DocBrown details


  • DocBrown is compatbile with all FM Towns Marty consoles except the Car Marty

Both Marty and Marty 2 are internally identical, the small add-on board that some of them have is a factory fix/update and DocBrown will work on both variants. For more Towns information see FM Towns Details page.

Supported image types:

  • DiscJuggler – CDI
  • CloneCD – CCD+IMG+SUB
  • Alcohol 120% – MDS+MDF
  • Other – ISO / BIN

IMPORTANT: CUE format is considered broken beyond repair and not supported. ISO and BIN are only supported as single-track data images, and the difference is ISO is required to be 2048 bytes per sector while BIN is 2352 bytes per sector.

Card layout:

  • Every image must be put in a separate folder
  • Folder names must start with:
    • 2 digits for numbers 01 to 99
    • 3 digits up to 999
    • 4 digits up to 9999
  • File names in DOS 8.3 format are preferred but not strictly required
  • All image files must have appropriate extension and must be present
  • Files that do not belong to the image will be ignored

IMPORTANT: Long filenames support is currently limited to ASCII characters only.

Folder names can have extra characters after the number – for example “02 Flashback”, “107 Zak McKracken”, but care must be taken not to duplicate numbers or create holes in the numbering sequence. Any extra files present in the folder should not have extensions that might confuse image detection – for example having any BIN files along with MDS+MDF image is not a good idea.