I’m still waiting for a few late parts to arrive so I don’t have any v5 models fully assembled yet. Once I do I will update the Installation page with proper photos of the procedure (not that it’s difficult or anything). In the meantime, to show something, there will be a short video available soon that shows older v4 unit in action.

I also figured it would help me to know just how many people are actually interested in buying, so preorders are now open. If you’ve decided to get GDEMU and the price has not scared you off, please visit the Ordering page and drop me a mail. For now I will only build a sort of waiting list – once I have some v5’s to sell I will mail you for final confirmation and payment details.

IMPORTANT: Please note that I will be assembling v5 units by hand, all by myself, at least for now. This takes time, I won’t be able to just come up with dozen of units on the spot. Early bird gets the worm, and all that.

Let’s get this party started

There will be a short production run of GDEMU devices very soon. I will post an update with more details once I have everything ready.

The price will be 100 Euro, though you will also need to cover payment, packaging and shipment fees. For customers in EU the total should not exceed 110 Euro. Payments will be handled by PayPal, though for selected countries other options – like TransferWise – might be also available. If cheaper, I will offer a small discount.

Because of limited number of units that will be available I reserve the right to treat some orders as higher priority – this goes especially for Schengen Area countries. Simply because it’s less hassle for me.

There are still no pictures of fully assembled v5 model so Installation page is incomplete right now. Be patient.