I’ve prepared 5.20.0 FW for GDEMU, this one has fix for Skies of Arcadia and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. It’s been tested but there’s a lot of small changes to the code base so some new bugs might be present.

There’s a catch though. This FW is only compatible with GDEMUs that have the new improved bootloader installed. How can you tell if you have it? If your GDEMU was shipped in 2020 then it is compatible, anything earlier is not. For the earlier devices I will prepare an upgrade FW to be installed first, but this is not yet finished. It won’t be too long but it needs a lot of testing and that takes time.

DO NOT attempt to flash this FW on an older GDEMU.

The fix for SoA and RE:CV requires GDEMU to be slowed down – because these are actually game code bugs that are triggered by loading data too fast. I didn’t want this to affect other games as well (since there’s no need) so there’s auto-detection code added. But in case that doesn’t work, or if you want to slow things down manually, there’s a new INI option:

read_limit = N

Where N is a value between 600 and 1250 (kB/s), or 0 to disable the limiter. The default is -1 which means “automatic”.

Now, the exact speed I’ve picked for automatic setting might still need some tweaking, especially for RE:CV and/or 60Hz regions. So report back any issues.

I will move the FW download link to the correct page once the upgrader is ready – for now you can get the file here.

26 thoughts on “Imbrium

  1. Thanks for doing such a good job of long term support for your products, it is really appreciated.

    • Long term? It’s only for the newest current year ones. Anyone that bought them in the last couple of years are SOL.

      • SOL ?!
        The man literally said that he’s working on an update for the older GDEMU models. If your GDEMU is from a previous year (like mine is) then all you have to do is wait a few more days/weeks for your version of this update to be released. How is that SOL ?
        I for one, am thankful that the man is still working on updates for it and that my older GDEMU might soon be truly 100% DC compatible.

    • I can count on one hand the number of things I purchased in 2016 that are still receiving support and updates. That said I’m a bit bitter due to having tried Android around that time and having very expensive paperweights to show for it now.

  2. I am grad you implemented the code fixes with INI option and autodetect – impressive!
    Last thing we need is for our game libraries to start behaving differently because of these 2 fixes

  3. Thanks for the update.
    I’ll patiently wait the version for older gdemu

    • If you look at his comments and blog he has been working on updates for GDEMU for both new features and fixes since before any “competitive products” were ever announced.

  4. I guess screw anyone who bought one in the last couple years. What the hell, man?

    • I’m very happy you’ve made that comment. So many people were angry with me when I took down the FW files and kept telling me the reading comprehension argument is BS and I’m just a jerk. Well, there you go.

    • it is not a screw. the older gdemus have bootloader v1 (v1 example) the new gdemus are preprogramed with v2. deunan program the chip with programmer. end user cant update like that. the end user that have v1 can only update it just like a regular fw update and that is what is taking time.

    • How is a screw over you numb nut. What you have already perfectly works fine, except a couple of games mentioned, which is not a deal breaker.

      He already said a new bootloader is coming for older units.

      Seriously though, gamers are the worst most self entitled plebs.

  5. Excellent! I wasn’t sure I even had the most recent firmware on my older gdemu, and now a new one with the latest fixes is going to be available soon. Hope any bug fixes are minor and compatibility will then be 100%. Glad I purchased an original unit and supported Deunan, as the cloners stole his hard work.

  6. So GDEMU’s from the 2019/11/18 pre-order post are ok to update? (They shipped in 2020).

    The only reason I ask is because you had some details on how they had some hybrid firmware due to the new LCD display coming out.

  7. Hi, I ordered in Nov. 2019, Unit shipped in Jan. 2020 with 5.19.0. So I only need to flash the FW and not the bootloader? Correct?

  8. Got to update mine, my gdemu was built in 2017. helpful tip, use the installer FW first then once like the description then add the update 5.20.03 exactly as stated. Trust me it works.

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