No Good

Small status update: EU elections got in the way a bit more than I expected so there will be some 2-week delay shipping Phoebes. Sorry. In the meantime though I will open orders for GDEMU – that will be this Saturday around noon. Can’t say exactly when because I already know I will be busy so I might not be able to open at the precise hour.

I would like to remind you that “Is it ready yet” questions are ignored. If you can’t deal with a week or two of delay then do yourself a favour and cancel the order. You’ll be much happier. I most certainly will be.

Lastly, there’s been a plague of wrong or incomplete shipping addresses lately. It’s been so bad that I can spot these before I even ship, but who am I to question the customer. And then the package gets returned to me (sometimes I have to pay extra to claim it), the customer is angry, and I still have to re-test and re-pack the device which not only costs me money but also precious time.

So, new rule: From now on, if your address was invalid and it was your fault, I will refund you when I get the device back and your order will be cancelled. You’ll also end up on a list and I will only accept your future orders if there are devices to spare. Which is probably not anytime soon. Same goes for the name you gave on the order form and the PayPal email. If I can’t easily tell who it was that paid (because neither the name nor the email matches), I will cancel the order.

Seriously, how hard it can be to monitor your PayPal, pay when asked to do so and make sure your name and address are correct? 99% of people can do it. That 1% that can’t really annoys the hell out of me. I’m done dealing with that.

UPDATE: A bit late but GDEMU orders are open now closed.