Okay, I didn’t want to do politics here but there are a few things that need addressing.

First, there is this shutdown in USA that apparently has quite an impact on the swiftness of customs procedures. Or, to put it bluntly, lack of thereof. Please keep that in mind while waiting for the packages to arrive – some might be delayed quite a bit. That being said, once 3-4 weeks have passed do inquire at your nearest postal office every week or so, I’ve just had a few envelopes returned to me with “unclaimed” sticker and apparently there weren’t any notices delivered. Although that was probably due to the Xmas rush and sales after – but it might get worse.

Second, after today’s vote we are looking at a no-deal Brexit being the most likely outcome for the UK. The problem here is nobody can tell me what that will do to postal services. Customs aside, there is even some confusion as to whether or not the stamps will be valid and of correct value. So, to avoid any problems I will cancel any UK orders that I can’t ship in time. Again, that is only in the case of no-deal, and even then hopefully only a temporary restriction until things settle down.

With that out of the way, I will be opening orders for DocBrowns on this Sunday around 12:00 CET (my Saturday will be too busy for that). I don’t expect to get many of those so Sunday doesn’t seem that bad of a choice. I have very limited stock but I can make more in few weeks time. Still, to give actual Marty owners a better chance of getting one you will be asked to provide your console serial number – so have that prepared. If you choose not to, you will be moved to the end of the list and if there are too many orders I reserve the right to just cancel those without the serial number. You will find the number in question in the SRAM card bay below the floppy drive.

Lastly, I plan to have Phobe orders open on the last Saturday of this month but I will edit this post in a week or so to confirm that – I need to ship most of the Rheas before I take on more orders.

PS. Please keep the comments civil.

UPDATE: Phoebe orders will open this Saturday, around 12:00 CET (as in noon for the am/pm users).

UPDATE 2: Phoebe list is full, there was rather unexpected surge of orders even though the last Phoebe sale was some 2 months ago, and that was a big one too. Give me few days to compile the list and send confirmation emails.

282 thoughts on “Victims

  1. I placed the Phoebe order, but realized that my system was a type 3 instead of a type 2. Any chance I could get that fixed?

  2. Currently 3AM in California~ Now it’s time to die cuz I got a 9AM Saturday physics class~

  3. Finally I placed my order! I feel so happy and moved I could cry! 😭
    Thank you so much, thank you so so so much!

  4. WOW!!!! finally got one after all these years!!! Staying up paid off. Thank you very much.

  5. I got the order submit button, but after hitting it, order was closed. The window was a couple of minutes :(.

  6. Nie wiem po co piszesz czlowieku że o 12.00 można zamawiać jak wszyscy pozamawiali o 11.00! Rodaków masz głęboko w DUPIE ? Czy jak !

      • Kupiłem kiedyś gdemu, później zapytałem w mailu o phoeba, echo. Powinieneś tym co kupili i zapłacili jakieś newsy wysłać czy byliby zainteresowani , czy coś. A tak full wraca ci z powrotem bo łamerykańcom przez celny nie przechodzi. A zresztą poczekam jak jak chiczycy zrobią robotę jak gdemu.

      • No, bo sklepy powinny w pierwszej kolejności obsługiwać tych co kiedyś u nich coś kupili. Najlepiej też żeby informowały tych klientów że będzie dostawa towaru. Ale tylko jeśli klient sobie życzy otrzymywać takie powiadomienia, bo jak klient sobie nie życzy (bo ten towar go akurat nie interesuje) to sklep powinien to z góry wiedzieć.
        Czekaj sobie, czekaj, twoją robotę też kiedyś jakiś tańszy imigrant przejmie, też będziesz na pewno zadowolony że usługi są tańsze.

      • Ja ci nie życze, żeby stało się to co z gdemu, każdy kto się napracował nad czymś jest godny wynagrodzenia, ale jak nie zmienisz tej polityki to będzie to samo z innymi modułami. Nie każdy ma czas żeby wchodzić na stronę i pilnować kiedy zechcesz coś wrzucić na seel. Ludzie maja masę spraw na głowie. I to właśnie chinole czy inne parasie wykorzystają. Po za tym mogło być info że nie zakontynetnalni mogą oczekiwać otwarcia zamówień o 11.

      • Kolego, z całym szacunkiem, zamówienia otworzyłem o 11:59. Tak jak napisałem na blogu. Nie rozumiem czemu masz do mnie pretensje o to.

      • That last sentence of gdemu’s was literally the only thing Google Translate got perfectly in English. Translating the rest of it was a mess. Google really needs to step it up 😂

  7. Did i place my preorder in time? I typed in my type, name, email, country, and paypal and clicked submit, but as soon as i did it said pre orders were closed

  8. I didn’t achieve it u__u I forgot to remember that my unit is a type 2. Got stuck, xhecked out the Saturn detaiks, and when I came back it was over. :-((

  9. Must have been open for less than a minute, I was refreshing my page every 30 seconds or so and it never said orders were open….

  10. I was able to get one but I didn’t remember about which type and chose type 3….then I immediately opened my Saturn to find it is type 4…..can I please change it?

    btw – the number on the board ( has the white stripe around) is JVC EXL-P608, which I did not see listed on your Phoebe information page. This is the Japanese white saturn with round buttons.


  11. I managed to go to the order page to order a phoebe. It took me 2min to make sure my Saturn was a type-2 and after I click on submit, I went back on the page saying the orders were over…so now, I’m not sure my order was registered 😦

      • You should have been prompted conformation with a small summary of the options you chose. It would look something like this.

        Message Sent(go back)

        Contact email:
        Paypal email:

        That being said you should still cross wood and knock on all your fingers.

  12. same here, in the rush i choose type 3 instead of type 2, i guess it can be solved in the confirmation email?

    By the way, what are the differences between the 3 “kinds” of phoebe? Can it be switched from one to another? I ask this in case the saturn failed and the new one you buy has a different type

    • I think the installation page details the couple jumper pads you have to solder to configure – so it can be changed. Make sure it’s right before instal and boot.

      • thanks, i check the technical detail page and not the installation page :O

        It is pretty simple (if you have the tools) and i was not aware that you can also have the 50hz/60hz mod as well, neat 🙂

      • Simple indeed.

        I’ve been on a retro kick of late and am newish to Saturn. Didn’t realize this 50/60hz mod was a thing. I guess I’ll do that when I get my pheobe for best experience.

  13. Feeling very lucky I got an order in !!!! Had to open up 2 consoles (first one, the one of prefference, requiring Rhea), luckily the second one was gonna be compatible going by the the outer shell. Right now just very happy I got an order in since the window was small, and I did not expect these to sell out so quickly.., Going by the blog posts it might take a long time for another Rhea preorder to go up…. Just happy I didn’t have to open / use 2 other special edition consoles ! 🙂 Many thanks !!!

    • Pics of your “special edition consoles” or it didn’t happen, lol

      • Not really into bragging, so it didn’t happen 😉 Honestly, they’re not that special but they are all different, I do own 4 working Saturns in good condition as far as I’m aware 🙂 Also, I do enjoy playing my JP games on a JP Saturn… 🙂 (Yes I’m aware of the cheatcart thing or something to play imports and backups btw….). I’m actually in the process of building quite the gaming room many people would probably be jealous of…. Then again, I am unable to do any kind of work, due to of the nastiest pain conditions, actually it’s been recorded as the most painful thing someone can have on the Mcgill Pain Index meter, like towering a few levels over the closest thing… In the USA it actually is nicknamed the “suicide disease”. It makes walking and standing up on a bad day for just 10 minutes way too much (quite often actually, as I do spend most of my days bedfled :/ ) Like whenever I take a quick shower I have to lay down for 30min or so if I have to be somewhere…. It did get me back into gaming, as it is a good distraction from the pain and beats taking pain killer which only take the edge off it a bit, and wreck havoc on my mind. Life honestly is very hard like this, and I’m very lucky to have the support of my dear mother and brother…. And depresssion is just something that comes with it, as so many other negatives in my life… Recently (lol, like say 2-3 months ago!!!) I started building a gaming room. It’s nowhere near from finished haha, as walking and lifting stuff is taxing. Unhooking one console and taking 2 others out of storage this morning was taxing for example… It’s a big project btw, as I’m going all out with this, all systems (nothing xbox though, not enough exclusives.. ) arcade sticks for every system as I’m way into SHMUPS ! Flight (mission) sticks, twin sticks for pc, pc, sat, dc), lightguns,, wireless and some special, controllers, steering wheels for pretty much every system, crt + 4k tv, a Framemeister, way too many cables and switchboxes… and a pretty large collection of games, a few statues and artwork though never was into such things, only got some I really liked because of this… The main piece being a huge Dragonslayer Ornstein (Dark Souls) statue I’m waiting to arrive… And a metal plate to decorate the walls (one from R-type, one Iridum 🙂 ) Also have to pick up my RE2 collector’s box, as well as the new collector’s edition of Ace Combat which comes with a Diecast airplane :D. A last minute decision cus of the airplane statue actually, as well as wanting modern Flight Sticks for VR… And that should do it together with some cheap others, a 30cm Link statue, a Tekken statue, and Mario Maker ones I got cheap, and a small Wario, Yoshi, some Ni No Kuni and Nier Automata stuff, as well as plenty of Art Books as I do love those ! Been working on this a while now, and it’s going way slow, some days I feel I’ve taken on more than I can chew due to,it being quite a mess right now, and I am by no means rich, though I componesate by selling off my vinyl, as I went to concert almost daily and I was smart enough to pay a bit more and always get the LMTD editions, just in case I’d ever want to sell…. Which I never intented actually, though my interests and tastes in everything are changing every few years I had already learned by then… Most days it keeps me happy though, and gives me something to work on that makes me happy, as I do try to learn as much technical stuff as possible about all of this, which led to modded consoles, like older consoles being HD or RGB modded, or installing a modchip though I do buy all the games I play, and must say I honestly rarely use them for anything but backups or a quick try out in case I’m not sure about an expensive purchase… My console and tv setup isn’t even set up, and the Dark Souls figure which is huge, as well as the RE2 box have yet to come in…. And I’m already running into too little room for games O_o Might sound weird, though I never realised I had so many stored, and while I was at it I was buying games for the older systems… :/ Today I’ve decided to sell of every game I will not play through again once finished, and focusing on collecting SHMUPS, as I find these to be timeless, and I always come back to them 🙂 they’re pricey though, but I look out on weird places for second hand games, or import from PlayAsia, Limited Run, Strictly Rare Games and a few others that release SHMUPS or other games of interests (metroidvania lover haha, as well as top down shooters, and of course a good puzzle game ! A bit of racing as well simply due to deciding to purchase Steering Wheels setups…. ) Right now I still need a few cables / controllers, as well as Commodore 64 for SHMUP heaven of course 🙂 Already own every Sega system (ok no Nomad or SMS III), though I did get a Mega CD a few weeks ago ! 🙂 Also own a PC Engine which is so awesome for SHMUPS, as they are relatively affordable as they’re usually all Japan imports…. Would also love a NEO GEO home system, though maybe latter when everything’s set up as it is too pricey.. 🙂 Really want that Commodore though, but of course I’m very grateful an lucky for the systems I do own. The PC Engine is quite new too me making it exciting ! And all the extra gear and odd games I missed out on when I was a teenager are great to experience, had no idea I missed out on so many Dreamcast games as a teenager… The Saturn is the only “mainstream” system I’ve never owned as a teenager, so it’s really nice getting into it, especially since I got into manga, anime and Sega when I wasn’t even 10 years old ! Love Asian culture and I’ve studied buddhism and used to practice a lot, should really do that more, as I meditated up to an hour, and multiple times a day for years…. I actually don’t game that much anymore, and am more into learning the technical side of things when it comes to gaming, and sloooowly getting everything together, and building that game room ! It’s a project that got me out of severe depression actually, and like I’ve said, by no means am I rich, though I have had my share of serious health troubles over the years, and came a bit too close to the reaper more than once… We only live once, and things can go bad quite unexpectingly I’ve learned, so I’m doing what I love….. It’s also something I NEED living with my condition, as it’s hard and I do not know what the future holds, though being a chronic pain patient for 5 years, realising how hard this is compared to other people with the same condition, I feel blessed actually as it all could be much much worse :/ Yes I’m working on a gamer’s dream setup, and when it comes to systems and gear and games I own a most things I actually would’ve liked too. Never in my life I would’ve imagened taking gaming this far, though there is a reason, and in the end, believe me, if you want my game room and will take the Pain Condition with it, it’s all yours in a heartbeat… Well no since I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemies… Social life also means very little by now, while it was huge 5 years ago, supporting and organizing gigs and bands all over my country, and travelling abroad for festivals, having many international friends, but today I find myself saying way too much in a simple comment to a stranger for example…. I feel I’ve said too much, this comment is way tooooo long, and that I should delete it. Though it would mean I wasted quite some time writing this down on a tablet in my bed, while I finally was gonna have a long game session tonight, so here it is anyways 😀

    • Long post, but have you ever tried to go on Mobic(Meloxicam)? I had trouble standing and moving around and while I’m in pain at times, the Mobic really helped me by a mile and I can actually move around again. Worth a shot. This is coming from someone who used to take TWO Tylenol-4’s a day just to be able to move at my worst. Now I haven’t touched a painkiller in about four years.

      • Hi !

        Thanks for the reply, and the advice, always welcome of course… No, I have not tried it, though I can see it’s an NSAID’s (type of medication), which unfortunately isn’t very suited for nerve pain… Currently building down my medication. Though they put me on different meds, which strengthen each other, to keep the doses low… I have days I really am unable to get out of bed, and I do take way too much meds… Though a lighter pain killer almost helped me beat my CRPS, after which I had a relapse by hurting the same area again… By then I had tolerance to the piankiller, and after long consideration I decided to go on a much heavier pain killer in hopes of achieving the same results, to no avail though. And I must say, the meds are more trouble than anything. Goal is to get painkiller-free over a year, and get my ass moving again withou a dependency on pharmaceuticals… My condition is pretty hard to treat btw, been a long 5 years, but onwards right? At least I’m better at SHMUPS than ever haha ! 🙂

  14. Hm i think i was a bit late. Was able to see the form and enter my details but when i clicked submit it said the orders were closed. Did i make it?

    • If the order was successful then the next screen says ‘message sent’.

  15. Well, I’ve tried every single time these have gone up for sale but neehad a chance to actually get one. Got a GDEMU by pure fluke. It’s getting frustrating at this point my Saturn drive had been dead since before these existed, finally a solution and it’s made of pure unobtanium.

    Whens the next run then? Try try again….

    Definition of madness trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result…

    • I learned about Phoebe in November 2017, and I’ve been trying to jump in since then. Here’s some advice for the ones that didn’t hit the mark like me

      Since 2017 I didn’t understand correctly what to do until I started to read attentively Gdemu’s blog in October 2018 (best advice for the rest: study what you need to do, the nuts and bolts, and it will be easier, you will not miss it)

      In November-December I failed by minutes, this time I achieved to see the form once. I didn’t expect the ‘type 1, 2, 3’ question so I had to review what board I had (a VA2-VA5, indeed). After a few minutes it was over. My mobile browser didn’t help (Chrome is a mess and caches the webpage even if you force a refresh, and firefox focus seems to work better). I refreshed the page over 40 times between 11.30 and 12.40, to my own dismay. Use a computer, and send Google Chrome to the garbage bin 😅

      Smarter people decided to choose randomly a type, so happily they are in. For the rest, do the following: apart from reviewing if you need a Rhea or a Phoebe, don’t forget your console type (!).

      If you do your homework you will have no problems in the next chance, I hope. It so too. It would be better that people should order only one unit per person, so the rest has more chances to reach the order. Please think about the rest before doing bulk orders, many others are in pain to reach just the order form and others are years after just fixing their own rig.

      All the best to all,

      • There are no bulk orders, it’s always been one per person.

        I’m not sure why so many people are surprised to find that they have to enter a type for their Saturn’s. The ordering page clearly states:

        IMPORTANT: Phoebe only supports Saturns with 21-pin drive. Make sure your console is compatible before you order. Use my Saturn details page to identify your console model/type.

        It’s not like it was burried in a massive post….. it’s the 2nd sentence on the ordering page.

      • Yes, indeed:

        At the time I opened my Saturn, checked out that it was a Phoebe, wrote down the model type and let it rest in a note with a photo in my cell phone: that was in December 2017 (…) . When I hit the form for the first time today (in 13 months) I expected just to order a Phoebe, so I didn’t remember my console type 🤦. I just missed the opportunity in the few minutes I spent, reviewing the details.

        You cannot do bulk orders of course, but you can request several ones (one after another), as some people stated today. Some people are even repeating their orders, they know the drill.

        If i had filled randomly the type as others successfully did perhaps we wouldn’t have this conversation.

        Thanks for the advice anyway, I will try it again in another time. And yes: it’s a VA2-VA5 model, a Phoebe, a Type 2 model 🤷. Better luck for me next time!

      • Solid advice !!! I’m also surprised by how many people didn’t make it due to the wrong model, or not opening up their system before the sales went live and are requesting a different one now… If you do your reading, and homework, set your alarm to be safe and make sure you have a good internet connection… These things are quite logical to me actually, and when reading before orders went up I did read about too many people ordering the wrong one, and that it’s important you make sure of the right one before orders, as too many people want a different type AFTER the order in the past. Which is clear by the comments here now… It’s all quite clear if you read before ordering, though I guess many people are used to skipping over things like “terms and conditions” these days… I too skip those long legal type of things, that take an hour to read and are boring and useless in most cases… Though not when ordering something somewhere, especially gear or hardware, from another country, a one man project, etc… I’ve also been wanting one for a while, though did not know you could subscribe to the blog posts…. If I had known I would’ve gone for a rhea more recent, as I would’ve rather used that particular console…. I only stumbled on this by remembering to have a look when I ordered an Akura with the Beharbros earlier this week, also a two man project creating a nice gaming item you can’t get elsewhere, at least not of such quality compared to other companies that seem to make a much less quality product… I actually got very lucky, since I own a Gekko and like it a lot, deciding I’d go for an Akura as well, especially with two DC consoles… Did get in from the first try…. And I honestly never expected these to sell that quickly, I actually expected these to be open for a few days… Though really wanting one I set my alarm, and very grateful I did so !!!! Did the same thing yesterday at limited run games and stumped I missed the window, as I was on time, watching the counter, put three items in my cart and…. The one I really wanted was gone by then it seems, and no doubt by scalpers who want to make money on ehay, compared to people who’d actually love to have a collector’s box from certain games… Can’t tell you how happy I am to get this instead though… To you and everyone else, best of luck for a future order, and make sure to subscribe to the blogposts. Only got aware of this myself after my order, guess it’s partly perhaps a game of chance when so many people are ordering something, as I was very stumped to miss out on my order yesterday, while I did get very lucky today it seems….

    • I don’t understand what is so hard about getting one. He clearly stated the time they were going on sale. I had no issue picking one up earlier. I woke up 1 hour before 12 cet and at 12:02 cet orders opened.

      • I also checked out the webpage between 11.30 to 12.35 CET, with my cell phone. Chrome didn’t refresh well the page, and I had the same problem as another person there.

        I hit the form once, and even if I knew that I wamted a Phoebe I couldn’t remember the Type as long as I checled it out 13 months ago, so…

        Probably next time.

      • I kept refreshing my browser on the “phoebe order” page about every 30 seconds at 10pm local time (12 midday CET) and it just never went live for me. I have a type 1 (for rhea, but that has a working drive) and a type 2 I read everything on the page as soon as it came up, I’ve well and truly done my research I’ve been unlucky other times (busy, etc) but I think this time it just glitched out on me.

      • Yes, in November as I recall I had something to do with my kid and my wife (so I missed it for 10 minutes) ; this time I had another errand, but I reached the form with my cell phone just once after refeshing continuosly the page for 40, 50 times at least since 11.30 CET 😅. I didn’t remember the type even if I knew that I wanted a Phoebe so…for a few minutes checking out my notes I screwed it up.

      • This has happened to others in the past…. seems to be caused by the browser loading a cached page instead of actually refreshing the page. You can force refresh the page by using Ctrl+F5

      • Yes, the best option is to avoid the cell phones no matter which browser you use, it’s another lesson that I learned today.

      • Well, my phone just sent me a notification saying this messaged was posted 49 years ago…. So I’m going to say it’s probably the phone. Still, such a shame. I’ve been trying to get one of these since the very first batch…

    • Laser pickup issues are rather easy to fix so if this is simply about fixing your Saturn you can always explore that option.

      • Nah, the laser was totally dead. I have a couple I’ve fixed up and chipped, but this one wasn’t salvagable. Plus the convenience and quicker load times of an SD card solution seem ideal. I have limited space where I live and lots of game consoles so if I can avoid having stacks/folders of games that’s a huge bonus.

      • New lasers can be had for around $10 but I understand the convenience of not using cds.

      • Fun fact:

        The lasers in some Saturn models can also be used in the JVC X’Eye. I had the dude who installed my modchip tell me that when we saw the drive. I have a type 3.

      • Check the laser that is already installed in your console – there are different drive assemblies using different laser pickups. That one is the most common in my experience.

        It requires enough soldering skill to undo two shorted pads on the new laser. I think it’s an easy repair but google around and see if you would be comfortable.

        Considering the age of the console at this point – there is not shortage of people discussing and instructing just how to fix their failing console. Not all of it is good instruction, mind you.

  16. I submit the order twice, ‘coz i miss-typed the paypal email for the 1st one, then i had to submit the order one more time with the right paypal email. PLZ ignore the first order i had submit.
    (My paypal email is equal to my contact email.)

  17. Man wish there was a pre order list instead of first come for that time. i found out about the last one and totally missed it. I have a feeling ill keep doing so next time. i hear they went fast.

    • Yea.. when Satiator gets released it will be an easy install. Not that rhea and Phoebe are hard at all. But supported formats will be the same and compatibility will be spotty for a while. Do not expect Rhea/phoebe, near perfect compatibility from a Cart slot plug in. If PSIO is any indication of what an ODE can do via expansion port, it shows that it took nealy 4 years and still is about 80% or so. My guess is Satiator will not be anywhere near as good (and likely more expensive) than rhea/Phoebe for at least a few years after released.

      Set an alarm for next window and go for what works.. THIS PRODUCT.

      • You seem to know a lot about a product that hasn’t even been released yet.

  18. For the Saturn type, where can I find the MCU, and for the PCB board to check the number of pins to determine the type, and what is a “trap board”?

    • When you open the Saturn lid, the drive is right there. From there, match up your drive to the pictures in the Saturn Details page. It’s pretty straightforward. For example, I have two Saturns as one was my modchipped one and then another one I picked up to use with Phoebe. Both were made within a month of each other and both were type 3’s.

      As for what a trap board is, it is a secondary board the Sanyo drives use(mostly Japanese Saturns if I’m not mistaken) in order for the CD drive to talk to the motherboard. If your system has one, it should be right where the ribbons cables go to the motherboard but it will on the shielding between the CD drive and motherboard slot on the right hand side. You should see that too when you first take the lid off of the Saturn.

      • What’s odd is that I have the drive board that looks like a type 2, but the power supply and the ribbon looks like a type 3. So if the drive board looks like a type 2, then I should have the Phoeobe configured for a type 2 then?

      • why you picked up another saturn to use with Phoebe? Does phoebe not work on a modded Saturn? My Saturn is chip modded!

      • I don’t remember exactly what kind of mod my Saturn has, but it is a mod to play backup cds.

      • Because when many people are actively looking for a modded Saturn, it’s stupid to undo a chip install just for Phoebe. Someone else could use that system and it basically pays for the Phoebe board.

    • Power supplies vary, but all drives from Types 2, 3, and 4 use a 21 pin ribbon cable so all of them can use Phoebe. The type only goes by the disc drive. In your case, you will need a Type 2.

    • That looks like a Type-2 drive connected to a Type-3 mobo. That shouldn’t work. An attempt at a swap perhaps?

      • I bought this this Saturn AS IS as the previous owner claimed that the system couldn’t read the CD, so they could’ve swapped the CD reader to attempt to fix the issue.

      • Yeah, a Type-2 drive will not read discs in a Type-3 system. Well it could, in theory, after a mod, but not by default. So you need a Type-3 Phoebe for this Saturn.

  19. And Kosh TheRipper is an example of an elementary school level of maturity called “a child”.

  20. This guy has been a TROLL TOOL since day one.

    He thinks he knows better, but when you find out he is just a middle class white guy from LI NY with a menial Job and Wife and Kid living paycheck to paycheck, it just goes to show he is nothing but a dreamcast fanboy pretending to be 20 yrs old again and acting jealous and being a huge douche..

  21. All the talk about different types make me nervous. My Saturn looks like the Type 2 on the details page. Can someone confirm that it is a Type 2? 🙂

  22. I got a DocBrown early Jan, and everything was working fine until yesterday when I got a new 128GB card to replace the 4GB one I had been using. I formatted the card to FAT32, moved some games over along with the Almanac, booted it up, but got the blinking yellow light. I’ve tried going back to the old card as well as reconnecting the DocBrown, but always get the blinking yellow light. Any ideas?

    Let me know if there’s any additional info I could provide that might help.

  23. Hi, I already have the gdemu and rhea (really happy with them), but now I wonder: are other proyects in development??

    The gamecube has been getting a lot of hdmi and rgb mods lately, so now it seems it would be a good time for an ODE. The pcengine has only the super sd system3 from Terraonion, which is expensive and has had a lot video and audio problems; also a good time for an ODE (maybe even just for the cd, something that can work along with the everdrive for cards).

    It’ll be nice to know if you have plans for the above examples (or any other project).

    Best regards

    • Me personally I want to see a Sega CD ODE. It gets a lot of play in the house and I don’t see why there can’t be a cart or something that plugs into the side of the Genesis that can load CD images directly into it?

    • There are a gamecube ode, wasp fusion. You can find it in 150$
      I would prefer a Mega CD ir NeoGeo CD ode.

  24. Any update to a rhea sale. I just looked at my Saturn. From the details on your page this is my info:
    Sega Saturn Rhea
    My model number VA1
    Board ENR-007D
    Model number HST-3210
    I’d like to get one.

  25. @gdemu or anyone that may know the answer.
    I am having a tuff time getting my marty to work, always end up with a slow flashing orange light. I’ve tried my go to sd card(16gb Kingston) and nothing.
    With the docbrown install, marty seems to hang on the fm towns splash screen, it will eventually land on the media player screen, but it does not seem to respond to any button presses.

    Also, the docs say cd image, what format are the cd images supposed to in? Or better yet what image type are supported?

      • I have tried flashing the 1.5.0 firmware, and it is still not working for me. I have tried as cards known to be compatible with your devices(I always use kingston) and I am still unable to get this thing to work.

    • Received my DocBrown today & have exactly the same issue, tried reflashing the firmware exactly as described, the light blinks fast while doing this then slow once done but still no luck.

      Also tried multiple cards including the one I use in my Phoebe. Both with & without the SD Card inserted it just sits there on the FM Towns Marty Logo screen.

      • Hi this is the error I have (Video Below), first part is updating firmware, I power off take the card out power back on & get 3 consecutive blinking light, when I power off then on again I get a blinking light every 2-3 seconds, the last part is how it behaves when I power on normally without trying to flash the firmware.

        Behaves like this with & without an SD Card inserted & sits on the FM Towns Marty Splash Screen.

      • Oh, just what I was looking for, a Marty that triggers the bug every time. I’d like you to run a couple of experiments for me. Email me please.

      • @gdemu – I apologize for not getting the video, but I have noticed that it will temporarily work if I perform a low level format of the address card and reflash it. If I power off the marty, on the next power on it ends with the same issue, yellow blinking light – sooo frustrating!!!

  26. Has anyone else had trouble getting Dracula X working on a VA0 Saturn+Rhea? It always sends me back to the dashboard or softlocks at the license screen. I’m pretty sure I used this exact same rip on the Phoebe and it worked fine.

    I’ve tried many things, such as using .cdi or .img/.ccd/.sub. I’ve re-downloaded the game from multiple sources. I’ve tried adjusting the open_time and detect_time. Is this a known issue?

    • I solved the issue. I don’t own the original disc anymore so I couldn’t make a proper rip myself. It was an issue with both TOSEC and Redump’s rip of the game. A popular emulation website had a CloneCD rip and that ones works fine.

      • Good to know. The problem is, as I see it, even well-known ripping groups tend to use CUE/BIN format with various non-standard extensions and call it a job well done. Well no, unless the rip can be used without hassle in emulators and/or ODEs it is next to useless.

        I know I’ve said that many times bue CUE needs to die. Simply because any attempt to “fix” it would just result in another batch of non-standard, not supported extensions added to it.

  27. Can’t wait for my Phoebe to arrive 🙂 still rockin the GDemu I bought around 2014.
    ~Thanks for all your hard work D!

    Also, I vote for a PS1 ODE with the Similar design of the Rhea/Phoebe/GDemu

  28. Dear Adminstrator, I just bought a FM marty with the dead optical drive, could you add me to the DOCBROWN preorder list? Thank you very much!

  29. GDEMU…

    Few Questions…

    Using my GDEMU.

    Playing Fatal Fury after 5 hours it just reset on it’s own back to Dreamcast dashboard
    Reboot the system it works again.

    What is that all about?

    • Doing the same thing now every 5 or so minutes.

      Boot Crazy Taxi – Reset back to dreamcast dash.
      Turn off system restart
      Boot Soulcalibur – played for few mins – same thing.


    • Solid light is usually SD card problem. Could be random, though if it happens more often try a different card. Check PSU connector as well, some cards will refuse to work when power delivery is flaky (even if it’s still fine for GDEMU).

      • SO here are my results so far.

        I did clean the PSU pins yesterday and did make sure there is a solid connection on them.
        Used 70% IPA. While installing the GDEMU yesterday.
        Also Swapped Dead 2032 battery for new one – Why not since I have the system open.
        Installed 3D Printed Tray and Shroud when installing GDEMU.

        Using a 400GB Sandisk Card.
        Ran Crazy taxi for 2 hours. Played fine.
        Then Reset the system myself
        Ran Mark of the wolves Reset back to GDMENU after 1 hour.
        Re-ran Mark of the Wolves again Ran again for about 1 Hour and then crashed back to GDMENU

        Opened system to make sure all was good.

        Cleaned the Exhaust fan. Which is something I forgot to do during install, But wanted to make sure the fan was giving maximum Exhaust of heat.

        Closed the system back up.

        Swapped out the 400gb SDCARD for LEXAN 4GB with Mark of the wolves.
        Ran for 5 hours.. Reset to Dreamcast Dash with solid light on gdemu.
        Would not work from dash unless system was reset.
        After reboot, crazy taxi crashed on LEXAN 4GB ASAP within 1 minute to Dreamcast Dash
        Rebooted and tried Soulcalibur which Crashed after a few mins
        So all games on the Lexan 4GB card did the Dashboard Crash.
        So Decided not to use this card, pulled it out.

        Swapped back to 400GB Sandisk Card again.
        Mark of the Wolves Ran for a bit over an hour – Then Crashed back to GDMENU
        Now running Crazy Taxi again – been running for about 20 mins as I write this.

        Any Ideas?

  30. Did anyone get the payment request invoice/email yet? I’m still waiting on mine and I wanted to see if anyone got theirs. To be clear, I got the confirmation my order went in, I’m waiting on the email to pay.

    • I received an invoice through PayPal over the weekend for my Phoebe and it has been shipped already. The email I received when I first ordered it said that there were more people who purchased one than what he had on hand. Some people who were further down on the list might not get one until March. They are definitely being shipped already, but it could be a month before they are all sent out apparently.

      • So that’s one. So were all the invoices sent then? I got my order in the minute it was put up. Even screenshotted the page. It was 6:01am(since obviously there’s a time difference). It was full to March within one minute? Not complaining just want confirmation of where I am so I know what I’m doing as I have the money now for it and I’m not sure whether I have to hold it for March or not.

      • He doesn’t send out payment request until he’s ready to ship your board.

      • I know that, I just want to know if all the requests were sent to see if I’m paying this month or in March or if there is more to come.

      • The type doesn’t make a difference, all the boards are the same. Only difference between them is a drop of solider. You received confirmation so I’d suggest you just kick back, relax and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of being a kid waiting for Christmas Morning 🙂

      • I only got a confirmation email. I never got the invoice to pay which is why I asked.

  31. I have put the phoebe order, and just got the paypal payment email reminding, but the type is 2, I actual need type 3. could you update the payment informaion? and then I can pay it asap, thanks so much.

    Kind Regards

    • I’ve cancelled the request and updated your order information. You have been moved to the back of the queue.

      • Dear friend, would you please give me the chance to order the BrownSD? thank you very much!

  32. I submitted successfully in last phoebe order,but didn’t get any confirm email of this,could you please help to check if I am in the list?

  33. I have been checking this page for almost 2 years everyday and i have never seen any of the 3 products on sale. You guys are so unprofessional and cant keep up with the slightest demand.

    • You are a total retard. First off it’s not these guys. It is one person. This person is a hobbyist who offers his creations to those who want to buy them in a quantity that he is able to produce by himself. If you actually checked the page and didn’t lie about checking the page you would see that in his blog post he puts up the day and time that each window opens for the product that he is putting on sale. Based on how he does it, with the exception of one product only once, every product window has opened on a Saturday morning usually between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in the time zone in which the developer lives in which is Poland, which is known as CET.

      The developer is not unprofessional at all, he simply is a single person who juggles every part of the process. That means that he needs to sit down and actually have an idea about what he wants to do, and what he wants to create. That process is a long and arduous one. He then needs to reverse engineer the part and or the entire system for which he wants to create an optical drive emulator for. After that, after all the backwards engineering and creating and soldering up crude prototypes, when he is confident that he has something of value he then orders a prototype PCB board and starts testing. Not only does this person need to create hardware, but he also needs to program software for that hardware to work correctly. Once all of this is done he then needs to actually sit down and spend a huge bulk of his time playing with the hardware and making sure it works properly. Once he is confident that he actually has a product that works he is kind enough to write a blog post about it and let us know about the progress of his project. Not everything that he reverse engineers, plays with, designs or actually brings to life do we get a chance to see or even own ourselves.

      At this point once he has a fully-working product and is confident that he wants to share it with others he then starts to order PCB boards for his project and then has to order all the other parts in order to create a final product. In order to keep his intellectual property from being stolen or cloned from the get-go he has decided to assemble every product he sells himself by hand. He then needs to program every single product and test every single product. Again he’s doing this all by himself, and based on some of his blog post it looks like he might have a single friend or family member that helps him out from time to time with parts of the process that don’t require his specialized expertise.

      Once we actually get to the point where he puts up a pre-order, he will let everybody know in his blog post that this certain product will be on sale Saturday morning of whatever day he announces and leave it at that. In order to prevent people from flooding the site he usually leaves the time open between 8 or 9 a.m. or as late as 12 p.m. in his time zone which again is in Poland. Lately though he has been pretty consistent with a 12 p.m. CET release for every window that he puts a product on sale. This usually leads to a huge rush of orders the moment the window opens and closes pretty quickly. Some windows last no more than a couple of minutes oh, but I have seen other windows last an hour or more. it all depends on which product he is putting on saleand what the demand for that product happens to be at that time of the year. usually products for the Dreamcast and the Saturn sell really really fast. his only other product is for a very rare Japanese only console known as the FM towns Marty and usually those windows last anywhere from an hour or more because there aren’t that many owners for these systems. It is also one of the only systems that requires the buyer to submit their serial number because there isn’t a huge demand for this product and for this system so he wants to make sure that he has actual Marty users buying his cards which allows him to waste less time and allows him to get back 2 building products such as he’s Dreamcast and Saturn optical drive emulator which are in far greater demand.

      He is very professional and he helps everyone of his buyers. he is active in his own WordPress comment section and will address any issues that a buyer brings up. I have seen less than a handful of people who have actually needed to have their card replaced which means that a huge bulk of what he sells, I would say at least 98 to 99% of every optical drive emulator he has sold in The last 5 years work as they should.

      The developer also handles the pre-orders, the messaging for the pre-orders, the order acknowledgements, the invoices, the processing, the packing and the shipping of each optical drive emulator he sells. again I’m sure he has a friend or family member helping him with simple tasks like this but they are not part of this endeavor and they do not deserve any ridicule at all. I am sure the developer works his ass off to satisfy as many people as he can. He is under no obligation to offer anything to anyone. He does so because he wants to share his work, and like I said he is a hobbyist not an outright business. He is nothing like team xecutor, or divineo, or any other modding team, reverse engineering team, or business that specializes in selling modifications for consoles. He is a single individual. He can only do so much and from what I understand he also has a day job and a family.

      So I’m getting tired of people ridiculing the developer and outright lying in his thread the way that you just did.

      If you’re going to be a spoiled child and complain about not getting your way then perhaps you should just click the little x on your browser and never return to this page again. I’m sure the developer does not need you or anybody like you creating additional drama when he is doing a fantastic job and clearly has more than enough people who are willing to buy his products each and every time he opens a window.

      • Yeah, I’ve only been following him for about a year or so, and I’ve managed to get 1 of each ODE; rhea, phoebe, gdemu, and docbrown. No problems. Just set my alarm for the time he announces on his blog, wake up at the appropriate time, hit f5 for a few minutes, fill out the form, do the thing, and done. Amazes me how lazy people will complain that the guy doing all the work is the lazy one lol.

  34. Were the type 3 Phoebe’s delayed to March? I only ever got the first confirmation email.

    • I been asking myself man, but I haven’t gotten an answer yet. I’m type 3 myself.

    • They are all the same but for which solder pads you are shorting. It’s more likely that we are in order of our submission time. He said there were more orders than what he had on hand and some would need to wait until march.

      • I’m sure just a small blog post to say that all the Phoebes in hand were shipped and the remainder will be in March is enough. That will certainly make things easier as to questions.

      • Nah. I simply ignore all the “Is it ready yet?!” questions. I’ve tried explaining things in the past but it gets annoying pretty quickly. People just don’t read my emails and blog posts and ask anyway. So why even bother.

  35. Hello, just to confirm, paypal requests for PHOEBE are not yet send right?

    • A couple people said they already got them and their order was shipped. So at this point, I don’t know what the hell is going on….

    • They go out in batches. It can take up to a month for a full batch to get completed and invoiced. He does them by TYPE. TYPE 2, then 3, then 4 (or at least on type at a time, not exactly sure about the TYPE order).

      Please be patient.

      If you got an email that you were on the list, you will not be forgotten.

      If you got “ORDER SUBMITTED” and no email and did not ask GDEMU if your order went through then just keep an eye on the PAYPAL for an invoice. You will have up to 7 full days to pay it.

      It’s not something to get all upset about

  36. Got on the order confirmation for GDEMU and Rhea ODEs during December 2018. Got shipment confirmation for GDEMU and received in 2 weeks. Got Rhea shipping confirmation and it’s 4 weeks but still no show. Can anyone shed some light on how long it’s taking to receive shipment to Canada?

  37. Sorry if this question has been answered somewhere else in this massive thread, but I have to ask: Will the GDEMU be available for sale again anytime soon???

    • Do you have a Twitter account or anything where you post updates that I could follow and set alerts for??

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