Walk Like An Egyptian

All Rheas are shipped, finally, and I’m now testing and packing the outstanding Phoebes. If all goes well I should have that all done next week so if you’re still expecting a payment request this is the time to pay attention to your email and PayPal account.

Speaking of PayPal – it seems to have glitched yesterday and some requests were duplicated (or even triplicated). I can actually see that on my side too but this is not the first time it happened (although usually it’s just one request that glitches, not all of them) and from experience cancelling one tends to remove all the copies along with it. So then I have to issue another one.

To work around it pay one and then cancel the rest on your side – this way at the very least I get a “It’s been paid” entry with your address so I can proceed with shipping as usual. If that doesn’t work for you for some reason (the glitched requests sometimes refuse to accept payment) please contact me by email to sort it out.

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  1. Are you still working on a PCE ODE? I haven’t heard anything for a while.

  2. Finally bought a Saturn 3 weeks ago… now I just have to watch the blog like a hawk to watch for the next Rhea sale. 🙂

    • Worth doing – I was in the same scenario, this system kicks ass and the rhea / Phoebe is a hell of a piece of kit. Perseverance pays off, I got one in the end – keep at it, it’s worth it! 🙂

  3. I never received a payment request for Rhea. I know the order went through, I even still have the screenshot. I double checked paypal and did not see any requests. Any idea why this happened?

      • I never received a confirmation email. I thought I read somewhere that confirmation emails aren’t sent, you just simply wait for the payment request email to come through, which I never received. I can email you the screenshot if you want, but if nothing can be done, no big deal I’ll just wait for the next order to open up.

  4. I got Duplicate request and have not paid yet. SO I will pay the ONE and cancel the other from my side after it is paid. I need 48 hrs. I am about $50 short at this time but I am doing a bank Xfer to cover the the balance so I can pay you with Paypal balance in full.


  5. Is this the first or the second group for the phoebe? I ask while i am in the second group and i have no payment request.


  6. Hi, I’m new around here and I’m interested in buying “Rhea”, Is there a waiting line or should I just keep refreshing the page until it gets restocked? Thanks.

  7. I’ve been trying to catch pheobe ordering for 7 years now. Every time it opens it’s up for like an hour and never when I’m awake. Then I’m like oh wait I have to go open my saturn again and specify which model because it’s been like a year and a half since the last time I looked. Can I please order one?

    • Considering that GDEMU is barely 4 years old. Then Rhea Came out, Then Phoebe came out (at most 15 or 16 months ago) your extremely exaggerating.

      There have been a ton of order windows for both RHEA and PHOEBE. Enough of the Complaining. Order windows are announced in advance. A simple Subscribe of the BLOG will get the one or Two emails a month to point out there is a new post which usually has a new window announced. He was more than Generous with both RHEA and PHOEBE windows last time. They were both open for much longer than usual and he even allowed months of backorders. He is still shipping Phoebes ordered from the last window like 2 months ago.

    • It’s really not that difficult. Just pay attention to the posts. I got frustrated myself until I really put some dedication into paying attention to the ordering windows. This year I’ve been able to get a GDEMU, Rhea, and a Phoebe (yes, I need both). And no you don’t need to open up your Saturn each time. Find out your model number, put a post it or tape a note on your Saturn with the model number on it or make it the background of your cellphone lol.

  8. Hi GDEMU and fans of his work.

    I have a GDEMU and I finally upgraded to a 400GB card and I can fit the entire library on one SDcard and it seems to work great. It is SANDISK in case anyone is wondering.

    I do have a question. It seems like the more you add to a card the longer it says “LOADING…” when the console starts. I understand it scans the entire SD CARD and creates a menu system.

    SInce my Card is Finalized and not changing anymore.. is there any way to create a INI file and prevent GDMENU from scanning the Card and taking so long to load?? On the Sega Saturn the RMENU has a Pre-configured INI before you put it in the Saturn so it loads the Menu List Right away. Can this be done on GDMENU? If so please enlighten me / Us.

    The Card currently takes 110 seconds (almost 2 full minutes) to load each time you turn on the System. I was really hoping there would be some way to prevent this and get instant meny each boot.

    Thanks in advance.

      • TO be honest I did not google at all. You Try making sure every game works then compiling 335 games to fit on one SD card and make sure there are no errors. I was tired and spent a whole night doing it. I posted and went to bed. But thank you for the push in the right direction. I will look into it. Glad to know there is a solution.

  9. Woots! Just got my payment request for my group 2 Phoebe order! Thanks GDEMU!

  10. I’d like to know when the Rhea order will open up again

  11. Hello, I’m waiting for your payment email of Phoebe,
    But, til now I’ve not got a mail,
    There are no paypal requests, when I check my email list again, I could not find any payment request mail from you.
    Can you check it again for me? 🙂

  12. My phoebe order is paid!!! I cannot wait to get it!!! Thank you, D! Much appreciated!

  13. GDEMU

    I noticed the new RHEA cards that you just shipped are on 4.0.1 Yet the FW update page only says 3.9.0

    Those of us with older RHEA’s can we update to 4.0.1 too?

    • There is no need to, no Rheas were sold with the bug that would require new FW. Plus this update is risky and there’s just too many idiots out there who can’t even follow simple instructions.

      • What seems to be in high demand is an ointment for all that butthurt. But that too is out of stock.

  14. I will most definitely be ordering a Rhea or Phoebe when they are next available (got to take my Saturn apart again been a while). I bookmarked this page 8 months ago but forget to keep checking back.

    Please email me when the next order sign up starts.

  15. I bought a Phoebe but it does not work. What should I do with this? Where can I send it again?

    • I would say that perhaps you should email GDEMU or perhaps ask for advice.

      Being it is a Phoebe there is a chance you have it configured incorrectly for your type.

      Type 2,3,4 all have different jumper settings and if you ordered a certain TYPE and got your version wrong that could be an issue.

      Your Ribbon could be installed upside down.

      Did you remember to plug the 3 prong cable into it besides the ribbon?

      Is your SDcard lock in the wrong position?

      Is your card formatted properly to Fat32?

      Are you images supported or ripped properly?

      There is so much that can be wrong that you overlooked.
      I am sure GDEMU can troubleshoot it with you and get it working.
      If I had to guess, chances are it works just fine and your overlooking something,

    • You can send it to me! I’ll give you $75 for it since it doesn’t work 🙂

  16. I wanted to thank the genius of the ODE’s for their work, I am enjoying my Rhea as a child, for the boring comments of always … yes, it is possible that in less than 5 months I have achieved a gedemu and a rhea .. .without too much effort. I said thank you … and I hope you continue a long time with this type of projects.

  17. I just received my Phoebe, thanks! However, upon reading the installation instructions it looks like SJ2 is in the wrong position. I ordered a type 4. The instruction page shows Type 4 having SJ2 in down position, but mine is up. The warning says a misconfigured ODE might cause damage to the Saturn or ODE. Will this cause any damage? Does it need resoldering?

    • Double Check your PHOEBE. Make sure the Orientation of how you are holding it compared to the pictures posted on the installation page are identical. Match them up, Only when you are 100% sure they are incorrect, then proceed with fixing the Jumper settings. GDEMU isn’t perfect, but he rarely gets it wrong. Also the Pink static bubble wrap should have had a 4 on it. If you ordered a type 4. Check that as well.

      If you are unsure after all that email GDEMU.

      • For anyone interested, the soldering was correct but the JP2 label is in a different orientation to the placement in the instruction picture. This can be confusing as it looks like the soldering is up rather than down when comparing to the JP2 label. Gdemu pointed out that the orientation of JP1 provides a reference to which way is up and which way is down, so use that if you’re confused like I was.

      • I’ve taken a photo of it. Where do I send it to? Also I don’t see anything written on the pink plastic bubble wrap.

      • If you have any emails from GDEMU you can mail him there. Also his email is listed in the invoice he sent you. I will not post it publicly. If you no longer have it. Wait for him to respond and he will likely reach out to you.

  18. Found the address, thanks. I was looking for it in the payment request but it was in the invoice as you said. Have emailed a picture.

  19. Got my Phoebe in today. Thank you.
    I am unable to get it up and running though.
    I need help. I go to install the 3.6 firmware file but
    the led just stays on for a bit and then blink, stay on for a bit and blink again. I don’t see it flashing rapidly then stopping. Is there an error? And my 01 folder … I am not generating a rmenu iso from running rmenu exe. It’s a rar file with the game list and other files. Confused on these steps. My Dreamcast ode was so much easier.

    • GPIC,

      I’ll try and help but I don’t check the comments section much. Is there a better way to contact you? Just know that I don’t do any social media.
      Took me a while to figure it out but got it all working with the FW fix file and then the latest 4.0…..(can’t remember exactly)

      • You can email me
        Any guidance would be helpful.
        My dreamcast ode setup was so much easier.

    • Was there any particular reason why you decided to flash 3.6 FW to a 4.0 series device?
      Download the 4.0.1 from my post below and flash it. That and only that.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I just went to the update Phoebe page and downloaded the latest firmware file that was there.
        I will download and flash the 4.0.1 you make mention of in the other post and see what happens. I interpreted that as only having to do with the glitched group 1 orders.

      • In future please check what FW your device has first before flashing another one. You can do it via RMENU.

      • GDEMU.. He Stated he just got his card today. Wouldn’t he have 4.0.1 on it already? You stated only a small number of Group 1 Cards had 4.0.0 and needed the FIX and Firmware 4.0.1. You stated that all Group 2 would have the latest firmware on it. Hence this guy should not need to update anything. Especially if he just got his card today, he has to be a group 2 person near the end of the list, unless his group one Card got stuck in the mail for like 2 months (sarcasm).

      • Just for the record, I set up my Phoebe last night and had strange issues loading some images. The problem was inconsistent. I hadn’t set up RMENU yet to determine what firmware was on it, but after seeing this post I decided to upgrade by applying the fwfix and 4.01 upgrade. It seems to have fixed the issue as I can now play more (but not all) images more consistently. I think the ones that aren’t working may be due to the region or the images themselves. Will test more tonight.

      • Actually you were supposed to flash just the 4.0.1, without the fix. It won’t break anything though since the fix doesn’t do anything on your device.

  20. Hello friend, how is the progress of GDEMU DO FMT TOWNS MARTY? How much is the sale?

    • Been waiting on this myself for a LONG TIME now. The Days the invoice start rolling out I will be very happy

  21. Hi ,
    I´ve had a problem with my paypal account and i never received notifcations about the payment request , and now the request hace been canceled . Can you send me the request again ???

  22. Just received my Type 2 Phoebe and it works like a charm in my PAL Saturn, although there’s one issue I hope you guys can help me out with.
    Either with or without the Phoebe, I seem to have an FMV stuttering issue that only occurs with Magic Knight Rayearth on the Opening video and I think some other FMV’s during gameplay.
    Whats strange however is that it occurs with every version of the game I load into the Phoebe or from disc backup (Japanese Voice version, different Backups) etc.
    It’s worth mentioning that I purchased my Saturn with an already installed Region Switch in the VCD bays panel with a cable I’d assume is running to the usual switch-mod location 🤔
    Otherwise, the Saturn seems to run just fine with every other game I’ve tested up until now.

    • Are you trying to play JP games on 50Hz PAL machine? If so, without 60Hz switch the FMVs will break up.

      • Hi gdemu, thanks for the response! Really enjoying the Phoebe!! ❤
        Yeah, I had that feeling after a similar occurence with my PS3 running PS1 games it had something to do with the region differences.

        I'm guessing then that the region switch doesn't control the frequency and that I'd have to follow your mod for the Phoebe to enable it.
        Do you think as someone relatively new to electronics that it would be wise to attempt it?
        I'm guessing that the .ini settings then would control the frequency after enabling it?

      • It depends on the mod method but in general you can either use a switch or solder the wire to ODE and use INI settings.
        ODE can either force one particular value all the time or dynamically switch depending on image region.

      • Can you explain that Dynamic Switch in a bit more detail?

        If I understand it correctly. If you do the soldering to the ODE and enable the 50/60 switching the ODE knows based on the Game Image weather to pick 50 or 60hz correct?

  23. When will I be able to purchase a Rhea? Just found out about this kit and was blown away!
    Please tell me it wont be long

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