Rising Haul in Silence

Time for status update.

It took a while but I should be finally done with current DocBrown list next week. Those matte black soldermasks are a pain in the behind to work with. Need to be extra careful not to put any scratches or fingerprints on them.

On the bright side – I’ll be getting another batch very soon and so I will most likely open orders for these on first Saturday of April. I will confirm that later.

Now, Phoebes. Those got badly delayed (in part due to a nasty cold bug that’s been very active lately) and the finished PCBs will only arrive next week. Then I still have to inspect, final clean, program and test them, that’ll no doubt mean another week of waiting. Sorry about that.

It seems though the Brexit armageddon has been postponed a bit so I should be able to ship all UK orders in time. At least I’ll try to prioritize those. If you’re in UK and still waiting for your Phoebe then pay attention to your PayPal, the sooner you pay the sooner I can ship.

Because of all the delays I’ve decided not to open orders for GDEMU or Rhea yet, it only adds to my problems. Now that I’m almost out of the woods though I can plan for new batches so GDEMU orders will open next week.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are open now closed again. It seems there was some confusion as to the time but it’s nice to have the emails flow in one by one rather than have a massive torrent at the exact hour. Oh, and before I forget, DocBrowns will be next week, as mentioned above.

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  1. Any timeframe of early or later in the week? I want to make sure that I’m able to get one, and it’s not all gone in 2 minutes.

      • 99.9% of the time any ODE for release will be on Saturday morning Poland time uually around 10am and 12pm CET (Poland time).

        So if GDEMU is next it will be Saturday morning between 10-12 CET and that is between 5 and 7am EST, 4 and 6am Central time, 3am and 5am MDT, 2am and 5am PDT.

        If you live anywhere else – just Put in 12 CET into google it will tell you what time it is and then do the math to your own clock.

      • Thank you. I am interested in the DocBrown also. I take it that it needs soldering? I haven’t soldered anything in 40 years (since I was a kid playing with electronic kits).

      • Keep in mind with DOC BROWN, you must own a Marty and be able to provide a serial or your order will be canceled.

        If you do not own a marty, Get one first. I would try to acquire one asap.

        There is one for sale in the FM TOWNS group at the moment on facebook. $500 shipped

        I saw one on ebay but it is up to $503 already with 2 days left.

        There are a few on eBay that are BUNDLES but expensive.

        Yahoo Has no martys at the moment (well there is a Marty 2 brand new in the box but it is gonna be almost $1200 once you factor in shipping – outside of japan.

      • I Have owned a Marty for several years and can provide SN. Recently it started reading original discs only, so DocBrown would be the perfect solution.

    • I am interested i the Phoebe for my VA2 White Saturn especially since my friend tod me about them. I just need to know when to order and how the payment is taken.

      • You have to just watch for his posts, he will let us know when the phoebes orders open ahead of time.

  2. Any chance we’ll see another round of Phoebes soon? I have a later model Saturn and have been wanting one for a long time but keep missing out on ordering. Thanks!

  3. GDEMU – How is the FM TOWNS ODE coming along? I like my marty but I want a ODE on my Fresh please.

  4. Thanks for the update 🙂 i guess you are currently busy and that is the reason you couldn’t answer to my email. But this update seems to answers my question in a way or another ! 🙂

  5. that be interesting…..are they not like four different version of the FM Towns ?

    I woder which one an ODE would be made for.

    On a side note, was there ever any solutions for obscure systems:

    MSX ans MSX2
    x68000 Sharp
    and the PC FX?

    • MSX and MSX 2 has flash carts – I never seen a CD rom on a MSX – not sure why it would need an ODE.

      X68000 is all disc based – you can get the SCSI2SD, it is 100% compatible with all games works great – no need for an ODE there or even another solution – the SCSI2SD is cheap, under $100.

      I agree a PCFX ODE would be cool, but not a ton of games to play for non english speakers.

      PC-98 – was there a CD ROM for the PC-98 and games that would require an ODE?

      • Thanks as always ABE!

        Informative stuff, i was actually unaware of the X68000 Solution- Not many original games but what they had where arcade perfect ports.

        As for PC-98 i dont think so….i was curious if they had a flash cart/ode solution of some sort.

      • Not a Problem.

        Trying to get me a X68000 now.

        I have a FM Towns setup for sale if anyone is interested. (It’s really nice)

        I have no idea about PC98 – need to look into it.

      • PC-98 is a catch all term, there are big differences between models because it’s just a PC standard. So we have to look at the two major families.

        PC-9801 can be either 5.25″ floppy or 3.5″. Only two very late 9801 models even came with cd as standard, so as a game delivery media I can’t imagine there are many.

        PC-9821 can be 3.5″ floppy or CD, but not all machines had cd drives from the factory. Policenauts is a notable cd PC-98 game, as that is where it was first released (Much like how Snatcher was a 9081/MSX2 game).

  6. merci beaucoup ! je suis ultra fan de la Saturn ! j’ai hâte de tester votre matériel .

  7. What is the time frame for the Phoebe? I want to get one for a VA2 White Saturn. And how does the payment go through when it does?

  8. GDEMU, I did the email thing, how long usually do I have to wait until I receive the actual email for the preorder for the GDEMU?

  9. GDEMU, I did the email thing, how long usually do I have to wait until I receive the actual email for the preorder for the GDEMU? I did 2 email things,1 for me and 1 for my old boss, where he’s a family man that needs more sleep, and I get less sleep thanks to blood clots and being woke up to take blood thinners.

    • You will receive a confirmation email within a week.

      You will receive a payment request when the GDEMU is ready to ship.

      Have patience, this process can take months to complete.

      And for Gods sake, don’t be a TwinFami about the process! 🙂

      • Thanks for the response. Not sure what you were calling me, just glad to know that the process was completed.

  10. Wasn’t expecting to see the GDEMU orders to open today….luckily I checked 🙂

  11. Hi Gdemu.

    I’ve been following your site for over 6+ months and was really hoping to get one of your GDEMU units. I was waiting on their orders page at 9am GMT but when the order is didn’t open I assume that maybe you might give a time and date update later.

    I was very sad to see that I missed the window especially after missing the order window last Christmas.

    What I would really hoping you might see your way to adding me to this current batch.

    Huge thanks for your consideration and your work.

    -Brian Shannon

  12. I was too slow, not upset. Ill have crack next time. Keep up the great development.

  13. Hopefully, I entered my order in right last night. I was about two-thirds asleep haha. Thanks for your invention and hard work!

  14. Just signed for my Docbrown! 😀

    These boards look pretty cool. Gold lettering on black board looks sick! Not mainstream enough where someone is offering a 3D print enclosure for the console (if it’s even needed). Now I just need to get the Marty. I’ve been watching ebay for months but these dumb asshole scalpers keep snatching them up and selling them bundled with the Docbrowns for over 1k. It’s already a super rare console, so I am trying to find one not tampered with for around the sell through value. Also information on the Marty itself is pretty sparse. Lots of dated information. Most lists I search say it’s compatible with FM Towns PC games, but a dedicated list of ONLY Marty compatible games still eludes me.

    Missed the GDemu. Was thinking about it all day Friday, but was super tired and fell asleep before setting my alarm. Next time!

  15. Is there any way I could be added to the Dreamcast and Saturn (Phoebe) lists? I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for years and I literally keep missing them.

    I refuse to support non-gamers on the other side of the world ripping off your work for a quick buck – I want the real thing.

    I work a job that typically runs 12 hours a day, with no phone or internet access. This would really be a huge help.

    Thank you and keep up the good work – ignore the haters!

  16. I’m wanting to order a GDEMU for my Dreamcast and don’t completely understand the order process.

    Can someone please enplane it to me?

    • You have to follow the blog to see what item is coming up next – there is generally info a couple weeks ahead of time that it will be soon and then another update saying it will happen this weekend etc.

      You have to check the ordering page during the ordering window and you will be able to sign up. You will then get billed etc some time after.

      As Abe already said about specific timing:
      99.9% of the time any ODE for release will be on Saturday morning Poland time uually around 10am and 12pm CET (Poland time).

      So if GDEMU is next it will be Saturday morning between 10-12 CET and that is between 5 and 7am EST, 4 and 6am Central time, 3am and 5am MDT, 2am and 5am PDT.

      If you live anywhere else – just Put in 12 CET into google it will tell you what time it is and then do the math to your own clock.

  17. Could I possibly be added to the DocBrown list? Given my work schedule it is really a challenge for me to be able to seize the “window of opportunity”. I can provide my serial number. Thank you for your consideration!

  18. gdemu,

    I think a few other people have asked in the past, and I was not able to find the comments again to find your response…

    Are we able to provide a proof of purchase for a Marty that we don’t have in hand yet to purchase a DocBrown, or do we need it in hand before trying to purchase?

    Either way, thanks so much for your awesome products, a proud owner of Phoebe and GDEMU already.

    • You need Marty serial numer to get the DocBrown ASAP. Without it you need to wait or might even get your order cancelled if there’s too many.

  19. Is it known when on the weekend DocBrown pre-orders will open? I’ve missed all previous pre-orders for it and really don’t want to miss this one.

      • I had asked before about grabbing two since I have 2 consoles and you said that wouldn’t be a problem. When/where do we send the serial numbers of the consoles to you? I can get them to you whenever, just wanted to know if it was easier to do it now before I order on saturday.


      • DocBrown is not in such high demand that you’d have to fight off other people when ordering. Simply enter 2 orders, one with each serial number.

      • Thanks! Let’s hope I can pull myself out of bed at 5am EST to place an order 🙂

  20. Alright, thanks for the reply! Mine is somewhere over the ocean at the moment so no way it will arrive in time.

    Ill see you at the next batch!

  21. Please count me in for a Phoebe! I can pay straight away. My PayPal email is attached. Thank you x

  22. Heck yeah! Was able to get 2 orders placed 🙂 I believe I put in the correct serial, which is in the SRAM slot of each. Got the pictures ready to go for when I receive the email. Thanks again for allowing me to place 2 ordered since I have both a FM Towns Marty 1 and 2!!!

  23. Hi gdemu,

    I did not provide serial on my form but am ready to provide picture. My unit did arrive on time!

  24. is there anyway i can put in for a doc brown i just got a FM Town’s Marty and would love one or did it miss the opportunity please let me know thanks.

  25. Realistically speaking, what are my chances of getting on the list for a GDEMU and Phoebe?

    I hate to keep asking but I really want to add these to my collection.

    Thank you!

    • He said he was waiting on the pcbs to come in, I’m also waiting to be put on the list. I’ll need either a rhea or a phoebe. I guess just be patient. I’ve only been watching these pages from December and I missed the January one. Hopefully I don’t miss the next batch.

      • It’s just difficult with a work schedule that flips week to week.. Would be helpful if I had my phone or a computer during the work but unfortunately, that’s simply not an option :s

      • Honestly If GDEMU would replace my name on the list for the dreamcast version with who ever wants one he can. I really just need a rhea and a phoebe.

      • @Drew

        This was my thread and you’re literally stepping on me.

        I’ll seriously never get one.

      • Hey Frado – were you serious when you said you don’t want your GDEMU anymore? I spoke with D and he said with your concurrence he could make the switch and ship it with the Phoebe (did you get one too?) I landed on Saturday.

      • I just paid for it, cause I got the invoice. I was serious, I just didn’t want to backout on an order, if he is down to just keep my payment for the phoebe I preordered then sure. Or he can refuse the payment for it and I can pay for the phoebe when they are ready. I sent you my email on the other post. If he doesn’t change it, just pay what I paid for it and it’s yours. Whatever makes it easier for him. He’s the one doing all the work. I’m just happy to get the phoebe.

      • Okay. If he confirms you paid for it he said I could just pay you directly.. How can I get your contact info without making it public? Can you email D and let him know? He’ll know what we’re talking about.

  26. please let me know when you need my FM Town’s serial and where to put it

  27. I was finally able to order a GDEMU in the last batch of preorders. I am trying to be as prepared as I can be for when it arrives.

    I ordered a compatible sd card, and as I’m getting game files together, I started to wonder about imports?

    For anyone with a GDEMU already, or GDEMU himself: Am I able to just put import files onto the sd card or is there something special I would need to do ahead of time?


    • I believe you can. I seen the video on my life in gaming on YouTube, but I don’t know for sure. If they don’t work just delete the file.

  28. Does anyone know when the GDEmu’s list will be up at all ive been really wanting one and would love to be put on the list the next time there available thanks guys really appreciate the help in advanced.

    • He will post on he page the next one he will make and post a date for the pre order. Just stay tuned on the page. The next thing will be rhea. No official date as of yet.

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