Electric Lion

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately, so many in fact that I would like to remind you, dear customers, that this blog is here for a reason. I simply do not have time to answer each and every question about when device X will be for sale again, and can I put you on the list. There’s too many of you and one me. I tend to ignore emails with questions like these, not only for my sake but also because it wouldn’t be fair to all the other people who patiently follow the blog and wait for orders to open.

And speaking of orders, Phoebe will be available this Saturday, 18:00 CEST – to make this window more USA-friendly.

I still have some GDEMUs to ship and those should be ready by Monday or so. Sorry for the delay, I was hoping to get the PCBs in two smaller batches but instead I got a single big one, later than I planned. But I’ll have them tested and packed in the next few days so you won’t have to wait much longer.

UPDATE: Welp, that went awfully fast. This is the problem with USA-friendly ordering windows, a lot of people up and ready to click the button. As usual, give me a few days to process all this and send out confirmations.

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  1. Hey @gdemu

    I don’t think I got my email correctly. Can you check if I used the e-mail I used to send this post?
    If it don’t match is it possible to change to this one?
    Everything I have from form is the link in History, I’ll leave part of it here.
    I send part of the hash to help finding it.

    Thank you.

  2. Sad that I missed this window. Will be waiting for the next one now please keep us posted

    • Rhea is next I think. The ‘merica friendly windows is not too good of an idea. If you really want one, set your “sun dial” and visit a world clock and do some mathematics

      • So what window do you set it to? Some group of people, somewhere in the world will always have an advantage depending on the timing.

        This one just happened to be North America.

        From my understanding this is both a hobby and a business for D – so long as he’s selling them who cares when they’re listed?

        I’m in the Midwestern United States and this is the first time in years of following this site that I’ve been able to get an order in.

      • CEST TO GMT was the formula. Unfortunately i added another element “alcohol” which caused me to check 2hours too late and miss the window. Until next time

    • Is there a proper form or Discord server for GDEMU? It would really help in getting announcements and helping anyone inspecting their console motherboard.

      • The only way I get announcements is through WordPress app on my phone. Don’t know of any other platform

      • Ahhh OK. Thank you for that. I’ll have to download the application. Still… It would be better for a forum or Discord server for this.

      • Good luck my friend. For the sake of Retro gaming keep yourself posted

    • Hello friend, I’m pretty interested too in getting one of this keys to open the Saturn’s treasure, but I was sadly out of this because my new account “doesn’t accomplish the minimum requirements” to be part of the GDEMU list. As a former of this blog could you please help me sending me an invitation? The message said that I can be inside only with an invitation from one user or admin. Many thanks in advance for your time and support! Regards! Marc.

    • Might be better for me to grab clones this is crazy the way u can’t get a chance to get any of these as long it plays all the games I’ll be happy

      • I purchased gdemu original from US and it cost an arm and leg, ridiculous. You can get clones for the Dreamcast board gdemu but not Saturn as far as I’m aware. C’est la vie.

      • I’m interested in the GDEMU alternative. It doesn’t make any sense if GDEMU can’t help himself in upgrading his distribution format and especially not upgrading to a better website to make the order cue platform more accessible and not with silly unknown issues that I have no idea about like clearing my cache before the time window opens up. Or let alone telling me it’s “possibility” to be an ISP issue in which that is something I don’t have control with and I know very well that my own ISP never does this at all with my years subscribed to them.

      • We do need something like this more accessible, BUT. There is nothing forcing him to increase distribution improve order process etc. And at least he’s not charging the excessive world prices for the originals. This helps us in 0 ways but that’s life. Someone made something other people want. And not everyone can have it! :[ (but it would be great to take positive comments into account and action on them at times)

      • @Deep Ravalia , it’s not about him increasing distribution, he should be investing in himself to make it like you said the website more accessible. This used to be a hobby of his but the hobby turned into a business and he should have thought about long term. If anything why not change the rules of the order cue like how popular artist and crafters that have their name out and are very popular for their community. For example here’s one that GDEMU could do, window opens up for a certain period like say 15 or an hour, you put your name on there and have your information confirmed, from there when the hour is done, the order cue is closed, the next step GDEMU does a raffle to the amount he can manufacture. This way it gives anyone a chance and throws the snippets or those that are hammering the website off.

      • GDEMU product is amazing, and for the immediate future will have the best compatibility and support.

        However a new challenger approaches a product known as the Satiator. This is cart of sorts that will fill the same role. This is similar to the GDROM and GDEMU alternatives butt for the saturn.

  3. Does anyone how long usually takes from placing an order and getting email for payment?

    • As was listed in the latest update:
      > As usual, give me a few days to process all this and send out confirmations.

      From my experience, in the confirmations there will be an indication of how long to expect to wait before the payment request but, generally, it could be a couple/few weeks depending on how large the order was and how many devices are on hand.

      Granted, my experience is very limited, but I would expect everything to be clearly communicated. Just be patient and double check your spam if you are concerned.

  4. I’ve completed this twice !!!!
    Type: Type-A and B
    Name: XXXXXXXX
    Contact email: XXXXXXX
    Country: XXXXXX
    PayPal email: XXXXXXX

    But I haven’t received any e-mail until now !!!!

  5. Quick question. I just bought some new fancy sdxc cards for my gdemu. And I just noticed he says those aren’t supported. Has anybody tested different sd cards? Does anything make a difference?

    • I have very good success with kingston and sandisk cards – I prefer using 32GB cards and having several cards with a particular type of game, for example I have a card with RPGs, a card for Fighting games, etc…

    • Just make sure you format FAT32 – I haven’t had a problem with a large SDXC card.

  6. The window closed in about 5 minutes. I know folks are upset and I can understand. I’m sure the preorder page is set up probably to only accept a certain number or orders. He is only one guy and does everything himself. It’s his product and doesn’t want it cloned like the GDEMU. Just be patient and have all the information ready for a submission. If you look at the ones that posted the email sent pic, it shows the required information. Have that ready and an alarm clock set. I was able to snag one and I was in New York at the time. The time zone is the same is Rome, Italy. I’ve only been following this page for 5 months and I was able to preorder.

  7. I had to order ONE for my Saturn (model 2) so I believe it is Phoebe, the one I should order!!

    Where, please tell me, where I can order one!?


    • You and the rest of the folks that missed the preorder will have to wait for then next window.

      Be patient and they go in cycles. Next up he posted will most likely be Rhea.

      Just follow the page and you will have all your answers. I’ve read most of the posts on here and everyone asks the same thing without doing a bit of research. I’m not trying to beat up on anyone, but it gets Annoying answering the same thing 14 or more times.

      I was like you all too. I wanted to know when and how to order.

      He posts the next available item and says a date. On the date the window will open and you’ll have to fill out the info. You need to have your system information readily available. Depending on the item, the window closes very fast. If you Enter the info correctly, you should get the email sent message. When the item is ready for shipment, you will get an email about a payment request.

      From what I’ve seen, here are the times so far for each item I’ve seen available so far.

      GDEMU: open for about 13 minutes

      Phoebe: open for 5 minutes

      Towns: don’t know cause I don’t have the system, but I’ve heard more than a few hours.

      Be patient and ready. If you want something, set an alarm. Don’t complain if you miss the window. There will be more opportunities.

      Hope this helps anyone with questions.

      • I’ve made this same type of post in the past and it does absolutely no good. It all comes back to what you said, “everyone asks the same thing without doing a bit of research”.

        The same process plays out every ordering cycle. The date and time for the sale are posted and someone who didn’t read gets pissed off because they didn’t get an order in. Then they will start spewing complaints about how the ordering process is unfair and ultimately offer “expert” advice on how it should be done. DerbyDoo is a perfect example for this cycle….. there will be another one just like him on the next ordering window.

        Then there’s the people who got an order in and “panicked” when listing their Phoebe type and mistakenly clicked the wrong type. Panicked here translates into “I didn’t read the technical details page to know what type of Saturn I had before the ordering began, so I crossed my fingers and picked one.” You’ll see their posts about 10 or 15 minutes after the ordering window closes. That’s about how long it takes to open a Saturn and determine the type.

        Then there’s the same redundant statements like:
        I got my order in and didn’t receive a confirmation!
        I accidentally ordered twice to make sure I got one in.
        Screw this, I’m gonna order a clone!!
        How long does it take to get a payment request?
        How long until my order ships?
        It’s been a week and my order hasn’t been delivered half way across the world yet!
        OMG, tracking doesn’t work inside the US, what do I do?!?

        Unfortunately, your helpful post will disappear as soon as the next topic starts and we will see the process repeat itself. It aggravates me and I have nothing to do with it….. I can’t begin to imagine how GDEMU feels.

      • To be frank, after taking the time and looking back at GDEMU previous history in his own blog with those same cycle, I feel he doesn’t really care. If he did, the very first thing he should have done a long time ago was investing in himself improving this website rather than going on doing the same thing over and over again. But because he doesn’t have any competition at all and that he is the only one that makes things, he can pretty much do what he wants. I don’t want to hear the next person saying “he’s doing it as a hobby”. It’s not a hobby no more but an actual business.

        I love many others applaud to GDEMU hard work and I firmly believe we would all like to support him. However, how can we as a whole in the retro gaming community be able support someone if he does not help himself in being a better vendor? I’ll leave that choice to you. But I will say that until a competition comes in, only then he might do some proper changes to make his stuff even more accessible let alone affordable.

    • I’ve got a confirmation. Check your spam folder.
      If you receive one in spam add his address in your white list.

    • I got no confirmation either but my order went through and I took a screen capture of it. I hope I didn’t get lost or something. That would be totally unfair. I was at my PC when the window opened and I ordered ASAP.

    • Yep.. I got nothing and I was clearly in on time before it closed. I was refreshing my PC browser and when it opened I used my phone to order because all my info is a quick pre-fill all I had to do was Choose TYPE and write USA but the paypal and contact emails autofill. I got my Message sent confirmation as well.

      Not sure what happened for this round, but clearly many people got in on time but the orders didn’t go through.

      • Try doing a search in your spam folder & inbox, Subject should read, “Re: Phoebe order”

        I did receive a confirmation email, he said to be patient. It will take him 2-4 weeks to build the boards but there might be an additional week delay. I’m guessing that he will issue out invoices via PayPal when they are ready to ship.

  8. I am in the same boat, I still have the order page up with my confirmation on it that “MESSAGE SENT” but I got no confirmation email either.

  9. I see so much negativity on here – I just wanted to thank frado400 for letting me take his spot in the GDEMU line! I got confirmation that it shipped and I’m on pins and needles waiting for it to come in the mail!

    Some of you are genuinely nice people and very helpful. I’ve been monitoring this page for years trying to get my hands on the GDEMU and Phoebe for years.. was finally able to get both thanks to pure dumb luck and the kindness of another.

    The Saturn I’m installing my Phoebe in is literally mint condition.

    My Dreamcast, however.. could use some love. I’m genuinely thinking of getting another one just to install the GDEMU in. Is the “Sega Sports” black Dreamcast compatible? I see them a lot less frequently and they don’t seem to show scuffs like the original.


  10. Hi D,

    I’m Mike Roberts, a customer from Australia – my wife purchased me a Phoebe last August. I was in group 1 for a type 2 model.

    *TL;DR I think I’ve got the ‘Hot Mess’ Issue with 3 second blinking light on my freshly installed Phoebe.*

    I’ve finally gotten around to installing the Phoebe this afternoon however cannot get the initial firmware update (3.6) to perform as instructed here: https://gdemu.wordpress.com/firmware/updating-phoebe/

    I’ve tried multiple boots following exactly your instructions however the led pattern is not the correct pattern and your instructions are quite specific about that. Here’s what I did:

    – Brand new freshly installed phoebe board into a type 2 Japanese Sega Saturn – I added the 3.6 firmware to an sd card. – I then locked the sd card. – I inserted it into the card reader and powered on my Saturn. – Initially the light just stayed on, then went fast, then stayed on for about 3 seconds and blinked. I waited for the pattern half second on half second on pattern and it never occurred. – I turned if off after a little later and tried again.

    I’ve since repeated this process with the same result using different memory cards.

    I’ve also tried just using it in case it had worked by setting up another SD card with the menu software and a game as described here: https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/1522-how-to-use-gd-emu-rhea-and- phoebe-card-selection-formatting-and-formatting-image/&pageNo=2

    No luck.

    I then saw your hot mess post and the symptoms you describe sound very much like my issue:

    status LED on Phoebe is lit for 3 seconds, then blinks once, then the cycle > repeats >

    However* the FIX firmware is no longer available* ( dead link ) and I don’t want to risk the 4.01 update without that.

    Your post regarding this issue: https://gdemu.wordpress.com/2018/08/29

    Currently my Sega Saturn boots up, shows the logo, and then goes straight to the bios. It tries to load a disc, can’t find one and so just idles.

    Below I’ve linked videos which should show you the issue and help with identification of the Sega Saturn model itself. Also my bubble wrap had a 2 written on it. Because I can’t access the FIX firmware I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.

    Thanks for your help in advance legend.


    – Saturn and Firmware update – https://youtu.be/O1sYcsFRnXY

    – Trying an SD card formatted for games – https://youtu.be/44nmuypHees

    • WHY did you even attempt FW upgrade? Was it really that difficult to check what FW the device came with first? What you actually did was downgrade a 4.x series device to 3.6 FW and it won’t work like that.

      99% of all the problems people have with my devices are self-inflicted. Since you bought from me, you know my email. Please contact me that way.

      EDIT: Oh, my bad. I actually did get your email but it got lost in all the stuff people send me. I will reply ASAP.

  11. Thank you GDEMU – I got the Phoebe request for payment!

    Have the DocBrown’s been processed, yet? or are they behind schedule?

    • im still waiting on the request payment for the DOC Brown also, has anyone gotten there’s yet?

  12. I just received my Phoebe today! Thanks so much for making this excellent device, and for shipping it out so quickly! 🙂

    • Wow, that was fast, can you let me know what country you are in and when it was shipped ?

  13. Anyone has received the payment request for Phoebe ?
    For the moment i didn’t received the request.

  14. Can anyone confirm if a Pico PSU is really necessary in a Jap Saturn with type 4 Phoebe? This is the later model with 4 pins and apparently only needs to supply 5V to the motherboard and everywhere else. Wanting to know if I should just stick with the OG supply. I’m assuming heat dissipation isn’t an issue with this model as 9V isn’t being delivered anywhere

    • Seriously, this “PSU gets hot” issue is way overblown, probably by people who already had their Dreamcast PSUs on the hot side for some reason (different specs, drying caps, who knows). I only found a 5C increase on average – that’s remedied by shaping the airflow better.
      And that’s for Dreamcasts. I’ve never heard of any problems, whatsoever, with Saturn PSUs.

      • There are ZERO issues with saturn. I can confirm 100%. I have tested RHEA and PHOEBE on every model sega saturn from the VA0 up tot the VA15. The only saturn you can not put and ODE is the HISATURN NAVI becuase it is 18 pin connector not 20 or 21 pin.

        I ran every system with games that constantly stream the SD Card for 24 hrs or longer in some cases. I used a infrared thermometer every 2-3 hrs on the system to measure difference in temp. I can confirm that the Saturn reaches peak operating temp in around 25 minutes and changes very slightly hour to hour with no more than 3-4 degress F (i’m in USA) and I found that across all the models of systems the VA0/1 (type 1) that use rhea run hotter than VA2-15 (type 2-4). But it does not matter if you have an ODE or the original drive, the temps are the same..

        A replacement Power supply is only good for one thing, keeping the system working compared to an old Power supply that might need transformer replacement or caps replaced.

  15. Anyone know if the doc brown is compatible with the fm towns 2 pc?

      • Thanks for the reply. Well, I guess I pass on that. I just bought a fm towns Marty. Now I’ll have to keep an eye out for the doc browns.

    • I wish it was.. but it is not.

      He did announce a FM TOWNS ODE a while ago but it never came out. I personally want TWO. I have a FM Towns II and a FM TOWNS Fresh. I would also love an ODE for my CAR MARTY, but that is another story.

      Hey GDEMU – FM TOWNS ODE still coming out?

      • Any of you guys with a towns have a place to get the full rom set?

  16. Has anyone got their money request on Paypal yet?
    Sorry, just getting worried.

    • I’m also still waiting. Probably takes a bit of time to process all the orders alone tho.

    • I’m still waiting…. Nervous because I don’t want to miss it too.

    • Are you guys still waiting for the Paypal request? I’m still waiting for mine.

  17. In my email he told me to expect around 2-4 weeks for payment request. This was only 2 weeks ago be patient.

  18. I really want to save Phoebe.
    When can I open the order?

    • Why do think the Seller like this guy and like him does that in the first place let alone the vast amount of snipers on here too?

  19. hello im having an issue with gdemu with resident evil code veronica (all versions). the issues are two. a small one that shows the files dosiers reversed (anyway that issue didnt really matter and have been explained why it happens) the 2nd issue is a game breaking bug that i didnt expirience on older fw it happen on 2nd disk in the room with the tiger the tiger is supposed to turn if i put out the eyeballs and take an item. well i take the eyeball and the tiger dont turn i delete the save and start all over with the same outcome. hope there is a fix in the future. ps
    the cloners are gona cry because if a fix is comming they cant update

    • Yeah, fix for that (and Skies of Arcadia intro sequence) is to slow down GDEMU to better match original drive speed. I’ll get to it eventually. But I want to try and fix bleem as well so it’s quite a lot of work.

  20. I don’t know where to send an e-mail, since I can’t find a personal e-mail address. I never got a response to my comment about changing the type of the Phoebe board, and the payment request still has the type that I originally selected. I can solder it, but I’d rather not add additional risk to a rare board that I can’t replace.

    • I assume you didn’t get the confirmation email?
      I’ll change your order to Type-4 but you’ll need to wait longer for your device now.

      • I just found the e-mail in the spam folder. I accept that the e-mail asked for modifications, and in my defense, I checked the general ordering page, the Phoebe ordering page, the terms and conditions page, the about page, and read every single comment looking for directions on what to do, and could not find the answer that was only in the e-mail that I didn’t know to look for.

        That said, I appreciate that you are willing to bend the rules (since I see the e-mail says to ask for alteration before payment) and change it to type-4. I am perfectly okay with it taking longer, and I am in no hurry.

        Might I suggest updating the documentation with more details so that people don’t bombard you with questions? I can understand how so many people asking the same thing can be frustrating, as I’m not the only one, but I legitimately tried every avenue I could think of before bothering you. I have the following suggestions:

        1. After “Phoebe only supports Saturns with 21-pin drive. Make sure your console is compatible before you order. Use my Saturn details page to identify your console model/type,” perhaps you can add a sentence that you will need the type number when ordering? At least three of us didn’t have the type number on-hand; because I knew mine was 21-pin from the guide a long time ago, when I re-read the ordering page just before ordering, I concluded that knowing whether I needed 20- or 21-pin was enough information.

        2. Before “Once your device is ready I will issue a payment request, via PayPal, and you will get an automated notification from them,” could you include a sentence about the fact that a confirmation e-mail will be sent, separate from the payment request, where changes to the order can be made? I’m re-reading the documentation, and I don’t see anywhere that a confirmation e-mail will be sent out, so I didn’t look for one in my spam folder.

        3. Could you add a sentence to the payment section that all alterations must be requested before payment? I paid the invoice before seeing the comment to look for the e-mail that said not to pay before requesting alterations.

        Please don’t take this as criticism, you make a good product, and I’m genuinely trying to be helpful by offering suggestions for the documentation so that users give you less of a headache in the future. Thank you again for handling my order.

  21. I’ve been trying to get a GDEMU for years, I’m either broke or miss the window 😦

    Any idea when the next batch is going out? I refuse to waste money on a knockoff clone. I’m a HUGE Dreamcast fan and look forward to FINALLY getting my hands on one. Please let me know….

  22. My Phoebe arrived today. Cant wait to get home and install it. My years long mission is now complete!

  23. How long do we have to pay? I get paid on Friday and I just saw my request.

  24. Everybody has received the request for payment ? I still received nothing on my side on my paypal.

      • I’m still waiting on mine.

        The confirmation e-mail from April .29 said 2-4 weeks though which means May 27 or possibly longer due.

        Just check your PayPal account as well as your e-mail every now and then.

      • I got it last week. Just be patient and you will get it. Just also make sure to check your junk email too just Incase.

  25. Just received my docbrown – thank you GDEMU – you had me wondering there for a minute, but you always seem to come through – keep up the good work

  26. Still waiting for my payment request (no email no paypal request, both checked, spam too) about Phoebe order.
    The mail said up to 4 wks and possible delays, so… I’ll be patient.

  27. Yes, still waiting for the payment request. I guess like he said he’s a bit behind.

  28. Hello,

    I received my payment request for the Phoebe Type 2 yesterday and paid for the item instantly.

    This morning I received an email stating that my payment was refunded due to “invalid name and/or address.”

    The name and address are both valid and verified by PayPal and have been used for more than 15 years.

    I sent an email regarding the situation but I do not want to miss the window before it is too late, and figured it would be best to post it here as well. How can I get the invoice resent? Thank you for your time.

    • Disregard! I spoke with him and everything should be ok. I’ll reply with a more proper response and a well deserved thank you letter as soon I get back from the bank later tonight. Thank you again SO MUCH, you’re a lifesaver! =D

      • Well, you had 7 days to send the payment trough paypal, but the faster you pay, the faster it will be shipped. It’s good to know you sorted it out.

  29. He posted that due to European elections things were backed up by about two weeks. Go on the new thread and look it up.

  30. For anyone in the Midwestern US, I just received mine so I thought I’d share the timeframe for others patiently awaiting theirs:

    4/24 – Placed order within 1 minute
    4/29 – Received confirmation email
    5/31 – Received Paypal request
    6/01 – Confirmed payment in Paypal
    6/13 – Received Phoebe

    Hope that helps others here!

  31. I just finished the Phoebe setup, however I only get the “Checking Disc Format” and then it never goes beyond that. I’ve tried doing the firmware update to 3.6.0 per the Phoebe Firmware update link but it will do the same with the Amber light staying on for ~3 seconds then blinking similar to the issue mentioned in the “A Hot Mess” update.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Why do you people do that? Soon there will be more warnings and “do nots” on this blog than actual content. Email me.

      • Oh sorry, I didn’t see that was your preference on any links here that I found and posting troubleshooting info publicly tends to be the standard most places so more people can see the answer. No disrespect meant, I’ll email you.

  32. Is anyone still waiting for a payment request, I’m worried that I’ve somehow missed the email

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