If you haven’t received your GDEMU payment request yet you need to add 2 weeks to the waiting time. Long story short is the vacation season is not over and some of my coworkers had plans I was not aware of. This kinda wrecked my schedule so I will need more time to finish everything.

It’s also another reason why I don’t make long waiting lists – these otherwise small things can basically derail everything at any moment. The main reason is still the same though, the endless “Is it ready yet?!” messages I get after only 3 weeks (when I said it would take that many) are quite annoying. Imagine what 3+ months would be like. Also the comments are nothing compared to the amount I get directly via email…

Unfortunately this delay also affects the PCE project, and there’s another family visit coming up this weekend so not much will be done 😦 When it rains it pours.