Each order is for one device, and due to very high demand there is currently a limit of one order per person during each time orders are open. This limit resets when orders are closed so you are allowed put in another order at the next ordering window.

I reserve the right to cancel any orders I conclude were meant to bypass that one-per-person rule. Same goes for flooding the system with multiple duplicates, as it prevents other people from being able to order.

Payment methods:
In general, PayPal. For selected EU orders other options might be available at my sole discretion.
Once your device is ready I will issue a payment request, via PayPal, and you will get an automated notification from them. For this to work properly I need the email you have registered with PayPal so that you can get the notification in your own language.

Payment must be made within 7 days from the request. If, for some reason, this catches you at a bad time – reply to the confirmation email before the deadline to discuss it.

Sometimes PayPal fails to send the notification, or it might get blocked by spam filters, therefore you should check your PayPal account at least once a week in order not to miss the payment window.

Please make sure your PayPal shipping address is correct! I try to print it as-is but I have to put it on a sticker. If it doesn’t fit, or is poorly structured (consists of small letters only, has too many lines, or one very long line, etc) I might need to edit it. It is very much in your own interest to make sure I don’t have to, or I might mess it up.

Address must be specified in Latin alphabet.

International registered mail is the cheapest and usually quite reliable option. There is some limited tracking available too, although it’s not updated frequently and might just plain not work for you. Other services, like EMS, are also possible but much more expensive – the prices start at 40 Euros and they don’t deliver everywhere. I will put CN22 sticker for 30 Euro gift on packages leaving EU / Schengen Area you but you might still be subject to additional taxes and/or import fees.

Use this page initially, and then switch to your national post once the package leaves Poland: http://emonitoring.poczta-polska.pl/?lang=en

Special cases:

Australia – international registered mail is not tracked at all by your post. So far every package did reach its destination in reasonable time though.

Brasil – packages are delayed up to 40 days to punish east asian sellers cheating on shipping fees, and unfortunately mine get the same treatment.

Canada – see USA.

France – usually delivered in few days but there was a case when a few units got stuck for almost 2 weeks on some security check.

Norway – CN22 will be for 20 Euro since your gift limit is pretty low.

Russia – delivery times vary a lot, from days to a month, for no apparent reason. Tracking usually works well except sometimes it doesn’t work at all. CN22 will be for 100 Euro (that’s still below your tax limit) and the package will be send as priority insured item – you will need an ID document to claim it at your nearest postal office.

UK – tracking pretty much stops working once the package arrives in UK. Nothing got lost so far though.

USA – tracking via web page stopped working sometime in 2015 and it looks like it’s not coming back. However USPS can track it if you call them or visit their office. This will only work after the package has actually arrived in US – which usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Please read my Terms & Conditions carefully. Placing an order means you’ve understood and accepted them.

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  1. […] Beginning as a prototype back in 2014, the Rhea was a Sega Saturn ODE solution from Deunan, also the creator of the original Dreamcast GDEMU. (The Phoebe the name of a model of the same ODE created for 21-pin Saturn boards.) These were the original and extremely highly sought after Saturn backup solution. As with all ODEs this board replaced the optical disk drive in the Saturn, allowing it to run disk images off an SD card. While still under development and receiving updates, the Rhea/Phoebe was never released as a fully commercial product and is only released in limited numbers and sold via the creator’s website. […]

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