A Million Miles, contd.

I waited a bit longer with the Wizards to make sure the PCBs will be ready. Some people don’t like it but I prefer to not make empty promises, I’m a bit old fashined that way. There’s tons of projects out there that start with ordering and then never deliver anything in the end.

First things first though, for some reason I got tons of emails these last few days asking me about firmware and other stuff. I did not get a single message the whole previous month, and then my inbox is suddenly full. Weird. I think I’ve replied to all of them by now but some of you use free email hosts that notoriously block me. The worst offenders are Hotmail and Live.com – if you are using these, consider alternatives. At least when contacting me and expecting an answer. I’ve never had any issues with Gmail yet (other that getting my confirmation emails marked as spam sometimes) so try that maybe.

Back to Wizards, the first PCBs will go through cleaning this week and then I can start programming and testing them. So I think I’m ready to open preorder for the first batch – this Saturday (2021-06-12) at 20:00 CEST to make it more USA-friendly (since I expect most orders to come from there). This first batch will be small and I have no idea how many orders there will be so for now I’m restricting this ODE to one device per person – this limit should be removed once the initial interest dies down. There will be no requirement to provide serial number, as I’ve explained I expect to sell these to modders rather than individual users – that being said, it you try to game the system and place multiple orders (perhaps from different emails) I will cancel all your orders. Please play nice and let others have a chance to order.

I mentioned we have some issues sourcing parts and Wizard connectors are among those parts. When it looked like we will finally get what we need, the supplier made a mistake and got us wrong type of the 3-pin connectors – horizontal rather than vertical. And as luck would have it, the correct ones just got sold out. So you’ll have an option to wait for the vertical connectors (weeks, though) or I can send you 3 of the horizontal ones and these can be, with some tweaking, made to be vertical. Or you can just use them as-is or even solder the wires directly, whatever suits you. Oh and I don’t think I have to mention this but the replacement batteries are not included due to restrictions on air shipping and lithium in general. You’ll need to source CR2430 and CR2450 cells locally – if you want to replace the original pack, these are optional.

The pricing – 150 EUR, for now, I still haven’t fully figured out how to best ship those. Boxes would be preferable but that is way more expensive than bubble envelopes. Also, still need to streamline the testing, right now it takes a lot of time to check even one device. I do not sell untested PCBs, so don’t even ask. For now I will include housings and contacts for making the connector plugs, you can crimp those, solder, or just solder to the PCB directly. Turns out having these wires made in such small quantities is not very cost-effective, but I’m still looking into it.

Well, that’s all I can remember for now. I will update this post if, for some reason, the Saturday window needs to be called off or moved.

UPDATE: Family visit in progress. I just did not make it in time, lets try this again on Sunday, same hour.

55 thoughts on “A Million Miles, contd.

  1. That’s awesome, too bad for the first time I have to skip the initial release since I wasn’t able to find the HW for it..

    Thank you for your fantastic projects!

  2. I own a Gen 1 tower. Do you recommend an SD card extender and switch?
    On initial inspection it doesn’t look like the SD card slot or jumper area is accessible.

    • Extender works but needs some planning (and not too much bending and layer stacking or it can affect the signals). Jumper… I will offer a swich now, though soldering is up to the user – put it where you want. Some might opt for permanent ODE mode and just solder it closed. I really don’t think people will flip it often.

      • There’s space for it inside the machine but it’s not easily accessible to swap cards, so externder cable might be a good idea. Also, the battery pack in these models are completly different 😦

  3. Is it correct to expect that a “Wizard” page will appear in the ordering section prior to Saturday?

  4. Alarm has been set! We all appreciate another awesome device!

  5. Mr. GDEMU, would it be possible to email you about an issue I had with a GDEMU order I made over a year ago. The tracking number says label created, Not yet in the system. Reference 1: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tRef=fullpage&tLc=2&text28777=&tLabels=RR334297643EN%2C&tABt=false

    I do see where it was shipped from Poland, but I guess it got lost in the mail. https://emonitoring.poczta-polska.pl/?lang=en (Tracking Number: RR334297643EN)

    If you have extra could I buy another and see if this one successfully ships?

    p.s. Apologize for putting this here, but don’t know the email address to send you one via that route.

    • Tracking number ends in PL, not EN, but yeah it seems to dissapear. Usually it’s not an issue (USA stopped tracking my mail few years ago), gets delivered anyway. Why did you wait a full year before reporting that though? Nothing I can do about it now other than send you a replacement.

      I will need your current address. You don’t have my confirmation email because your original order was done with Hotmail account and I bet they just blocked it. Dig up the payment request from PayPal and write to that email, but not from Hotmail. If you don’t get a reply in a week, post again here and we will try something else.

  6. Nice! So glad I didn’t miss the window, now to not forget…

  7. Are wizards suitable for fmtowns marty consoles or are those just for computers?
    With so many nicknames I’m a little lost…

      • I suffered the same fate as Jonny :). Would be great if we can be added to the current list for a Wizard.

  8. I apologize for reaching out here but I could not see any other way to reach you about another issue. If there is another way, please let me know and again sorry.

  9. Not opening preorders today? I’m F5-ing like crazy 🙂

  10. Is there still an open window ? As I am rapidly f5 refreshing and have been for over an hr

  11. Hi I’m waiting ordering window for Wizard for more than a hour. If I missed it I appreciate if you can put my name in waitlist.

    • I have been online since 19:55 CEST. Not seen the preorder open yet.

  12. Hey GDEMU..

    Hope everything is OK with you.
    I also have been patiently waiting for wizard.
    I have never seen you miss a window before.
    So I hope all is good with you…

    Remember you personally have yourself to take care of before the toys for everyone else.

    I will be ready when you are ready…

    Enjoy your evening…

  13. I am gonna throw in the towel after 150 mins. I did enjoy waiting though.. Had like a few guys on chat all talking about towns and X68K and such while we waited.

    Clearly something happened beyond D’s control.

    I just hope everything is well with D and it was just technical oversight or something.

    I will be ready when D is ready…

    Everyone enjoy the rest of your day….. For me I think I will jump on my Marty with Doc and play some Flying Shark or Twin Cobra!!

    • Yeah, same here. Tried all evening. Let’s hoor nothing’s wrong.

      Looking forward to the next available pre-order moment.

    • Sorry people, family came to visit, for more than just a few hours too. See update, they should be going back tomorrow.

      • These things happen, thanks for the update. I was there for the initial preorder window but didn’t see the updated time of Sunday till today, any chance of adding me to the list? Thank you!

  14. I got a confirmation page. I’ve been waiting nearly 2 years for this product. So glad that this day is here. Of course I’m going to wait a little bit longer as I know these are going to take a while to ship.

  15. Darn…!! I missed it. I was online all evening yesterday, and now I had a problem with not having time to order…. I would appreciate it if you can put me on the list for one.. please let me know.

  16. Is there gonna be a different version made for Gen1/2 (or other generations) in the future, or is modding it the only solution? Thanks.

      • Hey cyo.key.leemur, that would be really cool to see. Please post some photos if you can. Thanks.

    • I’m not planning a different version, simply because I’d have to make 3 different ones for what is a small market. For 2nd gen you can detach the PCB in the bay behind CD-ROM and rotate it a bit, it should still fit and let you install Wizard. For generation 1 there is just too many differences. There is space inside the tower but the problem is how to (easily) swap cards and/or switch between CD and ODE. If you solve these two problems (with SD extender for example) then it’s not a big issue.

  17. Looks like I just missed it by one day. Can you put in an order for me or put me on the waitlist please? If not, do you have an estimated date or month on when orders will reopen?

  18. Hi! Good evening, I am from Argentina, I would like to know if shipments are made to my country.
    Thanks for your project.

    • Yes, at least at this moment. This might change if there is a significant new wave of infections in either country though.
      Note, this is only for letters and small packets in envelopes but this is how I pack things right now so it’s allowed.

  19. A quick question – will you also work on a Wizard compatible with newer models/40-pin CD-ROM drives? (like SE or Fresh). I have a Fresh E laying around with a dead drive, that could surely use a wonderful ODE like this. 😉

  20. Hello

    I wanted to know what this Wizzard was?
    Is this a new ODE for FM MARTY, to replace docbrown?
    Otherwise, last question, having missed your last sale and having taken the information that it was difficult to obtain certain electronic components, I was wondering if you will go and manufacture others, thank you very much

  21. Hello

    If someone could give me some information to find out what this ODE WIZZARD was, and if it’s an ODE for FM MARTY, and finally, if that’s right, if there is a sale tonight? 8 p.m., thanking you in advance and wishing you a good weekend

  22. GDEMU,

    I sent you an email (a reply to my order Wizard order), but I wasn’t sure if that is the best way to get ahold of you. I have installed the Wizard and it working great loading files from folder ’01’, but I couldn’t see where to download the SpellBook software on the website. Is this software publicly available at this time?

    Thanks for another great ODE.


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