Resource Deficiency

As I was waiting for the Phoebe PCBs I had the opportunity to work on a Commodore 64C board. I know next to nothing about those but I got the board cheap in rather sorry state and figured I’ll try to fix it – for the fun of it.

Long story short, the board does work now but it was missing the TV modulator so there was no video output at all, as on these later models the video amp is also a part of the modulator. So I had to come up with a replacement. Now, schematics for C64 are available and I wasn’t the first person with that idea but for some reason all the projects I saw on the net were using crude veroboard/wire based hacks, with very questionable component selection.

So here’s my take on this:

There’s no actual modulator in there anymore, just the luma+chroma amps based on low-noise high gain transistors. Both S-Video and composite signals are being generated. I’ve built two of these and now I’m looking for a C64C owner willing to test the other one. Note, this is only compatible with the C64 models equipped with the new VIC chip running from 5V!

What I offer is this here PCB, free with worldwide shipping. What I expect in return is a report from someone who has experience with C64 and it’s video quality – especially on LCD monitors – who can tell me if it’s acceptable or not. I think all these 300ohm resistor hacks in S-Video cables are unnecessary, but I need someone with better idea on what should be on the screen than I have.

Obviously installation will require soldering so if you have to ask, it’s not for you.

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    • Hi I have a dreamcast and a Japan Sega saturn gray I will not purchase a clone sad that they are doing what there doing was wondering if it hard which i heard to purchase a few minutes for dreamcast and the other which I have to look to see which one I have. Was wondering when and how I can try to preorder any of these thanks

  1. I have, I live in argentina, i have a pal model wich was produced in argentina, also I have a flash cart witch was made in argentina too, allready bought phoebe an gd emu….if I can help you IΒ΄m glad to.

  2. Just got a invoice for my phoebe, so YAY!
    But i have a question that hopefully someone can help me with.
    As i had to select a type of phoebe fitting my Saturn, i was curious of how different the models are.
    Briefly looking over the install guide it seems that i still have to do some soldering (the part about SJ1 and SJ2). is this right?! Or is this already done, as i selected the phoebe according to my Saturn. And GDEMU has done this for me.
    I am asking out of curiousity, as this would mean that i could reverse it and install the Phoebe into another Saturn.

    Hope anyone could enlighten me πŸ™‚

    • If you selected the right model of Phoebe for your Saturn than you are good to go – you can confirm by seeing how the jumpers are already set when you get it.

      If, for example, you said you have a model 2 but actually have a model 3 (as i did since I was in a hurry to order) you will have to make the changes by soldering yourself.

      • Thanks, that is what i wanted to know! πŸ™‚
        So if something happens to my Saturn and the phoebe is still intact, i can move it to a different Saturn. πŸ˜€

  3. Shoot, I only have a C64G, not C. I never took a clear picture of the VIC, but the board type is ASSY 250466 so it’s most likely a 6569. It has this weird checkerboard background pattern in the luma when using s-video cables on my plasma TV, but otherwise it has a great picture.

  4. Try to get a hold of 8-bitguy, he has a bunch of C64’s and knows a ton about the hardware, might get a youtube video out of it as well.

  5. Hi,

    I have a couple 64c’s on hand, so I’d be willing to test this out! I will note that a lot of 64 users prefer crt monitors to lcd. I have both available for testing.

    I’ve been fixing 64’s for years now, so it should go pretty quick.

  6. Hello. I own a Towns Marty and I’d like to buy a Doc Brown. Is it still available? Please contact me

    • I believe the pre orders will be open Saturday around 11:00am CEST.

  7. hey i own a town’s marty is it possible to get a doc brown if so i would like one please

  8. Anyone else seeing people having trouble with their clone GDEMU devices? Wrong parts used, crashes and incompatible with DCHDMI.
    I guess karma can be tough, you get what you pay for and should have supported the dev instead of the thieves.

    • I don’t know if that’s a joke or what (the troll is too big to be noticed ?), but if you want something to get fixed on your ODE, you probably may ask the people who cloned it rather than Deunan …

      Last year, I woke at 3~4AM during one month to code preliminary support for Rhea/Phoebe on Pseudo Saturn Kai, which was granted by a Phoebe offered by Deunan. So if you reply that you ordering a genuine ODE is bothersome because it requires to wake up until late during one night to order one, then you’re pathetic πŸ˜€

      • DO you have an understanding of English or do you just not read?

        Adam was pointing out that clones have big side effects that the authentic GDEMU does not. He was very much supporting the developer and not asking for anything.

        He also said “I guess karma can be tough, you get what you pay for and should have supported the dev instead of the thieves.”

        Yet you treated his comment like he was a clone supporter….

      • lol, this place does strange things to people…

        First guy appears to have been experiencing an issue with his clone – so he is a clone supporter in some sense. However, to be fair, he wasn’t asking anyone to fix the fake device… he was just trying to start a conversation about problems with clones.

        Give the first guy the benefit of the doubt – perhaps he is waiting for an opportunity to buy a device like everyone else. Give the second guy the benefit of the doubt – loss in textlation and all of that.

        I think we all agree that we want to support GDEMU – we are here after all… Clones suck because its IP theft + I guess they are buggy.

        Lets all be civil…

      • I did read but I’m not a native English speaker (French mother tongue and living in Japan so that’s actually a double handicap), so my understanding was certainly limited.
        My interpretation of Adam’s post was about troubles with his clone GDEMU, or wanting to know if clone ODEs are as reliable as genuine ones or not. If that was a misunderstanding from me then all my apologizes go to Adam.

      • I am clearly NOT a clone supporter, I’m pointing out how the clones have trouble and anyone who bought one deserves to deal will an inferior device. I’ve bought multiple times from D and will continue to only support the real developer. Trying to make people aware not to buy a clone if your want a device that actually works properly, I’d never buy clone crap.

  9. I have a Phoebe.
    When will I be able to read CD+G ?
    I know you have this feature locked.
    Can you just add the option to unlock this feature from the ini please?

  10. Having Paypal issues – can’t pay invoice. Paypal screwed up my account, been trying to fix for days now.

    I sent an email about re-sending invoice to my cousin who I gave money to and will pay it for me.

    • You missed them by like 6 days. My Assumption is there will be a round of all 3 other ODEs before DOC goes back up. My Guess is a month or Two. I could be wrong, but usually that is how it works.

  11. Sorry to be the guy that just found this page and wants to know more, but I didn’t see another contact method. I’d really like the GDemu (and honestly some other things here too, but that most importantly).
    I’m in no rush, but is there any very rough idea of when more preorders will be available, or a way I can be notified when they are? I am turning on notifications for this comment, but I don’t see another way to get a heads up when there’s an update. I’d just like to know, should I check next month, or is it more likely next year?
    Thanks for bringing some awesome projects to life!

    • I would say check the site daily as all these items sell out very quickly.

  12. Received my gdemu today… thank you! On a side note… ever thought about doing a plug n play nic adapter for dreamcast?

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