Walk Like An Egyptian

All Rheas are shipped, finally, and I’m now testing and packing the outstanding Phoebes. If all goes well I should have that all done next week so if you’re still expecting a payment request this is the time to pay attention to your email and PayPal account.

Speaking of PayPal – it seems to have glitched yesterday and some requests were duplicated (or even triplicated). I can actually see that on my side too but this is not the first time it happened (although usually it’s just one request that glitches, not all of them) and from experience cancelling one tends to remove all the copies along with it. So then I have to issue another one.

To work around it pay one and then cancel the rest on your side – this way at the very least I get a “It’s been paid” entry with your address so I can proceed with shipping as usual. If that doesn’t work for you for some reason (the glitched requests sometimes refuse to accept payment) please contact me by email to sort it out.