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Phoebe orders will be open this Saturday at noon CEST. New Zealand, Argentina and Vietnam are back on the shipping list.

UPDATE: And done. As usual give me a few days to process all the orders and then I’ll will send out confirmation emails.

UPDATE 2: I should be done with Phoebes this week. It’s taking longer than expected because PayPal is glitching and showing all paid requests as “Sent” even though I haven’t actually entered the tracking number yet. Long story short it’s a lot more work for me to sync PayPal with my own spreadsheets. In other news, I will be opening GDEMU orders this Saturday at noon (do keep the winter time change in mind!).

GDEMU orders are now open closed. Give me a day or two to process the orders and send out confirmation emails.

160 thoughts on “Dewy Fields

  1. Hi,

    SATURN Model 2 – with use Phoebe type3-

    I have this model, and i have a question:

    My saturn have a Trap board DRIVE….
    if I connect my phoebe to my saturn…. Can I throw out trap board outside of my saturn or phoebe needs it to run correctly?

    This is a image of trapboard saturn .

    Thanks you

    • Remove the trap board entirely for the ODE. It’s not needed and usually only causes problems.

  2. Hello.
    I bought a Phoebe and I have a Saturn VA09 type-3 PAL.
    Everything works perfectly but I connected the cable to change the frequency and it doesn’t change to NTSC.
    I welded the 60hz option by default but it always starts in PAL, also the JAP region and USA games.
    I have connected pin #79 as indicated in the guide but I have measured the voltage at the Phoebe’s Hz point and it never changes from 0V.
    My Phoebe.ini configuration is as follows:
    auto_freq = 1

    I have tried several combinations and none of them work.
    What am I doing wrong?

      • Thank you for your quick response.
        I have forced the Phoebe.ini with this content:
        open_time = 500
        detect_time = 250
        image_tests = 1
        high_speed = 0
        auto_region = 6
        auto_freq = 60
        reset_goto = 1
        The Phoebe.ini loads correctly because if I reset it, it returns to the iso 01 menu.
        The problem is that the HZ point always marks 0V…

      • Yes, it stays at 0V. I have photos of the installation in case you need to see them but I don’t know how to upload them…
        What can I do? How can I check that the Phoebe is working?

      • Please also check the voltage on the middle pin of the 50/60 solder jumper. It should be 3,3V for 60Hz there. Don’t worry if you soldered that already, the processor should be able to set that voltage with the solder jumper in place.

        If it’s 0V there all the time as well then I guess you have a micro-short somewhere on your Phoebe. I will need to get it back to fix that – for that email me to work out details.

      • Hello, in fact at point 60 I always get 3.3v. On the other hand, at point HZ I always get 0V.
        What should I do now?

  3. Hello, it’s working!
    Disconnect the cable from the Hz point and it worked correctly.
    Pin 79 and 80 made contact…
    I have corrected it and the problem has been solved.
    Thank you very much for everything and for the quick answers.

  4. Hi there,

    I know there are COVID related delays, but i haven’t heard anything about the GDEMU since it apparently left Poland on the 11th November. Is there any way for me to see where it has got to? I’m worried about it not arriving in the UK before Brexit.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Looking forward to get a gdemu. Always seem to miss the signups!

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