Water For The Tribe

It seems the 5.20.1 FW for GDEMU is not fully stable, some people reported random game hangs. I’m not really sure why this happens, might be some obscure hardware issue – but I’ve developed a workaround that seems to work. So there’s a new FW available for download.

Unfortunately it took 2 tries and the first one was not fully successful yet some of the GDEMUs I’m currently shipping will have the earlier 5.20.2 FW. I will not be unpacking those, sorry, just upgrade when you get them.

And here’s a not very good photo of the almost-retail version of Wizard, installed on the back of CD-ROM assembly:

This works for generation 3 and 4, but not the first two ones. The very first tower is actually different inside but the good news is there seems to be space for the ODE, it just won’t be as easily accessible. The real issue is with gen 2, this one has this exact assembly but it’s occupied by a PCB. Not yet sure what can be done about that. Perhaps it can be moved a bit to make space for the ODE – we’ll see.

Fire Forge

I had several people report the new updater resolved their issues so I’ve brought back the download link. There is no need to redo the process if you have already used the older one and it worked for you.

GDEMU orders will be open this Saturday at 12:00 CEST (that’s noon for the 24h-impaired folks). Those will come already upgraded so don’t worry about this whole update thing.

And I’ve finally added the OLED connection diagram to the GDEMU installation page. Actual FW support will come a bit later.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are now open closed. As usual please give me a few days to compile the list and send out confirmations.