Updating Phoebe

Phoebe firmware (internal operating software) can be updated by placing a special file on the SD card. For the procedure to work properly you must follow these instructions to the letter:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT reflash your device at the very first sign of trouble. In 99.99% of cases the problem is something you did (or didn’t do) and not a FW bug.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT attempt to downgrade a 4.x device to 3.x FW. Check what version you have first using RMENU.

  • Extract the firmware file and rename it to “Phoebe.fw”
  • Place the file in the root folder of the SD card
  • Move the write protect tab at the side of the card to “Lock” position
  • Insert the card into Phoebe socket with Saturn powered off
  • Power on the console, status LED will start blinking very quickly
  • Wait until LED blinking pattern changes to 1/2 second on, 1/2 second off
  • Power off Saturn, remove the card, unlock the tab
  • Remove the file from the card to avoid accidental update

IMPORTANT: If at any time during firmware update status LED stays completly on or off, or blinks in unexpected pattern, it means an error has occured. Retry the procedure, use a different card if the problem persists.

Latest firmware: 3.6.0



  • CD images with copy-allowed tracks are no longer rejected as invalid
  • Fixed parsing of CCD images with partial/non-uniform pregaps
  • Corrected CDDA playback behaviour for multi-indexed tracks


  • No SD card is properly reported as empty drive
  • Multi-region images including Europe will no longer default to 50Hz


  • Bug! fixed


  • Internal changes


  • CD images with multiple indexes per track are no longer rejected as invalid
  • Region patches will not be applied to images that don’t need them
  • auto_region INI option now accepts letters as well (JTUBKAEL)


  • Fixed plain ISO image handling
  • Bugfixes in MDS/MDF parser
  • Implemented image_tests and reset_goto INI options


  • Region patching option should now work on all devices
  • Improved MDS/MDF parser


  • Initial revision for v2 models