Dark Matter

The break has been a bit longer than I have planned but there were some external factors. We’re only just restarting PCB production. On the bright side I got some rest and have a few new ideas.

Speaking of external factors though, there are another two potentially looming. One is Brexit, again, this time it might just hit. It’ll most likely only affect UK orders but who knows. Then, if you’re in USA, you need to read this:

U.S. to leave global postal union next month barring last-minute action; exit could send global parcel rates soaring

This might affect my shipping costs and delivery times. Don’t know yet because my envelopes are classified as letters, not packages, but that too could change.

I’d like to get something shipped out before any of these two come to pass so I will open orders for Phoebe this next Saturday – same as before, around noon. It will be a short run though, I might have to reject some orders (rather than tell you to wait longer) like I did with DocBrowns to ship everything on time.

UPDATE: Phoebe orders are open now closed.