I will take orders for GDEMU on Saturday 2021-01-02 at noon (12:00 CET) as usual. I expect this to be a short run and after that it’ll be either Rhea or Phoebe next.

I’m also considering advance orders for Wizards. Long story short – I will probably treat this ODE differently and prefer modders to buy a few pieces at once rather than do individual sales. This is because it takes some soldering skills to properly install Wizard and it’d be even better to have a proper crimping tool to do all the wires nicely, with connectors, rather than solder them directly to the PCBs. Plus the size of the Wizard makes it difficult to ship it as cheaply as I have done so far. Basically there’s lots of small issues completly unrelated to the ODE itself that are making this one more difficult. Packing for shipping alone is so time consuming…

Due to the whole brexit thing I will not accept orders from UK at this time. This is temporary restriction – I wish to avoid the initial hiccups and have my packages delayed, bounced or taxed at the border. Once all the new customs procedures are well in place I will be happy to resume shipping. So, probably in a month or two?

At the same time I remind everyone else that I will cancel orders that I can’t ship due to any unforseen COVID-19 restrictions on travel (which tend to make air shipping impossible). Hopefuly though there won’t be any more of these and year 2021 will be less crazy.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are now open closed. Orders from UK are conditionally accepted and might be delayed until further notice. Please allow a day or two to build the list and send out confirmation emails.