Good Optical Drive

Are you tired of small, noiseless and reliable drive emulators? Looking to impress friends with the oldest, dirtiest computer on the block? If so I have something just for you!

Good Optical Drive 1

Announcing a new device – the Good Optical Drive, or GOD in short. You can now restore your machine to it’s old electromechanical glory with the slowest, most power hungry motors I could find.

  • Nostalgia factor x100 from the smell of old dust and tobacco smoke alone.
  • You get to feel old just by looking at it and knowing what it is.
  • Live in Texas? This will double as house heater come next winter storm.
  • Watch the street lights dim and go out as you power it on.
  • Finally a proper load for that 6MVA military surplus diesel generator you bought.
  • The sweet, sweet whine of dry, rusted bearings – no moving parts were ever cleaned or lubricated.
  • Old, yellow and brittle plastics that will snap off right after unpacking.
  • Makes a quick and simple tester for your house smoke detectors (*).
  • And best of all, it sometimes even works and does not destroy the disc!

(*) actual fire not guaranteed.

GOD will be available in limited quantity on first come, first served basis. Get your GOD now!

22 thoughts on “Good Optical Drive

  1. Very interesting, I’d like one for sure but I’d also like to know which is the systems compatibility, thank you!

  2. Wow excellent post – literally laughing out loud, while the rest of the house sleeps πŸ™‚

  3. Haha this got me at first but then I realised I need 2 of these in my life. They sound great!

  4. This aint optical
    That’s a 5 1/4 inches magnetic drive
    You are young fishes you dont imagine what us old sharks had to endure in the 80s

  5. I am sure the Masses will complain about this one too…

    He is only making 3 of them
    You will have to take a picture of you serial number, first born and spouses privates
    Must be paid in Blood
    No shipping to UK, China and Antartica
    Goes on sale the usual time 23:58 cet
    No led included for error codes
    firmware only available on floppy disk via snail mail.

  6. Will there a 3.5″ compatible GOD available? Or will there be a 3.5″ / 5.25″ Combo GOD?

    • I never considered the 3.5″ size, sort of figured it’s too new. Something to think about I guess. People with 8″ models already have mains-powered, always-running spindle motors and don’t need my device.

  7. I have to have one brilliant!! Everyone is going to be so jealous!

  8. I think the most difficult part was to develop the algorithm to recreate the smell of those old Optical Drive. We done !
    I do still wonder if you were able to build the auto yellowing of the plastic and what is the compatibility with RetroBright.

  9. This is so majestic I need a ton of this so I can make the theme of original mario bros so then I can make a youtube viral video and be rich.

  10. found back my 8 inches drive
    interested to reverse engineer it ?

  11. This is a great one! Never before did I think GOD would be obtainable but you have answered my prayers! Well done sir! πŸ™‚

  12. The magic of my Towns is fading.. I need a wizard I think πŸ˜‰

    I hope we see it before 2022…

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