Rising Haul in Silence

Time for status update.

It took a while but I should be finally done with current DocBrown list next week. Those matte black soldermasks are a pain in the behind to work with. Need to be extra careful not to put any scratches or fingerprints on them.

On the bright side – I’ll be getting another batch very soon and so I will most likely open orders for these on first Saturday of April. I will confirm that later.

Now, Phoebes. Those got badly delayed (in part due to a nasty cold bug that’s been very active lately) and the finished PCBs will only arrive next week. Then I still have to inspect, final clean, program and test them, that’ll no doubt mean another week of waiting. Sorry about that.

It seems though the Brexit armageddon has been postponed a bit so I should be able to ship all UK orders in time. At least I’ll try to prioritize those. If you’re in UK and still waiting for your Phoebe then pay attention to your PayPal, the sooner you pay the sooner I can ship.

Because of all the delays I’ve decided not to open orders for GDEMU or Rhea yet, it only adds to my problems. Now that I’m almost out of the woods though I can plan for new batches so GDEMU orders will open next week.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are open now closed again. It seems there was some confusion as to the time but it’s nice to have the emails flow in one by one rather than have a massive torrent at the exact hour. Oh, and before I forget, DocBrowns will be next week, as mentioned above.