Storm Column

Well shit. Phoebe ordering window was open what, 5 hours? And you’ve managed to fill the list up.

This time I cut it a bit short, I’d rather have a few spares than explain to dozen people why I have nothing to sell to them. But still, this is way more devices than I planned to build, I figured I will take it slow and the rest will just trickle out. Now I have to hurry with everything so that previous estimate of 4 weeks? Make it 6.

I’ll start replying to emails tomorrow. I don’t want to look at my inbox now.

EDIT: I get asked this a lot so: Yes, there will be another batch. Hard to say when because this is an unprecedented interest in Saturn ODEs. Had you guys (any gals?) been here last time I made Phoebes I would have ordered more PCBs and parts now. And planned things differently.

Also, replying to so many emails takes time, I can’t do this all day you know. Have patience. I can already tell there are some duplicates so let me remind you the one device per batch per person rule is still in effect. On the bright side there should be a bunch of leftovers.

Don’t Think Twice

Last 2-3 weeks were quite hectic for me but situation has somewhat improved now. Hopefully it’ll get back to normal in a few days.

So, I’ll open Phoebe orders this weekend. Saturn devices are not in such high demand as GDEMU is – which means I can manage assembly even if I don’t have a lot of free time. I expect to finish that run in about 4 weeks and then I’ll start with GDEMU again.

Note that Phoebes are made in batches by type so your order might get processed out of order if I have (or don’t have) what you need at the moment.

As for Rhea, I will try to make some during GDEMU run, assuming it doesn’t turn into a disaster like the previous one did. I’ll announce when/if I have something for sale.