Okay, I didn’t want to do politics here but there are a few things that need addressing.

First, there is this shutdown in USA that apparently has quite an impact on the swiftness of customs procedures. Or, to put it bluntly, lack of thereof. Please keep that in mind while waiting for the packages to arrive – some might be delayed quite a bit. That being said, once 3-4 weeks have passed do inquire at your nearest postal office every week or so, I’ve just had a few envelopes returned to me with “unclaimed” sticker and apparently there weren’t any notices delivered. Although that was probably due to the Xmas rush and sales after – but it might get worse.

Second, after today’s vote we are looking at a no-deal Brexit being the most likely outcome for the UK. The problem here is nobody can tell me what that will do to postal services. Customs aside, there is even some confusion as to whether or not the stamps will be valid and of correct value. So, to avoid any problems I will cancel any UK orders that I can’t ship in time. Again, that is only in the case of no-deal, and even then hopefully only a temporary restriction until things settle down.

With that out of the way, I will be opening orders for DocBrowns on this Sunday around 12:00 CET (my Saturday will be too busy for that). I don’t expect to get many of those so Sunday doesn’t seem that bad of a choice. I have very limited stock but I can make more in few weeks time. Still, to give actual Marty owners a better chance of getting one you will be asked to provide your console serial number – so have that prepared. If you choose not to, you will be moved to the end of the list and if there are too many orders I reserve the right to just cancel those without the serial number. You will find the number in question in the SRAM card bay below the floppy drive.

Lastly, I plan to have Phobe orders open on the last Saturday of this month but I will edit this post in a week or so to confirm that – I need to ship most of the Rheas before I take on more orders.

PS. Please keep the comments civil.

UPDATE: Phoebe orders will open this Saturday, around 12:00 CET (as in noon for the am/pm users).

UPDATE 2: Phoebe list is full, there was rather unexpected surge of orders even though the last Phoebe sale was some 2 months ago, and that was a big one too. Give me few days to compile the list and send confirmation emails.