Message From Io

I’m going to open Rhea orders this weekend. Probably on Sunday. There is a problem though.

I was planning on making some devices before opening orders to be able to ship everything quickly, before December. This didn’t work out as I got busy with work-related projects and it’s not looking to improve soon. What it means is I only got a handful of Rheas assembled and really not much free time to do the rest. In fact I even considered postponing the whole thing until January but there is no guarantee I won’t be equally busy after the New Year so…

This is what I’m going to do: Take orders now, ship what little I have and can still make, then leave the rest for January. I will not be shipping anything past first week of December, preferably not even past end of November. It’s a waste of my time since there will be long queues at the post offices everywhere and the shipping time is also longer, and on the top of it the chances of the package getting lost or damaged are considerably higher as well. I should be able to assemble something in that time though.

TL;DR: If you order Rhea assume it won’t even ship before January.

EDIT: Rhea orders are now accepted. Closed.