GDEMU orders are open. If you’re unlucky and miss out – keep in mind there will be another batch coming in 2-3 months.

I might not be able to reply to orders until after the weekend so please be patient. In general expect shipping in 2-4 weeks from now.

EDIT: Orders closed. I have no words. Welp, as I’ve said earlier I am planning something to help me with manufacturing so it should get better in few months.

The Light Before We Land

I will be shipping all remaining Phoebes this week. Provided you pay of course 🙂

GDEMU orders will open this Saturday. I got the pegs so crisis averted, for now anyway. However I am very busy lately, including weekends, and I’ve yet to receive the parts and put together my new PC – and in my case it’s not just “Install Windows, slap Steam client on it”, it takes days to get everything installed, configured and tested. Point here is I’ve got quite a stack of half-assembled PCBs but I’m not sure how fast I can actually finish anything, might take 1-2 weeks more.

So, apparently there is still interest in current ODEs and if I’m to keep making those and come up with new ones, something has to change. And it will, soon. I will be getting some help with the PCB assembly – if this works out I should have more time for actual R&D and firmware work. Obviously nobody works for free and I don’t want to change the price, so time will tell if it works out in the end or not. It’s not exactly a mass production but perhaps will allow to keep the orders open long enough for every time zone. This is still 1-2 months away, I’ll let you know more in few weeks.