Dust storm

I have a small batch of GDEMUs ready to go so I’ll open orders this Saturday (2021-07-03) at 20:00 CEST to make it USA-friendly. No family visits planned but then again the previous one wasn’t either…

I’ve managed to test some Wizards so the ones that didn’t need vertical connectors should start shipping next week – watch your PayPal account. In case some of you didn’t get my confirmation email, here’s what the horizontal connector looks like (left), the correct vertical one (right) and what can be done with a knife and pliers to “mod” the horizontal to vertical in a couple minutes (center). You’ll get 3 of those horizontal ones, the extra one is so you have a spare in case the modding somehow goes wrong.

Also in the center there’s the new switch that replaces ODE/CD-ROM jumper, it’s easier to operate though keep in mind it can only be switched when the power is off – that hasn’t changed.

UPDATE: It seems the USA-friendly times are not very lucky. My Saturday turned out very busy but this one is my own fault, I should’ve planned things better. Very sorry about this. Let’s try again today, same time.

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  1. Hey , I’m one old customer who purchased both gdemu and rhea. any chance of a new doc brown rerelease?

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