A Million Miles

I will accept orders for Rheas this Saturday (2021-05-08) at 12:00 CET (noon in Europe). This will be the first time I’m forced to do this via this whole Gutenberg/blocks thing so hopefully it works as it should.

We kinda have all the parts for Wizards now but there’s still the final assembly and testing to be done – so in a week or two I will open preorders (and these will be true preorders – there will be a waiting time, testing these is super slow, so if you have no patience please don’t participate).

As for GDEMUs – I have a small batch ready, probably a bit too small to satisfy a typical ordering window, so I’m still thinking on what to do. I really dislike having to refuse orders becuase I’m out of stock. We have some parts on order that are being delayed again and again, and frankly I don’t think I will be getting those at all. There’s another distributor I’m talking to, we’ll see what comes of it.

Well, I will probably offer these on sale anyway in few weeks. Then, depending how soon we get the parts, I will either make more or perhaps revisit the idea of a refreshed model that is not so badly memory limited. But that would come no sooner then Q3, maybe even Q4.

27 thoughts on “A Million Miles

  1. I’d concentrate on R&D because the global electronics shortage is nowhere near to end. Stay strong, everything’s costing twice at least these days.

  2. patiently waiting for the opportunity to order my first GDEmu! hope I can get one this time 🙂

  3. Great. Thanks for the hard work. Ill stand by and hopefully i catch a rhea

  4. Super excited for a Wizard. I’ve never ordered before so I want to be ready. Since I haven’t seen the process I have what may be some dumb questions. Is the order page just a web form where we fill out email and submit then wait for a PayPal invoice? Is name/mailing address etc also collected at order time or via PayPal later on?

  5. Looking forward to a Wizard preorder! Will give me a reason to pull my towns out of the basement.

  6. In reading your Wizard install notes, you mentioned making sure that the drive is empty when using the ODE otherwise the CD will spin. Since I want to leave the optical drive intact and functional, I’m curious about what causes this because I’ve noticed the same behavior with the PSIO and I expect it’s a similar explanation. How is it that if there’s no disc the drive doesn’t attempt “phantom reads” but if there is a disc it will spin it up. Is it not possible to disable the optical drive completely with the jumper?

    • Sorry for late reply – some drives do nothing if not commaned, some do certain things automatically (like detect media type, read TOC for example). Then there’s also reaction to reset line, and timeout (or lack of) for spinning down.
      Even with ODE the CD-ROM is not completly isolated from power and a few shared signals, so it might (sometimes randomly) kick into gear and perform these automatic actions. This won’t hurt but why risk wear and possibly disc damage when it’s not meant to be used. Also, spinning noise.

      • Thanks for the explanation. So, if I follow correctly things like spinning up to check for the presence of a disc, or keeping the disc spinning to wait for instructions are automatic low-level functions that originate from the drive itself and occur somewhat automatically so if there IS a disc in the drive when it checks it will sense it, spin it up then just sit there and spin indefinitely waiting for instructions that are never going to come? Thanks for clearing that up (assuming I got it right).

  7. Are you going to open orders for doctor brown again soon??

  8. I miss order window still Rheas available
    I need one please

  9. Good evening

    I allow myself to come back to you gdemu to ask you if you are going to build new ODEs for the FM MARTY, by thanking you in advance for your answer.

  10. Just checking in, did I miss the order window for a Wizard? Post said in 1 or 2 weeks. I am patient and can wait as long as needed, just want to make sure I don’t miss the opportunity to place a preorder.

  11. Wizard incoming! Woohoo! Can’t wait to preorder that one. No problem if it takes a long wait after that.

  12. What is the chance for another project, this time an ODE for the Panasonic Q, to replace that problematic DVD drive?

  13. GDEMU on a VA0 system…

    GDEMU what you have to say about this?
    Seem sound?
    Sure this F**Ker is using a clone, but will an official one work using this tutoriol?

  14. I emailed you.

    I had a screwed up.,

    The 1.60 docbrown firmware is not on the site anymore.

    I had an old FW file on my SD CARD.
    MY card was no unlocked and it accidentally flashed older FW over the latest on my card.
    Clearly it was older FW that flashed as the DOC don’t boot anymore
    just sits on FM town Marty screen
    I get a Blinking error code of
    1 Blink
    3 Blinks
    4 Blinks
    1 Blink

    I know I likely locked the DOC by flashing older firmware over the newer one.
    Totally my fault.
    I sent you an email asking for the proper file to restore please


    • Thanks for the fast reply..
      My DOC WORK!!

      Also the Almanac software link is broken too. Just a heads up.

      Thanks again.

  15. Did the GDEMU ever go on sale after this? Looking to order one, I’ll keep my eye out but just wondering. TY

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