21st Century Common Man

Phoebe orders will open this Saturday (2021-07-31) at 12:00 (noon) CEST. It’s not a big batch but last time it was enough for everyone who ordered.

Wizards sent to Japan and South Korea took their sweet time getting there but should be delivered any day now. Something related to Covid or olympics maybe? Vertical connectors will be available very soon and I expect to resume shipping all the remaining units sometime next week.

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  1. I think I’ve been waiting for three, four or five years for you to let me know, I don’t remember how long … and coincidentally this week I paid a pre-order in “https://stoneagegamer.com/” for a TerraOnion Mode “, I think rather I waited too long

  2. Did anyone receive the confirmation email or payment request yet? If wanna know if I’m in the list…

  3. Hey D,

    I have a rather sizable CD collection and curious if wizard is able to patch the physical CD ROMs as they’re read to force your version of WS reduction. I know it does with ODE mode when images are use on memory card. Just not sure with CD Rom mode.

  4. QuestionS about WIZARD…

    1. The Boot order is FDD0,1, CD, External, HDD. If I have pass through on I can boot from CD or HDD. But with ODE enabled, if it does not boot from FDD 0 or 1 then it boots Spellbook from ODE. Is there a way with the ODE with SD Card installed to Bypass it booting Folder 01 and boot to TOWNS OS from the HDD without turning off the ODE or removing the SD Card from Wizard?

    2. A game like Street Fighter Can be installed to the HDD. With the HDD install, it still requires the CD in the drive to work. Can you boot to the OS, and Start Street Fighter from the HDD and manually load the CD Rom on the SD card by pressing the button to get to the street fighter image? Will that work?

    3. Have you Verifed using a Boot Disk and CD ROM? I would assume you would select the game from wizard that needs to boot disk and select it and then pop your boot disk in Drive 0 of the FDD while it is counting the ram, the CD rom image selected is stored and will then work with boot disk game?

    4. Any Advanced Tips and tricks?

    • 1) Change your boot order I guess? Or remove the card, or do not put any image into 01 folder (have it empty). Or, if it’s a Towns II machine, just redirect the boot source during reset with the pad – but AFAIK this does not work on CX Tower, the only Towns II in that series.

      2) Yes, that will work. You can press the button, insert the card, or just have the HDD set as boot source before CD-ROM. It might be possible in future to have the menu software reloade the OS from different source, if I can get that to work properly. Would also help with Q1 I think.

      3) I have. And yes, that’s one way to do it, but I have a better idea – the menu would wait for the floppy to be inserted before rebooting, this way you don’t have to rush it. Games that need floppy boot would be flagged. In fact this is mostly implemented but people kept nagging me about the missing Wizard software (even though most Wizard haven’t even arrived at their destinations) so I released the earlier version. I can now take my time working on the ideas I have.

      4) I might have forgot to lock it out so on the current Spell Book booting with A will get you normal speed, and with B the WS reduction/FAST mode. I will ignore any and all “bug reports” when using that boot option.

  5. Would you consider update the RHEA and PHOEBE ‘s firmware to let them support screenshot cover art?

    • This is a menu functionality and not a FW issue. And there are no such plans – but if someone develops such software on their own, I can help integrate it with my devices.

      • I also have a question in regards to rmenu for Phoebe\Rhea. The “Load cart” feature is something I’ve just now really discovered and its great for saving time detecting my memory carts when moving save data around but currently only detects memory carts and Action Replay style carts. Would it be possible to expand this function to detect the 1/4 mb ram carts as well? currently if you insert say a 4mb+action replay and it detects the cart is doesn’t necessarily mean its detected the ram as well. I know this isn’t a ODE firmware solvable issue but I’m not sure exactly who to ask about it.

  6. Hey, First of all thanks for all your work on these ODE. I really appreciate it. My question is can you help me update my GDEMU. I can’t get it. I’ve followed the instructions and tried 3 different cards and it just won’t work. Thanks.

    • First, sorry – this got stuck in spam. Second – what exactly is not working for you?

  7. When will pre-orders for phoebe and rhea be available again?

  8. Hi I bought a GDEMU last year right around late August/Early September. Everything has been working great on it until recently. Just yesterday the unit started freezing or going into a blackscreen while playing a game. The yellow light would stay on while this was happening. I reseated the unit on the console, cleaned the power pins on the mobo, reseated the PSU and tried another SD card. The unit now just blinks the yellow light once when it turns on but I get no video or the ability to do anything. Any suggestions on what to do here, it seems like the unit or my console have gone bad but I’ve tried everything that I could find.

    • Check if your GDEMU gets clean 3.3V from PSU. Measure directly on GDEMU – use first and last of the vertical holes over the status LED. If it’s lower than some 3.15V you got PSU issues or there is a problem with GDEMU connector (could be dirty).

  9. Hello,

    Will preorders for Wizard return? I missed the window. Thanks

    • I have a few spares in case there are problems but most arrived and work OK so I can reduce the spare count by 1 or 2 I guess. Can you pay next week?

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