going to bully the man into doing things “YOUR WAY”. He is going to either keep doing things his own way or just tell all of us, PISS OFF and disappear into the night or even worse be bullied out of his hobby which I assume he enjoys and it will be a great loss for a good many people. I dislike or disapprove the people who have the attitude of : “If I can’t get one or I don’t like how he does things so I am going to be a huge prick and post crap and bully the guy and harp on the same crap over and over until he just closes up shop and then NO ONE gets a chance to buy these” That is a unfair and selfish attitude to have.

        I have been quiet usually but I read every comment here. Here are the thing I think need to happen.

        1. Haters, loudmouths, and those advocating for the theft of this mans work need to go away. No need for your negativity here.

        2. Enough with the System is broken post. The system is not broken, it is just not to your liking. It is as fair as it can get. It is no different than ordering from any other webpage on the internet except that you do not pay upfront. Your order is completed with NO PAY and you are then invoiced when your order is ready. Guess what, the other guy who sells dreamcast and 3D0 optical drive emulators does it the same exact way.

        3. Stop with trying to justify the clones. they are wrong 100% nothing you can say or give examples for will justify the fact that this mans work was stolen and someone else is profiting fromit.

        4. Respect GDEMu and the way he does things. We do not need GDEMU getting mad or even wasting time getting into these threads, that is just a waste of time for him, added stress and will lead to a man who is less productive and lead to hurting his customers by not being able to be open minded and energized when it comes to doing what he enjoys doing.

        5. Even you fanboys, DcFan, Abe and others.. You need to cool it too. I can see you want to help and you defend GDEMU and his work a bit too much. Nothing wrong with being a fan and helping out. I see many helpful posts when GDEMU is not around, but you do have post that stir up trouble sometimes too.

        6. Leave conversations alone from this thread that are not the concerns of the projects here. No one want to talk about Scalpers, Re-sellers, repeat buyers, ect… The Developer addressed this in a blog post and comments already. As I said in the beginning, his outlook when it comes to this page and comments section should be first last and only word.

        7. Just accept that this is not a Company, Product, ect… As GDEMU said – this is a hobby that he decided to share with you all. Accept that. I will say this. For those of you that have given your money to GDEMU, you deserve a product that works when it arrives and you deserve support within fair amount of time and ability of GDEMU to give you. Remember the man lives in the EU (Poland I believe) and his time zone and lifestyle routine might night allow him to be conveniently available to you when you need him. That said. He always seems to address every buyers concerns when there is a problem. Of the few people who might have even had broken or nonfunctional Units. I have never seen a complaint from them that GDEMU did not help. He seems to have a PRISTINE and CRYSTAL CLEAR track record. He does not seem to be rude or callus towards his customers. English is not his first language and he does a fantastic job of communication with all of you. He speaks better English than some of you users who only speak English ad that says a lot about him.

        GDEMU.. you are a smart and talented guy. Keep up the good work. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

      • Just a quick note, there are some apparently butthurt people who come here to bait and troll others, and they pretend to be someone else by picking another name to post under. Frustration is one thing but they do it for the fun of it now so I’ll try to just hide those comments when I spot them.

  13. I received my type-3 Phoebe in the second round of orders, but unfortunately still can’t get it working. All I ever see when I boot is the main Saturn screen, followed by ‘checking disc format’. After that, I cannot start any application, and the rmenu.iso in 01 never loads. I tried putting a disc.iso image in 01 instead, but with the same results. I double checked and reconnected the power and cable connectors to make sure they’re fully inserted. Also, I tried 3 different fat32 SD cards, and none of them work. Don’t know what else to try now. Thanks in advance!!!

    • This looks like FFC problem. Make a photo of your setup (and your drive PCB as well). Do you have correct boot up animation and sound? What is the status LED on Phoebe doing?

      • Thanks gdemu — that was exactly the problem. I didn’t have the correct boot up animation and sound, but the Phoebe light was staying on a second and turning off light it should. It turns out that I had the cable going into the Phoebe on backwards. Everything is working perfectly now. Thanks again for the excellent product!

  14. Dear sir

    I just found that DocBrown for FM Towns Marty and I lost the opportunity to preorder.

    Would you please let me know when the next preorder will be placed? I have Marty1 and Marty2 so I want to buy two. And is DocBrown only for the Marty or can it be used for FM Towns PC?

    Lastly, when will be the next phoebe preorder?


    Hyun Ho Cho

    2018. 10. 1. 오후 6:09, GDEMU 작성:

    > >

    • There will be another batch for DocBrown but right now I can’t say when, I still have to sort out current Phoebe and Rhea orders. Just watch the blog I guess.
      And DocBrown is only for Marty but I have a prototype device for a gray tower Towns too.

      • So looking forward to the Grey Towns Tower Version.

        Personally I ordered the Marty ODE (Docbrown) and already sent in my info, I know they are going to be invoiced and shipped soon, for that I am very excited.

        I would love to have an ODE for my Towns CX20. The CD ROM is so finicky (works but who knows for how long).

        GDEMU – thanks for these great devices.. Please keep us in the loop for the Towns Tower version too..

      • GDEMU??

        Any Chance of using DocBrown or the Towns Tower ODE on a Car marty????

      • I’d have to get my hands on a Car Marty to tell you that, and these things are rare and expensive.

      • I offered him mine to experiment with if he is willing. GDEMU check your email.

  15. I don’t suppose anybody got a Rhea that they’d be interested in trading for a Phoebe?

    • email me..




      Message to others: No reason for any political posts, that is just the email I made and decided to use now. Weather you like the guy or not. I am just responding to Null and that is it.

  16. Yo, GDEMU! I’m really enjoying your GDEMU and Phoebe ODE boards for Dreamcast and Saturn. Any chance we can get an ODE board for Sega CD and the Panasonic 3DO?

    • There is already an ODE for 3D0. DO a google.

      I agree that Sega CD would be a fantastic next ODE to have.

      • Or go with a CDX and then you can listen to music on the go as well 🙂

  17. hello i just received my phoebe type-3. I installed it, put the firmware. I install games and Rmenu but the console starts on the console menu as if it does not recognize the ODE. would anyone have an idea to help me? thank you in advance.

    • What is this “put the firmware” thing and would it really kill you people to provide a photo? And actual description of what is happening rather than just “it doesn’t work”?

      • my ribbon cable was upside down sorry for bothering you …

  18. Just wanted to say that my Phoebe came in last week and it worked perfectly right off the bat. Thank you so much for what you have done for the community. Its much appreciated!

  19. hello i do not know if this is the right place to ask this question but i have a little problem about the game blue stinger version pal fr on dreamcast the game starts but there is a big black band down the screen. i tried several format cdi, gdi, cdd, mds … there is nothing to do the picture is always cut from a black band. if someone has already had the problem thank you to enlighten me.

    • Hi !
      If your Dreamcast is an NTSC one (or been modified to always output NTSC) it’s quite normal : Blue Stinger Pal is 50 hrtz optimized.

      • thank you for your answer and indeed my dreamcast has a wood “freezone”. So there is no solution to that ???

  20. Not sure if anyone has experienced this on the GDEMU but on the intro cutscene of Skies of Arcadia, the game freezes when Cupil shows up & winks. You can still press start to get past it. Not a big deal but just wondering if anyone else has the same thing occurring. Tried different images and it’s the same result for me.

    • Same thing happens on my GDEMU on Skies of Arcadia in the same spot.

    • This is a game bug. It also happens in emulators and on CD rips of SoA. Unless the read timing is exactly right the game will hang there, and GDEMU is considerably faster than the original drive.

      • gdemu, is there a work around for this or SoA considered unsupported?

      • There’s no work-around unless you want me to slow down GDEMU to original drive specs. And even that is not actually enough, the timing has to be near perfect as well.

    • Was it an email? I’m going to be refreshing repeatedly until I see mine. Haha

  21. Regarding Rhea and the 50/60hz switch, which seems to be recommended. I know a lot of NTSC (60hz) games will not run decent on unmodded PAL consoles (audio stuttering, frame drops, etc.). You can buy HDMI upscalers to convert from European SCART and output the PAL 50hz input signal to 720p60, 1080p60. Will this make those 60hz titles run flawlessly or is hardware modification always necessary? Thanks guys!

    • You’ll need a hardware mod, the converters won’t change the speed of the saturn.

  22. hello i’m on phoebe with the firmware 4.0.1 and the .cdi does not work on the .ccd and .mds no problem but not the .cdi. Has anyone ever had the problem? thank you.

    • You need to create your CDI files with “Scan Gaps, R-W, PQ, Raw Read” in the options if you do not create a CDI file with those options in DISC JUGGLER it will not work.

      • thank you for your answer but it’s exactly the settings I use on discjuggler. there is nothing to do the saturn this dish on are menu and said “cheking format disc” …

  23. Does he announce when all payment requests have gone out on a particular batch? I tried looking at older posts and it didn’t look like it.

    • Unless you don’t check your email or your not setup to receive paypal updates on your phone, you can’t miss the payment request. He sends an invoice via paypal. It will notify you via app notification and you will get a payment request email. Really no way to miss it.

      • Thanks! If anything, I’m over checking my email (spam folder included) and PayPal. I have terrible luck with this stuff, and I’m already anticipating something will go wrong somehow.

  24. For one of the more experienced buyers here:
    After sending the payment do we normally get a tracking number? I know the seller doesn’t want bugged, but I’m so excited to get it (and have my SD card ready to go!)

    • Your paypal will send you an email when it is shipped and it will have tracking. Depending on where in the world you live it might or might not work. As a US buyer. The tracking does not work. But if you call the 1 800 number for USPS and give them the number they can locate it, but advise against this unless you think there is an issue. I would wait 4-6 weeks before calling USPS with the tracking if your in the USE. Most US packages arrive in 2-3 weeks.

      • Thanks ABE, you’re right, I got a tracking number via Paypal. I’m in the UK so hoping that the EU does us proud and gets it here quickly 🙂

  25. my rhea turned up this morning looking forward to putting it in my Hitachi HiSaturn

    • My rhea has also here arrived today in germany. All went very good, thank you gdemu aka “our god” from poland. Hope for a ODE for8 sega mega cd 2 in future.

      • mega CD should be easier in theory than the Saturn as there is no copy protection at all involved in that system- I would also love to see an ODE solution for the mega/sega cd 1 or 2

  26. Any word on the Doc Brown notifications ?

    I know its near the end of the month and wondered if anyone else got the notification/Payment request ?

  27. Just wanted to say thanks to gdemu, got my Rhea and it works like a dream.

  28. Hi, have all the Rhea paypal requests been sent out?
    I’ve been on holiday for the past week and my friend told me that he had received his, but I haven’t seen anything as yet.

    • Not just yet but I’m hoping to mop it all up during the next few days and then continue shipping Phoebe.

      • I am the very END of the Phoebe list (as per your email). Very Very Patiently waiting..

        Thanks for the Hard work and updates GDEMU!!!

  29. I know this is a bit of a random question, but it’s R&D for the PC Engine ODE project still ongoing? Or is that on the back burner indefinitely?

  30. Hello there! I hope you are doing well. I have been interested in the GDEMU for a long time but I never seem to find the pre-order or the ordering page and they always seem to go offline. Could you please kindly help me out in obtaining one? Thank you.

  31. Hi GDEMU,
    I have a matter with my RHEA since few days.
    When I play to sega saturn, this one stops at any time.
    I return on the menu of sega saturn but the icon to launch the game does not recognize rhea.
    It seems there is no RHEA connect to my sega saturn or lens optic…
    So I switch off the sega saturn an when I switch on it the rhea launches automatically on game list selection.
    I select a game and after few minutes the game stop and return again to the menu of the sega saturn.
    Do you have an idea in order to sove this matter?

  32. Can anyone comment if they received payment request for DOC Brown yet ?

    I know it was near the end of the month….

    • Nothing for anyone yet.

      I think it will be after RHEA and PHOEBE are done shipping.

      he said he is almost done with RHEA and then he needs to finish round 2 of Phoebe.

      I am hoping to see my Doc Brown before the end of the year. That would be great.

      Also I think he has an ODE planned for FM Towns PC.. SO we might see a window for the FMT and FMT II machines.

      Then on to Sega CD? PCE? Something else?

  33. Rhea from the last batch arrived yesterday to my east coast us house. Works great as expected, thanks!!

  34. Anyone know if all of group 2 Phoebes went out? Never got an invoice after the first email.

  35. oh my, i missed the paypal request for rhea until i searched it in my email just now. can you send it again pls???

    • dammit, i cant believe i missed that because ive been checking for the paypal payment rquest like every other day – dammit!!! please send again please – emphasis on the drama****!!!! im hitting myself now

      • Same happened to me. It got stuck in the stupid junk mail. Over zealous AI I guess. Anyway, don’t worry, GDEMU will sell these babies again, you’ll have another chance.

      • maybe i shouldnt have sent that payment – i hope i didnt lose my money

      • You didn’t loose your money. GDEMU is 100% honest guy. He will either mail your ODE or refund you. You have nothing to worry about.

    • i sent the payment to the same email that requested and canceled payment request. hopefully there is still availability of the rhea and you can accept the payment and be able to send a rhea. i’m sorry for missing it

  36. Gdemu, please work on a Mega CD Ode Solution, it’s the only CD based Sega console left who had nothing to replace the CD drive.

  37. Hello!
    I have a problem with the PHOEBE that I bought some time ago. Once installed, I realized that a problem occurs if I turn on the SS with the card already loaded. The main screen of the SS shows the two boxes that shows the sound in the form of a ball as if the sound had come out, but nothing audible or loud, because they are in the normal color of mute (Yellow or green). I have to turn on the SS and then put the card. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

    • What is the status LED doing? I’m pretty sure you left that card in locked position and the device expects a FW upgrade so doesn’t fully boot.

  38. Are Phoebe payment requests still going out? I still don’t have anything showing up in PayPal or anywhere in my email after the initial email saying I was in group 2. I have no problem waiting longer, just wanted to confirm requests are still being handled.

      • I believe I am the very end of that list. So for everyone else still waiting.. there still coming, thanks GDEMU for confirming that.

  39. Just sent payment for Phoebe from group 2.
    I got 2 separate requests at once for some reason, but only paid for one, naturally, and to be fair (even if I needed/wanted another). Shall I just delete the extra request from my PayPal then?
    No one gets forgotten.

  40. My Rhea from this round arrived yesterday. All installed and working perfectly. Thank you again Deunan.

  41. Hi Rado, hi everybody !
    Got my Rhea this Monday.
    Installed on my japanese VA0 Saturn & tested it all this morning : works flawlessly 🙂
    in conjunction with RMENU and a 3D printed SD-Tray it’s perfect !
    Thanks for this pleasant and easy deal and keeping this great project alive.
    Wishing you the best,
    Have a nice day…

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