Australian Winter

GDEMU orders are 50% done and the rest is at least half-assembled. But it’s getting too hot to work in the afternoons as much as I was until now so… still 2-3 weeks, at best, before it’s all moped up. And then I’m probably getting a break.

From now on I will again change the shipping procedures a bit, I have a box of GDEMUs by now that just sit there and wait for payment time-out so that I can sell them to the next person. I’ve said this many times but I will repeat it again: this far in the queue it becomes the number 1 issue that causes further delays. Plus it really kills any motivation to make even more devices. So now I will ask for payment before your device is actually ready (but will be in few days) in order to clear the stock. This approach has a downside – if people actually pay quickly I will end up short until I can catch up so there might be up to a week of waiting between your payment and actual shipping. Keep in mind though that I process the payments in the order of receiving them so if you pay right away chances are you will get next day shipping.