Holding Back the Years

Just to clear any possible misunderstanding, there WILL NOT be a Phoebe ordering window this Saturday. Most likely it’ll happen at the end of January, after I’ve shipped most/all GDEMUs. So Marry Xmas and Happy New Year everybody, we’ll see each other in 2019.

As for the photos below, this is a personal project and I won’t go into details – enjoy, or not, it’s not an ODE and has nothing to do with my other devices. I just wanted to share it since now (after many years) it’s done and I can close this chapter for good.

65 thoughts on “Holding Back the Years

  1. As long as there will be another Phoebe order window at some point I’m happy.

    What is this project you finished? Some type of calculator? Looks cool.

    Happy holidays to you as well.

    • Pretty cool, never seem one of those. I thought it was a calculator as well.

  2. Thanks for clearing the air, now I can recklessly spend my money on other stuff for the holiday season! Hope your holidays go well!

  3. If that’s an algebraic calculator, it’s pretty neat.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! So long, and thanks for all the fish. Looking forward to 2019!

  4. Hi,

    I would like to know if it’s possible to order a gdemu.

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    Best regards.



    • They’re available sporadically. You’ll have to keep an eye out on the site/get notified when it’s updated to see when they’ll be going up for sale. With a little patience I’ve been able to get a GDEMU and a Phoebe.

  5. I thought it was a CPS1 ‘flashcart’ like undamned’s CPS2 solution. But it does say CA80 right there on the corner 😀

  6. Late January you say?!?! That’s right around my birthday so now im SUPER hype for this. January 31st will be a very special day in 2019 indeed. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed……. oh and knock on wood.

  7. This title reminds me Simply Red song😍
    Was a reference?
    Happy Holidays for all 🌈🍾

  8. GDEMU – please check your email. I am having issues with my DOC BROWN. Hoping you can help me figure it out.


  9. What is this? Was this supposed to be used to teach programming? I tried reading up on it and find myself more confused.

    • It’s a DIY “computer” for people who couldn’t afford even 8-bit machine back in the ’80.

      • So you could program actual games and things on here? Neat!

  10. I would like to know if you printed that board yourself or if it’s a kit that is being made toady. It’s always fun to see old Z80s and 6502s being used in new projects so many years after their introduction in the 70s.

    • They stopped selling these in mid ’90. This is my take on the MIK-290 PCB, mostly a copy of the original based on schematics and photos but I’ve replaced the clock/NMI subsystem with ATmega (which might also emulate the tape recorder if I ever code that in) and added -5V and 29V power converters so that it can work with single +5V PSU.

  11. Any chance for more Rheas? My cousin is interested as she’s still got my aunt’s launch Saturn.

  12. Looks like a fun project! I was wondering if you are planning to take DocBrown orders in the future or was that a one-time run? I’d imagine the demand isn’t very high for them but my Marty’s laser no longer works and they’re impossible to find 😦

      • So glad to hear this! The laser in my Marty is dead as well. Can’t wait 🙂

      • Awesome! Oh right something I wanted to mention to you but didn’t see a way to get in touch: I got a gdemu last year however there’s a bit of a “bug” in that the peripherals set in ip.bin make it so you cannot use gdemu with controllers like the Ascii 6 button game-pad.

        I was able to patch the menu for my own use so that I can use the controller but figured you might want a heads up. My solution was to only require start, a+b & directions for the controller portion.

    • It’s still planned, though if you want that SCSI adapter then go for it. It works well, even as external one if you solder the connector. That being said many games expect to be run from the CD-ROM and will not have audio or even work at all while on HDD.

      • Yea I rather wait for the Towns PC version of Doc Brown. I want to use Almanac, have all my games on a SD Card and call it a day. I am ready to buy one as soon as you have them ready. In fact I would Buy Two. I have a FM Towns Fresh as well but the CD ROM still works on that one. (Still rather have an ODE though).

        I am not gonna grab the SCSI device… sounds like too many incompatibility issues.

  13. Hi, Sorry if I missed comments about it.
    But Still not getting my payment request for GDEMU.

  14. GDEMU – what can you tell me about the Marty with the DX100 MHZ upgrade? With all the Doc Brown Ram and boost settings – how well do some of the games that really chug on the marty run with just the DOC BROWN boost / and Ram settings boosted Vs Using the Processor Upgrade + the extra settings?

    • It’s neither DX nor 100MHz, merely a 486 instead of 386SX. It helps but you need a demanding game too see that (like UU). To see big difference requires enabling cache (or clock doubler for better results) but that means game patching. Or more specifically the biggest issue is with the TBIOS libs.

  15. Hi, I’ve took my Saturn apart to see what type it is but the insides don’t match with any of the images on the Sega Details page.
    It’s a MK1 serial console but I’ve not seen the psu before:

    • It’s one of the examples that the external look doesn’t matter – even if it’s the MK1 the guts inside are Type-2. Worry not about the PSU, just the drive PCB. The power is supplied via 5-pin connector, the chip is square and the ribbon is folded. It’s a Type-2.

  16. @Gdemu I wanted to ask you a question. how to recognize a gdemu clone of an authentic? thank you and Happy New year

  17. Not sure where else to turn, so just going to ask here. 😦

    Something happened to my Saturn, I’m not sure what. It used to work completely fine, and then when I finally got Phoebe I installed and tested it very briefly and it worked fine. Then for a long time I didn’t play.

    Today I was excited to finally get back and play some games, and I booted it up. First odd thing I noticed was no start up jingle. The logo would fly by but no sound…

    Now I cannot boot any game at all from Phoebe. Every single time it will go to the Sega logo, and then hit a black screen and do nothing forever.

    I re-formatted my SD card in Fat32 and made sure to put back on only one single game I knew was working from the past, before when I set it up. Same problem, no sound and after Sega logo, black screen forever.

    I can see the logos when I boot up, I can get into the CD screen, I can get into Action Replay screens, but never past the Sega logo when booting a game.

    For a test, I put the original CD drive back in and used a real retail disc. Still, there is no sound, but I was able to boot a game, Virtua Cop 2. I was able to play through a bit, although the screen sort of flashed oddly sometimes when shooting. The gameplay had no sound at all.

    Is my Saturn dead/dying, or something else? :\

  18. Yo! I have received the invoice payment for the GDMU but I have sent you an email a long time ago about my issues yet you haven’t replied to me but just send me an invoice asking for cash. Kindly please get back to me by email because the GDMU will not work with my Dreamcast. I need to confirm that with you. Thanks

      • The first email I sent to you was my gmail. My paypal is associated with Outlook. If you didn’t get them, can we continue it in private DM. Thanks

      • Why in private? If it’s a technical question some other people might be able to help too. So what’s the problem?

  19. Good Morning gdemu,

    I read a post at the beginning of December stating that you would open preorders for the gdemu at the end of January, is this still your plan?

    Thank you!! 😀

  20. Hi,

    I got a confirmation for my GDEMU in December, which said I should receive an invoice in the first week of January. Do you know if these invoices are still in the process of being sent out?

    Regards, and thanks for the great work,

  21. Belated happy new year,

    Just wondering if the rhea payment requests had been sent as I have not received one.



  22. Really appreciate your work and what you’re doing for the retro gaming community GDEMU.

    I’m interested to know which Saturday the Phoebes will be on sale as well, I’ve never been able to make it on time to one, and I’ve been trying to get a Phoebe for years.

    Also wondering if I can order two, as I have two Saturns.

  23. I have two Saturns as well. One for the Pheobe and one for the Rhea. Hopefully, the end of January?

  24. Also looking for an official GDEMU. I will be ready when these go back on sale. Can’t wait to get an official one. Don’t buy fake stuff bootleg chips are poisoning the market. Can’t even update without bricking.

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