Running in the 90s

I’m still quite busy – I’ll spare you the details and instead offer a revised plan of action. It’s December now and I wish to avoid shipping anything I don’t have to until 2019, for three reasons:

  1. It’s a waste of time, it’s Xmas shopping spree already and post office queues are huge.
  2. Due to Xmas and Black Friday related online purchases delivery times are longer as all shipping channels tend to saturate until late January or so.
  3. All of that increases the chances of the packages getting damaged or lost in transit.

I will probably make exception for the current DocBrown orders, I have it all ready except I’m still considering bigger envelopes. The very first batch arrived intact though… Well, I’m going to make that decision in the next few days.

Now, just because I’m not shipping anything this month doesn’t mean I can’t take orders and prepare for January. In fact I’m already stockpiling devices for that very purpose. So next Saturday I will open orders for GDEMU, and then, on the Saturday after that, for Rhea. I have Phoebes too but seeing how I just ended shipping those I belive it’s time to give other devices a chance to sell. That being said, if the GDEMU or Rhea orders are small enough I might consider offering more Phoebes this year still. We’ll see.

In the meantime I amused myself modding Sega Master System console I found on sale for about 10$. As far as I can tell it was never worked on, and some plastic wear aside it’s in a good condition. Just what I like, a few scratches (which are non-issue to me) and a low price. I recapped it, removed the TV modulator and changed some parts around the video encoder to have it output RGB, audio and composite signals with correct impendance. I’m no pro modder but I think the end result is pretty nice:

Oh, and one last thing: While I’m reading all the emails I get, I have not responded to anything that’s not urgent and/or support related. That being said not all of us are native English speakers and sometimes we don’t get our point clearly across so if I didn’t reply but you do actually need my help, please email me again.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are now open closed again. If you missed it don’t worry, there will be more late January (or so).

UPDATE 2: Rhea orders are now open closed.

215 thoughts on “Running in the 90s

  1. hi there πŸ™‚ what about DOCBROWN please ? any new order to come ?
    i have Marty waiting for it thank you very much !

  2. Hello, I managed to place an order last saturday for the GDEmu, just wondering how long does it take to be notified?

      • Thank you for the answer. I was still waiting your notification, but it was in the spam folder since then.

    • It’s on the post. Rhea this Saturday. Phoebe, we still don’t have a date

  3. Can not wait. Is there an estimated time that the orders will open for the Rhea?

  4. Hi, any chance we can find out what time Rheas will go up for preorder? Thanks!

  5. Hey Guys,

    My Doc Brown arrived thank you GDEMU πŸ™‚ When I tried to download the Marty Almanac I received a message saying it had been removed, is anyone else getting this message?

  6. When you opening Rhea orders? your killing us on the east coast USA

  7. I just sit and it was there, well that was easy πŸ™‚

  8. Where do I get the files to put on SD card, example File “01”??? Not sure where to grab these.

    • Hmmm, I’m pretty sure “01” is a directory name, not a file.

  9. Can’t believe finally ordered one!!
    Already got a gdemu from him

  10. I was on time.. Great – Says it went through.. January is gonna be a long wait

  11. A little question, I manage to order a GDEmu and a Rhea, are they going to be shipped separatly or in the same parcel?

  12. guys i need help here in making a choice. I have a VA7 Saturn. Which one is suitable for me? can someone please help me. Thanks.

      • You must wait for PHOEBE.

        If you ordered a RHEA, just buy a new system on ebay.
        Oval button system black with 3rd number of the serial number 0 or 1. Usually indicates a 20 pin model for rhea.
        If you buy a Japanese system, the grey systems that have 20 pin will have a 3rd screw holding in the power supply on the back of the system. If you see 2 screws by the power supply it is likely a VA2 or greater. Serial number trick also works on this. And they are oval buttons too. So you can get a japanese oval button Victor saturn, hi saturn, grey saturn. Most are VA0 or VA1.

  13. And order page closed … 20 minutes
    First time following through the discussions and I was able to get the GDEMU and Rhea. Thank you all for the valuable information provided.

    • Yup, It’s easy when you take the time to read.

      So now we wait and see who the first non-readers will be. They are easy to spot, they complain about not knowing when the orders would open and blame the ordering system or GDEMU’s business model for their failure.

      • Always… KOSH THE RIPPER will be the first one to bash.. He is a TOOL.

  14. GDEmu I accidentally clicked my Rhea order with va0 so I entered a second order with va1. Can you cancel my va0 order and keep my va1? Sorry for the mistake.

    • What is the difference between a V0 and a V1? I bought a Rhea years ago and never knew this. I believe mine is installed in a V0. Can I just put it in a V1 also with no changes? Please explain.

  15. Dang I fell asleep and missed the Rhea. I really needed the Phoebe anyways but damn it sucks.

    When will the next order be?

  16. Man… I just lost this because of Daylight Saving Time =z… For how long did the link stay up?

  17. GDEMU – I am having paypal issues.. I need to update my Doc Brown paypal email and my Rhea order email for payment. I did email you. Figured I would leave a message here too,

  18. finally i get rhea, now i’m waiting the confirm email and payment. do you think it could be before Cristmas or not? thanks

    • I believe he said January for invoices. He will likely send GDEMU first and give 1 week and then do Rhea Invoice so they will likely ship 2nd week of Jan is my guess.

  19. This weekend marked my 4 year anniversary of owning a Rhea – can’t believe it’s gone so fast lol. My Saturn has been used at least once a week over the last 4 years and the ODE has always performed perfectly.
    So a huge thanks to DK not only for making these ODE’s – but also for the high quality of the devices, these things are built to last πŸ™‚
    And for all new purchasers – you’re in for a treat, and once you’ve tried it you’ll know it really was worth the wait πŸ™‚

  20. Great Scott the Doc Brown is awesome πŸ™‚

    I’m not 100 percent sure how to use the almanac the terms are very technical to be honest can someone give me a how to guide for dummies. No worries if not I work with lots of coders so I’m sure one of them will be able to help me.

    Also can we talk about individual game roms on here I have a problem with one?

    Thank you again GDEMU πŸ™‚

    • Almanac in short: create all the TXT files (this is the ugly part) and then just run the RunMe.bat in 01 folder.

      What game do you have problems with? What format is it in?

      • A script would be awesome if someone can make it.
        One that creates the TXT file based on the name of the game folder.
        Most of us keep our games in subfolders that have the name of the game.
        Then we could all copy the games we want to the SCcard and just use a Batch rename script to change all the folder names to numbers 01-XX

      • Thank you for responding It appears to be rather simple when you ut it like that. πŸ™‚

        The game is Twin Cobra it juat has no in game audio I wondered if a rom version exists that has the games music?

      • AKA Kyuukyoku Tiger? If you have the same “dump” as I do, it was re-converted from mp3 so it’s quality is so-so. But the actual problem is CUE+BIN format, that’s not supported by ODE. It will load the BIN file as a single ISO9660 RAW track – that’s why it boots at all. The data portion is there.

  21. Ooh I miss the Rhea…when will this be available again? Appreciate thanks

  22. @GDEmu

    Email sent about DocBrown Order… still have not received an invoice… last email contact was May 20, 2018 when I was added to the list and sent picture proof of ownership…

    I hope I have not been overlooked on this order…

    • Really ready too, dreaming with GDEmu and Phoebe since 2017. I will try to be more attentive this time.

  23. Just curious, will every Sega Saturn V1 will work with Rhea? I mean the Sega Saturn version that has the Power and Reset switches thin.

    • Chances are good. But the OVAL button (thin as you say) could have a 21 pin cable inside. Check your serial number if the 3rd number is a 0 or 1 chances are very good. But without opening and checking the mother board connector for 1 – 20 or 1 – 21 on the mobo – no way to be 100% sure.

      • Thank you very much for the reply Abe, well I am planning to get a V1 model since I got a Rhea preorder and my current Saturn is definitely a PAL V2 with the grey round reset and power switches and the third number on the serial number is a 5. But that one I know for a fact I will need a Phoebe for, just trying to find a V1 for the Rhea and am currently looking on eBay for the V1 Saturn. Once the Phoebe preorders go live I am happy to get it as well. I am looking so much forward for january, will be the best start for 2019 with the GDEmu and Rhea and Resident Evil Remake, cant freakin wait!

  24. All I want for Christmas is a Phoebe. Please GDEMU Santa.

  25. Is there a waiting list for Phoebe? My modchip just died on me and while I got a replacement, if this is going to go back up soon, I may as well just wait for this.

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