No Leaf Clover, contd.

Pretty much all Rheas have been shipped – except orders from China. These might take a while, latest news are not good and the lockdown might very well be in effect for weeks yet.

I will open orders for DocBrown this Saturday, at 18:00 CET. I will have these in about 2 weeks so it’s a good time to do it. After that, it’s either GDEMUs or Phoebes, haven’t decided yet – will let you know once I have better idea of the production progress.

Also, let me remind you the orders are for one device, per person, per order. The Ordering page was not very clear about that and will be updated soon.

No Leaf Clover

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and pretty much all international flights to and out of China being suspended, I’m putting all orders from China on hold until further notice. This is not my decision, I was informed that any and all packages to China will simply not be accepted at this time. I have no idea what happens to the ones I’ve already shipped in the last few days but I would guess those will be put into storage somewhere until regular flights are restored. Very sorry about this but it’s out of my hands.
Also, this particular restriction is for Mainland China but I’m going to halt orders for Hong Kong and Macau as well since it looks like the situation there is about to become the same soon.

Pretty much all VA0 Rheas have been shipped so I’ll now move to VA1. I also plan to have some DocBrowns near the end of this month, as usual I’ll let you know about the ordering window once I have everything sorted out.

Lastly, the new GDEMU FW is not ready yet but it’s close now. There is still more work to be done on the upgrade program, so that it can be safely applied to all previous versions. Thank you for your patience.