Reign of Ivy

I’m almost done with current GDEMU batch so I will open orders for Rhea on Saturday.

After that is done I’ll try a short GDEMU batch targeted towards US west coast, since that place is the most disadvantaged when it comes to time zones. Depending on how many people will try to get one I might have to put a temporary geo-restriction. I dislike that idea and it’s more work for me but it would be silly to target west coast and end up selling everything to EU and Asia.

And, after all that is done, comes Phoebe. Probably the last week of March or early April, depending how well shipping goes. I might not make any additional posts, rather update this one, so please visit the blog before every weekend to make sure you don’t miss any ordering windows.

In the meantime I’ll try assembling the first few Marty ODEs and will ask some you that wanted one if you still do. As with every new device there might be some initial issues or limitations, and there is no menu software yet (working on it). So keep that in mind.

EDIT: I guess I didn’t make myself clear – when I said there will be a short GDEMU batch after Rhea is done I meant after I’m done shipping everything. Not this weekend.
EDIT2: Rhea orders are now open. Sold out.

EDIT3: In case you didn’t get your confirmation email the TL;DR version is “Wait up to 3 weeks, check your Paypal every few days and don’t bother me unless it’s important”.

Also, pray to whatever gods you fancy for the MLCC shortages to end quickly or it’s going to get ugly soon…