Computer Week-end

I was very busy this past month but that’s mostly done now so I can take orders again. On Saturday at 12:00 CEST I will have some Rheas for sale. This is again a smaller batch but the previous one went pretty well, with no drama, I hope this one will as well.

There’s probably going to be another batch of DocBrowns a week after that, I’ll keep you posted.

Please keep in mind I’m still unable to ship to quite a few places, most notably Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and pretty much all of Africa (including Reunion). I’m very sorry but I will not accept orders from these areas at this time.

UPDATE: DocBrowns ordering window will open on Saturday 2020-08-08 at 12:00 CEST. As usual actual Marty owners will be asked to provide serial numbers and served first.

UPDATE 2: Seems like Australia and Japan are back on the shipping list – for now anyway. I’ll try to ship all the backlogged stuff soon. Also, orders from both of these will now be accepted as well.

UPDATE 3: GDEMU ordering window will open on Saturday 2020-08-29 at 12:00 CEST.

UPDATE 4: I can now ship to Taiwan. There’s a few waiting orders – I’ll try to get those processed soon.

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    • is it too late to order i just found out you were doing orders again 😦

      • i need a doc brown and either Saturn ode i have both model Saturn

      • Me too, I am waiting to buy my DocBrown. Any idea when more will be available?

      • Kinda depends when I get more Phoebes. So it’ll be either Phoebes or DocBrowns in about 2 weeks. As usual keep an eye on the blog.

      • Thanks for the head’s up. Just out of curiosity, when you make DocBrowns for sale, how many units do you advertise? I’m asking this because they seem to disappear from the website in a matter of minutes. I’ve been tracking down this ODE to buy for years now.

      • I have a GDEMU for you if you are interested. I assume the email you’ve provided is correct?

      • Thanks for the offer, but I aldready have a GDEMU, I’m looking for DocBrowns, either the Marty or Tower. Do you think you’ll have them anytime soon?

  1. it was open for at least 15 – 20 minutes, hope everyone who wanted one managed to get in

  2. As it was normally 12.00 p.m. I updated the page around 11.58 a.m. and the orders were already open ^^
    I hope I can finally clear my fake Chinese GDEMU for Deamcast.

  3. The order page still says “Preorders are currently closed.”
    I have been waiting 3h for it to open!

  4. I have been wanted to order a GDEMU for months and now it seems that the window is closed.
    I checked the order page from 12:00 CEST but it said “Preorders are currently closed”.
    12:00 CEST is noon not midnight!
    Have I missed the window?

  5. I have patiently updated the ordering page fro GDEMU since 12:00 CEST (for 3h now) but when I read the comments here it seems that the ordering window opened at midnight. That is very confusing since 12:00 CEST is noon and not midnight!
    Please be clear next time what time you actually mean.

  6. The window was open for me in the UK at 11am, this is 12 CEST

  7. I guess I need to be more careful with my timing of the window next time…

  8. I hesitate and finally I didn’t order two times in order to not remove a chance to someone else to purchase one.
    When would you send the famous e-mail that confirm order ?
    Hope it has worked for me too.
    The 5.20 version is awesome 🙂

  9. Hey Deunan, does the ram modules for a town’s PC need to be parity or non-parity ram? Confused at what I should use honestly.

    • AFAIR you need parity ones, but I’ll need to double check that. More importantly, you have to properly solder the jumpers on each SIMM stick to indicate the size (unlike PCs the memory size is not auto-detected by probing it).

      • Because I’ve heard mixed results. I put an 8mb parity stick in my UX20 and after trial and error with jumpers it detects a total of 10mb. Im not a computer science expert…. Yet but I just wasn’t sure if the parity or non-parity would make expansion ram software unstable like street fighter II, etc. Street fighter II loads and runs fine so far.
        Anyway my parity sticks seem to work just not sure its stable as I’m uncertain of how kernel works for RAM. Thankfully RAM is very affordable for these old pc.

  10. Hello,

    i have a original GDEMU 5.5 from November 2016.
    Sadly it doesnt work properly anymore.

    I tried multiple times to update the GDEMU with the firmware updater an then with the newest Firmware. It reacts during update like it should but at the end when i put a GDMENU or a cdi,gdi Image in the SD holder, only the message comes up with reading Disc. I tried also multiple SD Cards all Fat32 formated.

    • Does the console boot normally now? Do you have correct sound in the dashboard? What is status LED on GDEMU doing?

      • Yes, normal booting. I can choose all menu items, they work with the controller.

        When i boot gdmenu with cold boot, it starts directly into the music player.
        When i change the sd card with another one the message with “reading disc” pops up, nothing happends anymore.

      • The Sound ist correct in the Dashboard! The Status LED on GDEMU is off

      • Does the LED blink once on power-on?
        Try this: Format a card, make folders 01 and 02. Leave 01 empty and put an audio CD rip into 02. Boot Dreamcast without the card and enter CD player. Now insert the card. Then press the buton once.

        Do you see the audio CD now in the player? Can you play any tracks – does it work properly?

      • It blinks very fast, multiple times and then it goes off.

        I tried it, but it doesn´t play anything in the music player.
        But one improvement is to notice, with audio in folder 02 and pressing the button on the gdemu, the message for reading is only a few seconds shown. With a GDI or CDI Image from a game it doesn´t go away.

      • Yes, there are actually 2 blinks, both very fast, so most people see it as one. That is correct.

        So it looks like your GDEMU still works and reads the card since the button press works and changes the image. But I wonder why it freezes on data.
        Also, when you say it’s not playing – does it start? The disc should start rotating and the timer should count up. So does it start but there is no audio, or doesn’t start, or starts but stops right away?

      • Nothing happend, no disc spinning, no playtime info.

        Is it normal, when i make the update with the fw_update, after the flashing when i start the dc without a sd card to finish the firmware update i goes into the DC Menu and the message pops up with “Disc reading”. The menu in the background animates normal but the message doesn´t appear. Then i power off and start the update with newest update. After the Update it boots into the DC Menu without the message.

      • You only need to do the bootloader update once and after that it’s just the normal FW. So if you put 5.20.3 there and the GDEMU doesn’t give you any weird flashing LED and seems to read the card (even if not fully in your case) then the FW is running now.

        I’ve heard people are soldering some wires to GDEMU for the HDMI mod. Did you do this as well? If so, try without the wire (or possibly even try in a Dreamcast without a HDMI mod in case it broke something).

      • I put the original GD Drive back and the same result. The GDEMU is fine it must cause by the installation of the DCHDMI. I will again solder the Cable again, i hope it will fix the Problem. Thanks for the help!

      • I found the Problem, it was the dual bios mod. The Switch or the cable have a problem. It depends how the cable is fit into the case.

        Thx for the Help!

  11. I forgot to mention, i installed DCHDMI! Is there a possibility that i cause the Problems?

  12. Will the latest batch of GDEMU that went on sale on Saturday 29.08.20 come with the latest firmware?

  13. Hope I did not miss the order confirmation for this recent batch of gdemu units, my phone has been giving me great amounts of issues. I’ll try to download the paypal app to make things more apparent when you notify me.

  14. Hi, does anyone else have problems downloading newest FW? When I click link from update section and go to sendspace, after clicking download button nothing happens. I checked updater FW link and it is working fine.

    • Wait a day or two, sendspace seems to have these issues sometimes. If it’s still down after that I will re-upload the file.

      • Unforetunately this problem persisit from Wednesday till now. I woluld be gratefull if you could reupload update file.

      • I tried several times on two computers and still no luck. And yet again updater FW is downloading just fine. Is there any other way for you to upload firmware file? Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

  15. Same for me, I haven’t been able to download it for a few days and still can’t now, which is odd because (as mentioned) the updater FW downloads fine.

  16. Hi Deunan,

    Thank you for all of your hard work on these ODE products! I was able to successfully place a GDEMU order on August 29th and on August 31st I received your confirmation email.

    However, I wanted to make sure I properly inputted my PayPal email address. Are you able to confirm the address you received on my initial order form?

    Thank you in advance! =)

    • Nevermind, I received my PayPal request. Disregard! Thanks.

  17. Hi,

    Just checking if I am going to receive my PayPal request soon. Mine was on the waiting list at your backlog. Thanks

  18. I just received PayPal request and send payment. Was waiting for a long time. Thanks 😊

  19. My GDEMU has arrived, 5 days from Poland to the uk…awesome

  20. Hey Deunan, did you try the SCSI2SD 5.1 for your towns pc? I know the DB25 connector on towns doesn’t output 5V so I’m skeptical if it will work without 5V. Some people have used Henkan Banchou pro with the towns specific adaptor but that cost two to three times the amount as SCSI2SD. Both my towns don’t have internal hard drive port so I have to use external SCSI-1 or DB25 if that’s possible.

    • DB25 on Towns? Do you mean on SCSI2SD (once you solder it there that is) since Towns have a standard Amphenol connector for SCSI?

      I did and it works without external 5V supply, the SCSI terminator power is enough to run it. I use a relatively slow 8GB card anyway so its power draw is small.

      It might be important not to use too long cable, mine is about 1m and that’s exactly what I wanted, plus seems to be a good quality cable – I got lucky and bought cheap NOS. SCSI to DB seem somewhat rare.

      • First of all thank you for getting back to me I know you’re busy.
        Yes it sounds like you have the setup I’m trying to achieve where you have short cable putting hard drive emulator on left/right side of PC. I was looking at 5.1 with DB25 soldered or 5.5 with DB25 adaptor and short cable. Good to know it works because the CF card option cost twice as much. I know it’s a LOT of work getting it setup at first but I accept that.

      • I used 5.1 and soldered the connector myself. The setup isn’t that much work, it’s 3 steps:
        1) assign card space to logical SCSI drives – keeping in mind there’s a hard limit of 2GB for DOS5 anyway
        2) run SETUP2 on FMT to partition each drive, and now the limit is 512MB for DOS3 (it’d be 32MB but FMT uses some DOS4+ backports) and 2GB for DOS5
        3) format each partition on each logical drive, put system files there with /S or SYS if you want bootable drives

        And obviously you’d better have the CMOS backup battery replaced 🙂 The RTC one too preferably.

      • 5.1 is out of stock. I’ll wait a few weeks before considering the 5.5. It even has an enclosure with it but uses microsd which concerns me as far as power consumption.
        Disassembled UX20 to perform maintenance since it is 30 years old and you called it: super painful to disassemble. It’s the weirdest console/PC/CRT/electrical equipment I’ve ever opened. Looking back I should have considered a UG model for FAST mode.
        Battery is in a really weird spot and buried inside PC and not easily accessible at all. I think it would be best to have a battery older perhaps taped or hot glue to rear right behind expansion port covers. Actually I only found one battery but I my 20F has two batteries. Is it possible RTC and CMOS share same battery in the UX/UG/UR models?

      • Yeah, it seems the not-tower Towns have only one battery, it’s soldered and not easy to get to. I will certainly either put a socket (like I did on Marty) or better yet wires for more accesible AAA holder on my ET.

      • Didn’t know the desktops had them soldered. Then again Marty had it soldered. It seems that Marty has more of what the desktop has compared to tower models. Except the floppy is the 26pin FFC like in the PC-9821.

        The problem with the all-in-ones is that the coin cell is underneath one of the floppy drives. So I have to hope that I can safely extend the two wires all the way to the expansion slot areas in the back so it’s accessible… And hope I don’t pinch wires when the floppy is placed inside. Hot glue a coin cell battery holder to the plastic computer body in the back. Then if your device supports the all-in-one models I can move wires from coin cell to the device.

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