Electric Lion

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately, so many in fact that I would like to remind you, dear customers, that this blog is here for a reason. I simply do not have time to answer each and every question about when device X will be for sale again, and can I put you on the list. There’s too many of you and one me. I tend to ignore emails with questions like these, not only for my sake but also because it wouldn’t be fair to all the other people who patiently follow the blog and wait for orders to open.

And speaking of orders, Phoebe will be available this Saturday, 18:00 CEST – to make this window more USA-friendly.

I still have some GDEMUs to ship and those should be ready by Monday or so. Sorry for the delay, I was hoping to get the PCBs in two smaller batches but instead I got a single big one, later than I planned. But I’ll have them tested and packed in the next few days so you won’t have to wait much longer.

UPDATE: Welp, that went awfully fast. This is the problem with USA-friendly ordering windows, a lot of people up and ready to click the button. As usual, give me a few days to process all this and send out confirmations.

Resource Deficiency

As I was waiting for the Phoebe PCBs I had the opportunity to work on a Commodore 64C board. I know next to nothing about those but I got the board cheap in rather sorry state and figured I’ll try to fix it – for the fun of it.

Long story short, the board does work now but it was missing the TV modulator so there was no video output at all, as on these later models the video amp is also a part of the modulator. So I had to come up with a replacement. Now, schematics for C64 are available and I wasn’t the first person with that idea but for some reason all the projects I saw on the net were using crude veroboard/wire based hacks, with very questionable component selection.

So here’s my take on this:

There’s no actual modulator in there anymore, just the luma+chroma amps based on low-noise high gain transistors. Both S-Video and composite signals are being generated. I’ve built two of these and now I’m looking for a C64C owner willing to test the other one. Note, this is only compatible with the C64 models equipped with the new VIC chip running from 5V!

What I offer is this here PCB, free with worldwide shipping. What I expect in return is a report from someone who has experience with C64 and it’s video quality – especially on LCD monitors – who can tell me if it’s acceptable or not. I think all these 300ohm resistor hacks in S-Video cables are unnecessary, but I need someone with better idea on what should be on the screen than I have.

Obviously installation will require soldering so if you have to ask, it’s not for you.